When should you book a style appointment?

Really any time you need undivided attention to meet your individual needs, such as: when you have a special occasion (or several) coming up and you're looking for something that will impress your fashion-conscious friends and foes, and it absolutely must be something that no one else will be wearing, you need a power outfit for work, your own wedding is coming up!

What is so great, is that we rarely ever have a new client only shop with us once. They will usually come to us because they heard about us from someone they know, and they need something for a special occasion, but they usually come back to us within a week or two because they wore it multiple times and loved it so much!

If you're in OKC, book a Style Appointment with us so we can have a dedicated person available to you with styled looks ready. This ensures that you not only will you leave with new outfits, but you will also have ideas to wear them differently, thus always looking perfectly styled. Though walk-ins are always welcome, those who book an appointment beforehand will save time and money in the long run. We can have pieces pulled in advance based on your job, what you're looking for, your size, and your lifestyle. 



Personal Shopping

It is far less intimidating than you might expect, our stylists are there to help you, whether you're on the hunt for a wedding guest dress, need a complete wardrobe overhaul, etc.

And while it can be tempting, you don't have to walk away with an insanely expensive designer wardrobe, we love to mix up our designers with a variety of price points because that is how we all dress and I want make sure that my clients have pieces that seamlessly integrate into their current wardrobe.



We try to direct our clients into a new way of looking at clothing: it’s an investment, an investment in yourself. And let’s face it, you can’t shop at the mall forever, which is why personal shopping is valuable to my clients, because we help as a guide when it comes to buying investment pieces.
— Danielle Keogh