Falling for Herve

They say you can't choose who you fall in love with and we have to agree. Sometimes you've fallen before you even know it, without the slightest chance to resist. Your only warning is that pitter patter in your chest, your eyes remaining locked regardless how hard you try to turn them away. That desire to over saturate your entire being with pure and simple closeness. I dedicate this post to that special little Herve bandage dress that's captured your heart.  

Herve Leger is the French fashion house behind a fashion revolution. They were a huge hit in '80s because they created a top quality body-con dresses. While there have been plenty of knock offs, once you worn a real Herve breathtaking designs you will find that they are so addictive that you'll never choose another brand once you wear a fabulous Leger dress! Trust us. 

Remember that you don't need supermodel dimensions to wear bandage dresses, what you need is courage, a touch of suntan and satisfaction when you look in the mirror. That's something money can't buy: with self-assurance you can pull off every bold design and look like a million dollars. The bold contrast of cobalt and citron lined in black make this dress a total knock out. The illusion hemline is a creative way of adding length while still showing plenty of leg for you glam girls.
In this dress, sub the neckline for a necklace. This dress may be a bit loud, but it screams fabulous, and we're okay with that! Tone it down with a sleek black tuxedo jacket and let the colors pop from beneath.

There are no fashion rules for what you should and shouldn't wear it with: This Herve Leger dress is edgy and sexy, so we found some sexy heels and metal chain looking earrings to add to the effect.

Herve Leger dresses are absolutely adored among fashion circles. Women like to wear them as they amazingly accentuate the figure, men like to watch their ladies in Leger. For a dress like one of these, we need not only a good body shape, but also self-confidence and a lady attitude. Herve Leger dress on a female body represents a reflection of power, luxury and self-esteem. We watch new Herve arrivals come into the store with anticipation. Always impressed with the redesign and creative take on the bandage dress each season, it really never gets old!

This solid cobalt dress has a scoop neckline with corset structured bodice and a flared skirt with a caged hemline. There is so much detail in the design of the dress, going with a single hue was perfect execution of simple glam. You'll love this dress if you're bottom heavy (Calling all Pears!) with a smaller bust. It creates the hourglass figure without contouring all around the hips and thighs. 

To recap: Herve dresses are very ladylike and glamourous. You don't need a lot of jewerly and details to look perfect in them. Less is more. You can wear them in casual combinations, on a gala evening, at parties, everywhere. 
Be glamourous, be sexy, and be perfectly chic in an amazing Herve dress!  XO