Every Body, Every Wear.

We all love a great statement piece, especially one with such a vibrant color palette. Statement skirts can be a little deceiving because most tend to think it limits what you can wear with it, but I like to think that it goes with everything! Wearing a statement skirt makes an expression to the world that you are fearless and not bashful of your femininity.

Today we talk about how to wear it different ways, and how to style it for different body types! 

Here we paired the skirt with this fantastic sculpted top with shoulder cutouts. This look is best for hourglass and inverted v body shapes. The cut outs in the shoulders and wide v neckline draws the eye to their small waists and showcases the beautiful skirt. While we think this top is fabulous on pears we do not like this top and bottom together for our pear body shapes. While it does highlight their fabulous tiny upper bodies it does tend to exaggerate their bottom half to make them actually look larger than what they really are. Pears: keep on scrolling, your style is coming up! 

Sculpted from Herve Leger's signature essential bandage construction and detailed with shoulder cutouts, this timeless top is the essence of casual elegance and sophisticated allure. Accessorize with a long necklace that compliments the v-shaped neckline for a flattering effect.

Not only does this ensemble have a fun, funky vibe, it plays up the full color popping potential of the skirt! The bright color and long sleeves create a balance top to bottom, which means all body shapes will benefit from this style, but especially our pears. Remember, the trick in dressing is to create proportion (aka balance).

A fool proof way to wearing a fun, statement skirt is to keep the top simple and use bold accessories to balance out the skirt. 

LeatherRock 4 Strap Bracelet with Studs and Stones Available In Store Only 

LeatherRock 4 Strap Bracelet with Studs and Stones Available In Store Only 

Get sporty with your skirt! This skirt can veer towards casual when topped with this silk raglan top or a cute little denim shirt. The silk top is absolutely worthy of being worn with an Herve! Not only does the yellow pair perfectly with the color palette, but the length of the top makes it versatile to style either long and straight or higher and scrunched for a drapey effect. The body types most benefited from this look will be our apples and pears. Hourglass and inverted v's should pass on this one.

We love a fabulous drape top, but are obsessed with this particular top which the designer recreates each season. With it's camouflaging qualities, it minimizes any perceived tummy bulge that a woman may have. This top is a definite must for our ladies who live in their tunics or empire cut tops (aka apple body shapes). If you love the top but aren't an apple, don't worry this top also looks chic when tucked in to draw attention to your waist and add curves. 

Statement accessories like necklaces and belts are great strategies for drawing attention away from features you're self conscious about. Wear something so striking people will be more drawn to your sense of style and pour on the admiration! We love long necklaces to create a lengthening look which is fabulous for our short waisted ladies! 

Snake Ring in Gold, Clover Long Strand Necklaces in Gold 

Snake Ring in Gold, Clover Long Strand Necklaces in Gold 

Curious to what body shape you are or have issues trying to find new ways to dress your body? We have plenty of experience finding the perfect way to dress all body types and we would love to help you! It's what we do and we love it! Email us at info@givemeliberte.com or see our lists of services

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