Luxury is in each Detail

Luxury is in each detail. 

- Hurbert de Givenchy

Styling women is a passion for me and it is so much more than just pulling together beautiful clothing and accessories. The passion comes from seeing the transformation of my clients’ look, demeanor and ultimately their happy illuminated faces. After a woman is styled, she gains an enhanced presence, becoming more confident, sexy, and basically fabulous! The key to any successful styling is simply paying attention to all of the details. And for Luxiere Magazine, luxury is in each detail. 

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to style my friend and client, Valerie Naifeh.  Valerie is not only the owner of Naifeh Fine Jewelry, but she is also an extremely talented jewelry designer and artist. She embodies the very spirit of a strong, empowered, creative entrepreneur, an ideal combination to represent and showcase the inaugural issue of Luxiere Magazine.

Creating a look for a magazine photo shoot is always a work in progress regardless of how prepared the photographer, stylists, and model are. When you are at the shoot, there are so many little tweaks to get the accessories and clothing to portray the correct ambiance. For Luxiere Magazine we wanted the focus to be on Valerie and her jewelry.  In order to accomplish this, we chose tops that would not compete the beautiful detail of the jewelry, but rather have the extravagant accessories be the focal point against simple clothing. These photos are my behind the scenes looks during our photo shoot with LIBERTÉ's favorite photographer, Shevaun Williams. It was an afternoon filled with Oklahoma City's most talented women: huge thank you to Sharon Tabb for providing perfection in hair and makeup and Stacy Johnson for pursuing your dreams of creating this fabulous magazine! Luxiere Magazine is set to hit mailboxes next week! 

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