Closet Services

We will analyze your closet with you and make determinations on what you need to keep, alter, or donate. As we analyze your closet we will make recommendations of what holes you might have so when we do go shopping together we have an agenda. 

Closet Organization

This is an amazing opportunity to make the closet work for you and your lifestyle. Proper organization changes the way you get dressed by making it fun!

Styling your closet

Ugh, the dreaded feeling of looking at your FULL closet and still feeling like you have nothing to wear - ever have that? We all have at one time or another.  It doesn’t have to be!!  We can come into your closet and give you numerous outfits and show you how to mix and match your existing wardrobe in no time.  

Personal Shopping

Shopping should be a fun experience. We don’t just do personal shopping at LIBERTÉ – we travel to Dallas with our clients frequently and even commission custom pieces.  We will take you to stores that best fit your style personality.  Not sure what that is, don’t worry – we can help you with that too! We ask you to trust us and try new things because the end goal is to evaluate what works best for your body and your lifestyle. The experience is very educational but most importantly, FUN!

Event Dressing

Do you have a special event approaching? We will style the perfect outfit from head to toe from your current closet or go shopping!


We offer personalized e-styling to help you shop online for the perfect outfit for any occasion.  Please email us at to schedule your style consultation.