Summer Skin Rescue

We spend a lot of time outside in the summer which can wreck havak on our skin. We get sunburned, despite putting on sunscreen, and our face gets dry and peely (is this even a real word? no judging). And your regular beauty products just aren’t cutting it… While we aren't skin care professionals, we are beauty everything enthusiasts so we put together a little list of what we are using on our skin to hopefully help you a little with your summer skin woes.

Time in the sun is just inevitable during the summer months otherwise we would be inside from 7am to 9pm which is just not realistic. But, as I am sure you know, sun exposure can lead to dryer skin. And dry, burned skin hurts! So what do you do if you have dry skin? We suggest cleaning with a mild cleanser to not further dry out your skin, and then using a toner to help rebalance the PH levels. Once a week do a deep exfoliation, just make sure that your skin isn't burned.

If you do have a sun burn, get back to nature and put aloe on your burn. We aren't talking about the aloe gel you get at the pharmacy. We are talking about buying your self an aloe plant or buying a giant aloe leaf from the grocery store and applying it to the burn (even a minor burn). The aloe gels can actually trap the heat in which can cause more pain and discomfort. 

If your gym has a steam room, we highly suggest going for a steam! This opens up the pores and allows the heat to leave your body. Your will recover so much quicker! A new tidbit we picked up this year is applying Monoi Oil after we shower to lock in moisture, purify the skin, and assists in calming the skin (e.g. anti-inflamatory properties).

Coconut oil is also great to apply to your hair either before going into the ocean or pool, or even afterwards to repair damaged hair. We also love to shave with coconut oil and rub it all over our skin after a shower for an all over body moisturizer. You will have a beautiful glow that lasts all day. Personally, I thank my mom for getting me hooked on coconut oil.  She was ahead of the game way before I was (so note to all of us that we still need to listen to our moms!!). 

Sun spots (aka sun damage) got you down? Not a problem. Vitamin C is often overlooked for more aggressive Vitamin A (Retin A), but more research is showing that Vitamin C can be better in some instances. It can do so much that it almost seems silly not to apply it daily just as you would a moisturizer. It counteracts wrinkles from forming, minimizes freckling, assists in reversing skin damage, and protects against future discoloration and fine lines.

Notice how this entire blog post is all about sun damage and protecting or fixing your skin from sun damage? Are you getting the hint that you need to practice safe sun practices every day?Okay, okay, okay, enough of our lecture to you ;)

The fact remains, that we all love looking like we have a little color to our skin!  If you are like me, sometimes you don't have time to get a professional spray tan, so I have been really loving St. Tropez’s self tanner shower gel. It actually develops on the wet skin. It works so well because your skin is wet and all the same texture so you get a very even tan. Plus, it just makes my life easier ;) 

Have a specific skin woe that we didn't cover? Reach out to us on email and we will get you in touch with some amazing local ladies who are skin care professionals!! We work with the best!

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