You have goals.  Don't let your active wear hold you back!

Push yourself to the limit with Alala's new collection of go anywhere, do anything active wear.  This season, we are seeing dark teal blue teamed with black and a leopard print to help mix and match it all together.  A purrfect combination to spice up your workout wear - with a twist ;)

Challenge your own expectations with desire and determination. Reach for your goals in Alala's captain crop tight- the tight that is buttery soft with ultra stretch that allows you to bend beyond your comfort zone. 

The snap back tank, shown in leopard below, has a built in shelf bra for an "all in one" convenience. The design and high quality stretch fabric allows you to step into this tank, for a smooth, fuss free start to your workout. My favorite feature? The mesh with a peekaboo cutout in the back- increased breathability with maximum aesthetic appeal! 


Another sweat-to-street top, the clutch tank, is versatile and made-to-layer in black. Wear over your sports bra, where the mesh allows a pop of color to peek through. Wear under your chic vests or hoodies to and from workouts.  My favorite feature about this tank? The length. The smooth fabric is thick enough to lay flat and long, past your waistline to keep you covered and reduce bunching around the belly button. 

The zip back tank eliminates those post workout tears of frustration! Say goodbye to jumping around in sweaty knots, pretzel armed and grunting, trapped in your own stink- swearing you're never going to do this again. We are here to save you from that! The zip back tank revolutionized the way you get in and out of sport bras. Step in, pull up, zip up. After your workout, unzip, pull down, step out. I'm not kidding you. Try it! The only frustrating thing from here on out will be trying to break that bad pretzel armed heaving habit! Oh... and not having enough zip back bras. So stock up! 

The buttery-soft hoodie that gives you lounging and lunging. Seriously cool mesh panels at each shoulder and a line down the back for a great heat escape are the ultimate in functional detailing. With long, thumbhole sleeves, its sure to be the go-to coverup for hoodie lovers everywhere!

A tough looking draped vest is the perfect layering piece. Made from a two-tone fabric and finished with raw edging. Side pockets? Thank you very much!

Layer the vest with tanks or sheer long sleeves- pair it with your coordinating tights, or jeans- wait, really? Yes. the drape front actually makes it very versatile for the style savvy. 

Full length tights in all black provide all the coverage you need in the chilly months ahead of us.  And you're going to knock them out with the full length version of our best selling tight. With sheer mesh panels across the back of the knees, you'll look as amazing going as you did coming. We love the slick nylon fabric that holds you in while keeping you cool and dry. My favorite feature? The high, wide waistband. It's wide design lays flat and is not only flattering but comfortable, eliminating any possible wardrobe malfunction or unintentional peekaboos.

Another reason to love this bra - Flat seams and a comfortably wide moisture wicking band finish this zipper upper.  Forget about discovering elastic impressions cutting into your ribs post workout. Those days are gone. I love these bras! 

The leopard pieces in this collection are extra feisty!  The dark colors make it cool without being too showy. We recommend pairing them with solids rather than going full animal print. The mesh panels in black and contrast stitching create a flattering shape, drawing the eye while outlining muscle tone. Totally fabulous!