Summer Beach Bag Essentials

This weekend was an eye opener on how unprepared we were for our beach bag, so we put together a little list of our go-to items and a few tips that might make your next trip to the beach (or pool) a little nicer!  



This isn't exactly a beach bag, but I am not really a beach bag girl. For starters they are heavy!  Why any company makes a big heavy canvas bags I will never know...  The other reason I am not a big fan of them is that they are difficult to carry because if you carry them by the handle with your arm straight then it drags the ground, but if you put it up on your shoulder then it rubs off all the sunscreen your just put on (grrrr). This bag from LAGGOS solves the issue: when we can carry the bag with the handles with our arms straight, but what we really loved is throwing it across our bodies so we had both hands free!


The S'well bottle might be our favorite item for this summer beach bag! Their glitter collection adds just a little bit of subtle glamour but the best part is it will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours! We put three ice cubes in the bottle, filled it up with water and we had ice cold water hours and hours later (even though we left it in our hot car).  If you have ever lived thru a hot summer in the south then you know that is pretty miraculous!  


We are big believers in sunscreen and have been testing several different brands this summer but Coola is by far our favorite for our beach bag! Using the best natural and certified organic ingredients to create luxurious products, Coola is the best for our finicky, sensitive skin.  We figure if we obsess over what we put in our body we should be as equally obsessed with what we put on our body since the skin absorbs what we put on it!  

Do yourself a favor and put on your sunscreen before you put on your bathing suit, it will make your life so much easier! I pack a little ice chest and put the sunscreen in there so when I do reapply it is chilled which feels great on a hot summer day!

Having suffered through oily skin as a teenager, I will tell you flat out, you must use a separate face sunscreen than what you use on the rest of your body. This one was my favorite because it gave my face a nice matte finish and it did not rub off easily when I flipped from stomach, to back, to stomach, and then back to my back (yes, I am a squirmer - lol).

Floppy Hat.

I don't care what those sunscreens say about protecting your skin, when you hit your 30s and 40s you need more than just sunscreen! You really need the maximum protection from the sun on your face and chest, so I am a big advocate of a floppy hat.  This ensures that your little ears and nose don't turn beet red. Also, think about all the damage you are saving your poor hair from too!

Chic Sunglasses.

Chic sunglasses are a must!  Not only do they send a message about your fashion, they are protecting your eyes. 

Lip Balm With SPF.

Prevent chapped lips with a nice quality lip balm with SPF. We are obsessed with this lip balm throughout the year as it enhances the natural color of your lips by reacting to the chemistry of your lips to create a special shade that last for hours. The addition of SPF 10 will keep you protected, while hydrating mango butter and loofah extract nourish for beautiful, luscious lips.

Don't forget to pack yourself some snacks, magazines/book, and a camera to capture your beach day! You never know what might happen ;)

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