Summer Makeup Tutorial

Last week we hosted YSL Makeup Artists which reinvigorated our love for makeup!  It was so much fun and we wanted to share that love with you!  We invited our favorite local makeup artist, Sharon Tabb to come spend the day with us and give us some of her makeup tips to take our makeup application up a notch! 

Makeup Pro Tip: Always start your makeup ritual doing your eyes first

Eye Shadow.  Apply base eye shadow by patting on with a flat brush.  For Ashley, our makeup model, we chose light beige with light shimmer but this is completely dependent on your skin tone.  The idea is to choose a color that is close to your skin tone but with either slight gold or slight pink in the undertone. 

Makeup Pro Tip: Always use a eye shadow base prior to applying any eye makeup.

Crease Line.  Using a blender brush, apply in a copper brown shadow in a circular fashion on outside of eye and into the crease. We used Viseart Eyeshadows for our Summer Makeup Tutorial.  They are fabulous for travel or every day!

Brow Line.  Using the same flat brush we used to apply the base eye shadow, we applied one-two shades lighter shadow to the brow line.  

We were especially interested if this step was necessary so we asked our go-to makeup artist Sharon Tabb.  Taking the time to do this step is a finishing step and helps to shape the brows which shows more depth to the eye makeup as well as highlighting the brow bone and brightening the eyes.  Umm – okay, we will now do this step ;)

Eyeliner.  We really wanted to partake in the blue eyeliner trend so we decided to only do the bottom water line.  Apply the eyeliner to the bottom water line in sections and a very thin line at the lash line.  When we tried this tip ourselves it all just sort of happened at the same time but that is why Sharon is our Pro ;) 

Makeup Pro Tip: Make sure your eyeliner is waterproof (we used Chanel Stylo Jeux).  If you have watery eyes, dry off the water line with a Q-tip prior to applying. 

Clean Up. Take this next step as a “clean up” time to remove any fallen eye makeup (especially the little sparkles). We used a baby wipe but you could just as easily use a damp washcloth. 

Foundation. We asked our Pro if we should be applying with our fingers or a brush.  Sharon thinks when you are doing your own makeup, use your fingers because you have more control over the makeup application.  If you do apply using a brush, always go back and blend with a sponge or use your fingers to blend.  Foundation brands and colors are very person specific but in general we like Make Up Forever and YSL foundations.  

Contouring.  Summer makeup definitely needs some light contouring so Sharon suggests applying a cream bronzer over a powder bronzer.  Apply the contour into the sockets of the cheek, down the sides of the nose, and then the hairline.  Apply the highlighter in between the brows, down the center of the nose, and the top of cheekbone. 

Makeup Pro Tip: Blend the contour and highlighters with your fingers for a natural look!

Blush.  Start two fingers away from the nose and at the “meat of the cheek”, then go up and back.  If you apply your makeup too low or too close to the mouth it can make you either look sunburned or have a droopy face :/  We used Makeup Forever coral blush.

Brows.  Apply your brow color with a small flat angled brush to make subtle lines through the brows.  Blend with your eyebrow brush. 

Makeup Pro Tip: Apply Brow Gel to set the brows and to keep your straggling hairs from moving around.

Mascara.  Apply your mascara to the top of your top lash first, the bottom of the top lash second and coat your bottom lash last.  We really like YSL and Dior waterproof mascara for the summer!

Powder.  Depending on your skin type you may not need to powder!  If you have dry skin, skip the powder.  If you have combination skin, then only powder your T-zone.  If you have oily skin, then powder all over.  Take your brush and lightly pat and push the powder into the skin. 

Makeup Pro Tip: If the powder gets cakey, then spray Evian all over your face.

Lips.  Start with a moisturizer and blot excess off.  Your lip liner should always have a decent tip and then line the outer part of the lip, filling into the center of the lip.  Think of it like your liner is your lip color. We used Makeup Forever 18C - Coral.

Makeup Pro Tip: Taking the time to do this step correctly will ensure your lipstick stays on for all day wear.

If your lips are a little dry after applying the lip liner, apply a little bit of chapstick and blot off excess moisture.

Apply gloss or stain to complete your lips.  We used YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis number 27 - Peche Cerra-Colla. 

You are almost done with your summer makeup look!  Sometimes, we find that we need a little extra blush after we do the lips.  People refer to this as our face absorbing the color, which only means we need to apply a little more color.  Sharon applied, ever so slightly, a little more blush.

Neck.  An often forgotten step is the neck line but is a good step for completing that finished look.  Blend bronzer down your neck.  So easy! 

The perfect summer makeup!  Thank you so much Sharon Tabb for spending the afternoon with us and teaching us about this fabulous summer look!