Purple Eye Makeup

We have been really in love with purple and asked Sharon Tabb to come teach us how to wear purple eye shadow without looking absolutely ridiculous!  The result is a regal and sophisticated look.  

Purple eye shadow is fabulous because it makes all eye colors pop!  Curious if this will change what clothing you can wear?  Not really, but here are a few of my favorite combos:

  • Warm Purples: I love to pair those colors with browns and coppers 
  • Cool/Light Purples: My favorite combo is to pair this with light grey
  • Bright Purples: Try pairing it with other bright colors

To get started, we always start with the eyes first (not foundation).  


Always start with an eye primer.  If you aren’t already doing so, you can thank us later.  Eye primer will ensure your makeup stays put all day and doesn’t start to melt off your face with the heat and humidity.  Primer is imperative for our ladies who are up early and out late!  Don’t you want your makeup to look fresh all day?  It’s later: you can thank us now ;)

Take this time to also apply your face primer.  We have always been a little bit lazy about this because we didn't notice a difference when we applied it in the morning, but we tried it yesterday when it was all rainy and humid.  It made a huge difference after wearing the makeup all day!  We were stunned.  


Sharon started with a lavender/slate color in the base of the lid.  Gently apply the color by patting it on to create the intensity you want. 

Determine the shade of purple based on the color of your skin versus the color of your eyes so you don't look too washed out or like you have a black eye. Connie, our model, has naturally darker skin so we went a little brighter and darker.  During the winter, when her skin is quite a bit lighter, we would go a little less bright and a little lighter but probably stick with the same palette.  If you want a slight bit more pop of color, Sharon recommends matte colors versus shimmer eyeshadows.  

For the crease, Sharon applied a purple eggplant color at the far corner of the eye and into the crease.  Pat, pat, pat and then drag up into the crease.  Pat, pat, pat and then drag into the center of the eye.  To finish grab your blender brush to blend.  


YSL 5 Color Couture Palette in 05 Surrearliste 

YSL 5 Color Couture Palette in 05 Surrearliste 


Clean up any fallen eye shadow prior to applying the foundation.  

Blot on foundation and blend. Sharon recommends applying with your fingers.  Because of how much sun we receive on our forehead, we will sometimes apply a slightly different color on the forehead and blend.  This helps warm up the face.

Build up the Armani Foundation under the eye to cover circles.  This is a much lighter way to cover up the eye area and this is perfect for summer months.  

Bottom Lash Eyeliner

For maximum color, Sharon used a glide on eyeshadow with a thin brush to apply a thin line of eyeliner to the bottom lash line.  To avoid a harsh line, blend out the line subtly with your finger. 

Upper Lash Liner

Applying liner to the water line of the upper lash line creates definition to your eye and makes your lashes appear much longer!  Please note that this step is very difficult to master, especially if you have never tried.  If you find the upper water line too difficult, then you can apply a very thin line on the lashes.  


Not every mascara is created equal and we love YSL mascara!  Sharon used plain black mascara, but she mentioned adding the purple mascara to the bottom lashes or the tips of the upper lash line right before you go out for an extra pop of color.

To apply mascara, gently coat the top of the upper lash once.  Then put the wand on the bottom of the upper lash lash, hold and wiggle out.  This helps create definition between lashes.  Repeat as you like to build the look you desire.   


If you are going to take the time to apply makeup properly then we highly recommend taking the extra 20 seconds to do your eyebrows.  Always brush out the brows up toward the forehead with the eyebrow brush before applying products to the brows.  Sharon used the Guerlain eyebrow kit.  Use small, light strokes to fill in the brows. To create definition, Sharon applied the rose-beige illuminator just below the eyebrow to create contrast and brighten the eyes.  

Voila - you now know how to get this fabulous purple eye look!  

If you are wanting makeup lessons, we highly recommend Sharon Tabb and if you are needing any of the products we mentioned here we order from Nicole at Nordstrom Northpark in Dallas (214) 231-3900.