Our client list truly runs the gamut, from corporate women who have to look great in the boardroom, to stay at home moms who want to look fabulous with their kids, all the way to tweens navigating the treacherous waters of what it means to dress their newly developing curves. We believe in an interactive shopping experience and educating our clients on dressing for their body. 

Our client's ages range from 13 to 97. But, what is it that binds such a diverse group of clients to shopping in this one location in Oklahoma City, of all places? Quality, fit, and above all personalized customer service, and while several of our clients are local Oklahomans, we are fortunate that we also get quite a few tourists.

We want our clients to feel confident and strong, like they can take on the world!
— Danielle Keogh



about us


Style is not something that exists in clothing only. Style is in the environment in which it’s sold, the way we live, and what inspires us. In creating the physical space of LIBERTÉ, our mindset was focused on the smallest of details, but our sentiment was always the same: to feel welcoming. Whether you are an online visitor, just a quick stop, or visit us frequently, our hope is that you always feel welcome!

This sentiment extends to each of our private dressing rooms… they are each extremely spacious, with the largest providing a sofa for guests, should you bring them. We sometimes even transform these rooms into spa rooms for facials, private makeup consultations, and even manicurists. 

The dressing rooms are where we spend most of our time with our clients personal shopping which is still fairly integrated with the rest of the store so our clients don’t feel like they are missing out on anything.  


Personal Shopping

It is far less intimidating than you might expect, our stylists are there to help you, whether you're on the hunt for a wedding guest dress, need a complete wardrobe overhaul, etc.

And while it can be tempting, you don't have to walk away with an insanely expensive designer wardrobe, we love to mix up our designers with a variety of price points because that is how we all dress and I want make sure that my clients have pieces that seamlessly integrate into their current wardrobe.

People don’t always realize what makes their favorite pieces their favorites, but think that functionality and comfort are a top priority!
— Danielle Keogh