NYC Here We Come

Planning  a trip to New York? Lucky you! You're going to have a great time- whether it's for business or pleasure, we hope your trip is fun and memorable!

What will you wear in New York? Seeing how it's the fashion mecca, you may be feeling a little intimidated and pressured to look good! Here are a few tips we have found to help fill that suitcase so you can spend energy on the rest of your tip! The shopping's fabulous, so it makes sense to keep some holes in your case to fill with new treasures.

New Yorkers don't get dressed up for much, even the theatre.

You'll be taking a lot of photos, dress cute

Wear black, never goes out of style. New York women know how to wear black! Simple and minimalist in high quality from expert designers. 

As with all trips, mix and match. For New York, bring timeless staples that make you feel confident. Quality always comes across and is admired much more than trend.

jeans will be uncomfortable in the summer, so bring skirts and leggings

you'll be walking a lot, wear comfy shoes.

avoid trendy accessories. New York is ahead of the game, so you don't want to look out of style by wearing something that's already out of date! New Yorkers take their cues from Coco Chanel, who was preoccupied with simple, classic accessories. Stick with a simple statement necklace and stay away from the studded, the colorful, and the bangled!