Summer Office Dressing

Dressing for the office with 100+ degree heat is no fun.  In fact, it is almost painful! The makeup literally melts off our faces and the scalding leather seats in our cars hurts so bad it makes us cringe just thinking about it.  Like every woman in the south, we too struggle with what to wear.  We start planning for the heat months in advance, stock piling our clothing for what to wear when the heat does finally hit (like a hurricane).  Here are our tips and tricks on how to survive this summer and hopefully every summer moving forward:

Baring skin.

Just because it is hot as hell does not give anyone the right to bare too much skin.  Wearing plunging necklines or tiny skirts does not work in the office and you will be forever known as unprofessional.  Look at what your boss, or better yet, your boss’s boss is doing a follow suit.  You can cover up and still stay cool.  It is all about the fabrics when the heat wave comes.

It's all about the fabric...

Let’s go into a little more detail about the fabrics…  In the summer, you need fabrics that breathe.  Don’t know what that means?  Think organic or words you heard a lot when you were little: cotton, silk, linen.  Stay away from those wear polyester blends if you can help it because they trap the heat in and you will sweat right thru them!  So just like you are attempting to “eat clean”, try “dressing clean” for the heat.


Open toe shoes.

Open toe shoes are great to keep your feet cool but make sure they are office appropriate (e.g. avoid gladiators and anything too trendy).  And if you do wear open toe shoes, please make sure your feet hygiene up to par.  Peeled nail polish, overgrown cuticles, and dry, cracked feet is not how you want to be remembered by your clients or your boss. 

Wear lighter colors. 

The hot sun will feel like it is burning your body if you continue to wear black, so we suggest learning to love lighter colors.  You can stay a little dark here but try to avoid the black altogether.  Cobalt blue, Navy with White, All White, Yellow, Orange, Greens are all great colors to wear in the heat.


Keep a cardigan or blazer at your office, as most offices tend to run on the cooler side during the summer.

Dress for the position you want.

Our ending note on dressing for the summer, extends to all year long: dress for the position you want – not the one you have.  Your style year round sends a message to all those around you, and it is important to have that message work for you and not against you. 

Ending thoughts.

If you consider the dress appropriate for the beach, then most likely it is not appropriate for the office.  There are a few exceptions here but as a rule of thumb, it is not acceptable.

Not feeling too excited for summer dressing?  Keep it simple and just wear dresses most days.  It’s easy, summer dresses are typically on sale in July when the heat is at it’s highest.  Stock up and grin and bear it like the rest of us ;)

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