Reflection of Power

Finding the balance of being feminine but powerful can be a tricky line to navigate, so sit back and enjoy these fabulous looks we have put together for you. 

But first, we want you to really take the time to let this sink in: Do not be afraid to exude your ambition for anything, all you are saying to the world is that you want to be a better version of yourself! This is not something we should be hiding, this is something we should be embracing in ourselves and other women. We wanted to take this moment to talk about that before we introduce you to our Herve Leger suiting. Their dresses have been adored since the 80's among many fashion circles. Herve Leger represents a reflection of power and self-esteem as it perfectly accentuates a woman's best features. Embracing their own ambition, Herve is now bringing us a larger array of suiting separates to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

This sophisticated dress is decorated with an edgy animal print and cage detail for an ultimate look of powerful femininity. We're always a big fan of silhouettes that have both a higher neckline and knee length, because it is ideal for events where you need to be... ahem covered up. 

Perfect for anything from work to after-hours, this dress is not only eye-catching but ultra-comfortable. We love how professional it is on the front, while the back shows a little skin in a sophisticated way. Take this adventurous dress into evening with ease and be prepared to have an unforgettable night! 

For a power look, pair your power dress with a power jacket. This ruffle peplum jacket is an elegant and sophisticated finish to any dress. We like to consider this a modern suiting alternative. Better than a regular suit jacket, this one is made of high quality bandage material to hug your body while still allowing you to move. Pieces like these are perfect for our moms of little ones who need to be mobile!

We have paired this versatile jacket over dresses, skirts, and dressy denim, which makes it a fabulous year round piece. An essential additional to your closet in our opinion!

While many offices are pushing away from suits for every day, that doesn't mean we should present ourselves as too casual. Finding the balance of dressy and casual can be tricky, so an easy rule of thumb is to pair your dress with a cashmere cardigan. As you can see here, it dresses the look down just a tad. Take off the cardigan and you are ready for your date night.

Yearning for a little color? Pair it with a burgundy or purple cardigan for an equally chic look. For a more casual, date night look, try it with a denim shirt and booties. Your options are endless!

Classic gets a make over with this printed jacket and simple pencil skirt. Cut for a slim fit with a flattering peplum hem, this jacquard jacket is adorned with edgy animal print and cage detail, adding a bold finish to day-to-night ensembles. Wear it over sculpting skirts and dresses for an enviable finish. 

Each sophisticated staple stands alone as a strong statement, but together they are powerful and are sure to command attention for all the right reasons. We encourage women to invest in quality classic pieces to increase longevity and give you the confidence to ignore trends and focus on your own personal style. 

Bold and ambitious, this jacquard skirt is finished with an adventurous animal print and kaleidoscopic cage detail, making it perfect for transitioning from day to evening. This timeless silhouette evokes power while still being feminine. Pair it with it's matching jacket for an unforgettable ensemble, or pair with a soft cashmere turtleneck in black or burgundy for a more casual, sophisticated look.

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