What is LIBERTÉ?

To us, style is very personal, and LIBERTÉ is the freedom to express your personal style. Style has nothing to do what is trending, because as we all know, trends will come and go… which is why our mission is to be essentially effortless.


Who are are?

We exist so you can do you, just a tad bit more stylishly. LIBERTÉ has evolved over the last five years with a compelling roster of established and emerging designers, including many exclusive collaborations, the result is a truly innovative product mix.



Interact directly with our fashion stylists, who deliver a unique and individualized approach to shopping and personal style. We are not a normal retail store: no pesky sales people, no crowded malls, and no cramped dressing rooms. We just want to help you create a wardrobe designed to make you look (and feel) your best - that is our passion!

It's how shopping should've been all along.