Cashmere Everthing

There is one very important thing that guides us each day as to what to wear. Yes our body shape, personality, an occasion and our lifestyle do influence our outfit choices but the biggest influencer of all has to be the weather. Part of my morning routine is bringing up my weather app on my phone to see what the highs and lows are for the day and get a general idea of the next few days as well so I can plan out possible outfits. I may end up swapping what I feel like wearing today for tomorrow because of the forecast and this time of year is especially tricky! With crisp mornings, sunny days and dusky afternoons with chilly evenings arriving much too soon, intentional dressing is imperative! 


On cool days, I love an outfit with layers! In the chilly morning, you're sealed into it's warmth- with no obligation or expectation to take it off! And then in the warm afternoons, feel free to shed a layer! This poncho is not just an ordinary poncho, it was dip-dyed to perfection for a bit of head turning appeal!

We love a good cardigan, and these are by far our favorites! Longer than a normal cardi, they make you appear taller and leaner. Perfect to throw over a tank and jeans (as shown) but equally adorable with dresses, slacks, and even pencil skirts. The 12 gauge black cardigan is fitted and a tad shorter, while the 16 gauge burgundy cardigan is airy and looser fit.  Both of these have pockets for ultimate comfort but we promise, you cannot go wrong with either one of these.

The ultimate layering piece is this fantastic dip-dye shawl which is so large we are recommending it as a travel blanket too ;)  The color is stunning which can really match back to many outfits but we found it the most chic when we wore all black.

Let's go back and talk a little more about "intentional dressing". Fall and winter are the good seasons to start practicing, but the idea is to use the weather as your guide. This allows you to have a better idea of what you're planning what to wear the next day, that week, or for a holiday or weekend away.

Why are we stressing something so elementary in concept? Well, because quite frankly, we have found that our busy selves sometimes forget the simplest of concepts... It sucks but it's true, we are not superhuman. Using the weather, will give you a baseline starting point as to the type of clothes you will need for the week ahead or you will need to pack. This is also extremely helpful if any of those items are in the dirty clothes pile or at the dry cleaners (so you have enough time to get them clean!!). 


Lately, what has been saving us from a full blown hot flash or freezing to death, has been our Christopher Fischer 16 gauge everyday cashmere knits. These sweaters have a huge range of wearability throughout the year. From fall to spring, you can add or take away layers, but it is so lightweight that you can even wear it on a 100 degree day! This is not a regular basic cashmere v-neck that you can get just anywhere. Christopher Fischer does to great lengths to make sure the seams, twisting of the yarns, design details, and overall cut are absolute perfection. 

Overall, this sweater was artfully crafted to give you a multitude of fashion options. I love the way it looks with a pair of distressed jeans (as shown), but it's also sophisticated and polished with skirts. Don't be afraid to size up and wear it looser for a weekend chic look.

While, we all love a fabulous v-neck we are loving this ultra chic crew with rolled hems. The style is slightly relaxed to embrace a casual elegance that we just love which is flattering to many body types. If you prefer a more fitted style, buy down a size. Either way you go, you won't be making a wrong decision. This sweater pairs nicely to everything from brightly colored slacks to black leather pants to distressed denim. We love dressing it up with accessories and heels, or dress it down with boots and a scarf. Let your imagination free!!


Sometimes, all it takes to make a certain piece look chic and stylish are the little details throughout your outfit. Try on this edgy crew neck sweater to update your LBT look, it's a more contemporary style with two silver zipper details. Distressed denim completes the theme, but a pencil skirt creates contrast and adds femininity - a little femme fatale, complete it with black leather booties. 

Not your typical zipper, these aren't exactly functional, but more for appearances sake. It's your choice, keep them fully bound or let the teeth breathe a couple inches. Look a little closer and you'll notice the asymmetrical hemline, just another detail to keep you on your toes! In 100% cashmere, you're all set for a winter day. Bundled in perfect seasonal fashion, let this sweater punctuate your style! 


These modern fit v-neck sweaters are perfect dressed up or dressed down in a variety of neutral tones. I love that it never feels too warm but can be super cozy. It’s the perfect “on-demand” light layer with none of the normal scratchiness that comes from typical wool sweaters.


One of the things I love about winter are the luxurious fabrics that come out to play. There’s no better feeling that rugging up in front of the fire, a glass of red wine in one hand, soft cheese-covered biscuits in the other, and a gorgeous long cashmere sweater wrapped around your body. Having someone to share that moment with doesn't hurt either ;) Give his eyes a treat with this deep v neck sweater that says, "It's not just about me being comfortable, I was thinking of you, too!" The soft ivory completes the winter theme, reminiscent of a gentle snowfall. 



You've seen our asymmetrical ponchos that we've brought in from Christopher Fischer in many colors, but they also offer a more classic cut and we wanted to share this option with you. This one shifted more towards geometric with a rectangle shape with sides slits for the arms. The point is, any variety of the blanket-inspired-coats and overcoats are IN this season and really make a great no-fuss transitional piece. The neutral tones in sand colors compliment the authentic theme of this poncho and the generous turtleneck style creates a bundled up look.  If you're worried about it making you look frumpy and sloppy, remember it’s all about the luxurious details: glitzy jewelry, a pair of posh sunglasses, sexy shoes, or over-the-knee boots. Balance the knit, bohemian, fuss-free, cozy style of the poncho with the exact opposite for an overall sophisticated style.


My personal favorite of the blanket inspired outerwear (not that anyone said you need to go out in it) is the cocoon sweater. The thick ribbed knit has a way of hugging your body's curves, customizing it's fit with a plush drape - and an overall sumptuous look! Of course, the most intuitive way to style this would be distressed denim and maybe a navy slouchy top. However, elevate the style  and create a more elegant look by wearing it over black tights and a fitted back top. Plush and posh- #liberteloves !


Choosing the right turtleneck for you is easier with a little guidance. First, let's chat about size, because we all know, size matters. If you are going for the slouchy-but-chic look, pick out a sweater that’s a full size or two larger than what you normally have. Remember that your goal is to make it look laidback and slouchy but still chic, not sloppy and frumpy.

Do you think that you just can't wear a turtleneck because "fill in the blank" part of your body looks fat? Let me clue you in on a little stylist secret: stop focusing on your flaws and only focus on your assets so you know how to play those up to your advantage!! That being said, some ladies prefer our lighter weight 16 gauge. It is so light you can wear it as layering piece or just on their own.

Cashmere doesn't stop with sweaters! While it comes in every outerwear style imaginable, do yourself a favor and add the finishing touches to winter style with cashmere accessories! These burgundy beauties perfectly compliment the on trend color palette of dark winey reds!