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What do you want out of your wardrobe? You probably think that changes day to day... One day you want more of this and another day you want more of that. Some days all you want is comfort, looking for something cozy and soft, while other days you feel the need for some structure and shaping. Some days you want to make a statement, some days quality is priority and some days you're feeling monochromatic and wonder why you don't have more black. And still other days it seems all you have is black, so where's the color?

When all you really want is flexibility. You say to the closet, "Why can't you just give me what I want, all of the time?!" Sounds like the female brain - at times unreasonable and demanding! We are here to save the day- ALALA to the rescue! To wear from studio to street, weekday to weekend, workout to sprawlout. The pieces are comfortable, easy to wear, edgy and cool, pair together or with jeans, sneakers or heels... amazing but true! Scroll for more details! 


Get the most out of this weekender dress! Dress it up or down, even wear it running for all we care. Do what you want, it's activewear!! The brushed jersey fabric (poly/lycra blend) is to die for: soft, thick, cozy, generally luscious! We love the extra bonus that our fur baby's hair doesn't stick to it like other activewear brands. No worries about needing to wear a slip, this fabric is thick enough to not show through. We adore the drawstring waist to give us a little shape without it being fitted!

Alala Weekender Jersey Dress  Available In Store or Online! 

Alala Weekender Jersey Dress Available In Store or Online! 

This little weekender dress is our new favorite travel outfit. Relaxed gym clothes are what we prefer to wear on those chilly flights, but we don't really want to be that girl, do we? Maybe, but you can look refined while you lounge in workout clothes by sticking with this edgy versitile dress in a luxe fabric. Layer over leggings for the airport and plane, then strip them off when you arrive at your destination! If you feel it's a little too short for bare legs when you tighten the drawstring and bring it up towards the natural waist, it can become more of a tunic!  The length options will work really well with a smorgasbord of leggings.

Overall, be prepared to be certifiably obsessed with this dress.  I have no critiques at all, and I got tons of compliments when I wore it out.  It’s versatile, comfortable, and so freakin’ easy for those of us who sometimes struggle to dress ourselves.  It would probably be trite to call it “effortlessly stylish”, but it is.

Clearly, one of the best examples of a wardrobe item that falls into multiple categories. Giving you exactly what you asked for, versatility!  

Alala Weekender Dress  features long sleeves, mesh panels at the shoulders & a tie at the waist

Alala Weekender Dress features long sleeves, mesh panels at the shoulders & a tie at the waist


How can a coat be exceptionally toasty and snuggly, with thermal and windblocking qualities while still being slimming, stunning and sexy?? I'm no fashion designer, therefore I'm no expert in the "how" but I am a fashion lover, so I'd like to think I'm an expert in the "what" so I can efficiently direct you to Alala's version of a winter coat.

Technical Long Jacket  available in store and online

Technical Long Jacket available in store and online

This baby is the most comfortable thing you'll ever slip on. It goes over everything- I wore it running all last winter in sub 30 temps. I paired it with dresses and jeans, too. It's stylish and functional and looks amazing on everyone! The leather panels make a statement the smooth double layer fabric in front blocks out that nasty drafty cold headed straight at you and the length keeps it from creeping up from the bottom, too. This coat satisfies that need for versitile clothing that makes your wolardrobe work for you! 


We've brought this tank to you in other colors, mostly because this is the perfect sweat-to-street top! I believe that strong girls are the prettiest (and healthiest), so we want you to look just as good in the gym as you do outside of the gym!

The Alala clutch tank is simple perfection when it come to your go to workout tank. With a length that is slimming and a hue so striking you'll be turning heads through the weight room and all the way down the road. Like your best friend, our fitted tank will always come through for you in the clutch. This wear-with-anything racerback style is trimmed with mesh for breathability and a little sex appeal.


We are crazy over this new long draped jacket from ALALA. Featuring mesh on the cuffs and hem, this piece will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Made from a two-tone fabric and finished with raw edging, this jacket features two side pockets. thumbholes, and a draped silhouette. And, can we just say, that we are sooooooo happy that this season's accent color is magenta. It's bold, feminine and it feels very sassy! It's the accent color that gives your greyscale ensemble attitude!  


You’ll make the cut anywhere in our favorite cami bra. Designed with a wide contoured bottom band and ergonomic seaming for a perfect fit and a cut-out back that shows skin in just the right place. While this is a "medium" support bra, we are loving it for everything from running around town to light aerobic activity. The power mesh on the back is fabulous on the back, it's beatable and provides additional hold.


Go for a run, or go for coffee. Really, in this outfit, you'll look fabulous anywhere you go. Just be prepared for people to ask where you got this outfit, because even tho it's not loud or obnoxious, with its contrast piping and flattering cut it's very noticeable and envy causing! 

Frontrunner Jacket , Clutch Tank, and Take Sides Knee Tight

Frontrunner Jacket, Clutch Tank, and Take Sides Knee Tight

A fitted jacket isn't just about showing off a slim figure, it's functionality is holding in heat like a tailored thermal blanket! This jacket moves with you eliminating chafing and there's no annoying extra fabric to flap around in the wind. 

Frontrunner Jacket  available in store and online

Frontrunner Jacket available in store and online


Say hello to your new favorite hoodie. The monochrome makes it easy to style with anything. The fabric makes it easy to live in! And the mesh detailing at the cuffs make it easy to look cool!

Because this hoodie is dolman style, you can throw it on over what you're wearing and not worry about uncomfortable bunching. What I love about the dolman cut is the combination of relaxed a crossed the shoulders yet fitted through the sleeves and tapered down to the waist. What happens is the subtle illusion of an hourglass while still being totally laid back and cozy. Perfect execution of effortless yet feminine... you will want this for your lazy days! 

Shadow Dolman Hoodie available in store and online

Shadow Dolman Hoodie available in store and online

Our entire mix and match line of Alala is a collection of cool pieces that are flattering, cozy and functional. Don't be surprised if your closet starts to look taken over as you acquire more and more from this smart designer :)

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