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We're not all born with perfect style, so some of us have to put more effort into learning the ropes. Establishing your personal style can be difficult, but know that well fitting, high quality pieces are the key.   I’m a big believer of investing in versatile separates that can be mixed in and out with multiple other pieces in your wardrobe. I love a dress for its simplicity, but your outfit options increase instantly when you go for separates.

Essential fall pieces are in and we are here to show you how you can build on your wardrobe with varying looks. Think of it this way 6 separate pieces (3 tops and 3 skirts) aren’t just 6 looks, which is what you would have with a dress, but if you’re buying wardrobe essentials that all work back with each other then you’ll have 9 outfit options to create with those 6 separate pieces. More so if you incorporate some jackets and obviously change up the shoe and handbag choices, which can completely change an entire look.

This week we look at grey staples and how to pair them up with different washed jeans as well as dressing them up with a skirt. Let us illustrate just a few examples that you can fall back on this season ;)

Grey is already cool in hue, so playing up on that, we add light wash jeans and a cobalt handbag to complete this fresh look. The coordinating color family blends so well together it creates a soothing style.  It's casual and effortless, and the distressed denim - my most favorite pair of jeans in the store, are not just ultra comfy they're flattering and sexy, too!

White Gold and Yellow Gold Necklace Separates & LAGGO bag 

White Gold and Yellow Gold Necklace Separates & LAGGO bag 

Is grey more popular than black and white? Maybe not but, come to think of it, it kinda makes sense, it’s sort of a happy marriage between these 2 non colors.

While I will never give up or replace my all-black outfits, I will however try on colored or less colored ones, such as this GREY TREND, which I really like, and have worn before. What I actually love about this cool shade is the fact that being neutral, makes it go with anything. YES, even brown.

It looks fantastic with a pop of color, such as red, or even bright yellow, so I always think a grey sweater with jeans and red lips, is perfect for a casual chic Saturday. All grey outfits look amazing with red nails, red lips or red shoes. 

Christopher Fischer ANIKA Cashmere Crew Neck in Charcoal

Christopher Fischer ANIKA Cashmere Crew Neck in Charcoal

Avoiding extreme lights or darks creates a very calming vibe. With a mild pairing of a medium wash grey cashmere sweater and a medium wash blue jean, the low contrast look has a bit of grunge and what does that make us want to do? Add shimmer of course! 

There is something incredibly refined about this color combination of light grey with black, and the minimal effect is has makes it very easy to play the posh card and play with rich small details that give you sort of a luxurious yet minimal air to the whole look. I LOVE that. It’s effortless. Crispy but soft, rich but understated. This same sweater, now instead of jeans, is paired with our essential black pencil skirt and belted, elevating the look to sophisticated chic.

Playing up the texture contrast with these two pieces is another fun way to add interest to your look. Ultra soft cashmere and structured bandage come together in perfect harmony! The grey of the sweater softening the look so it's not so extreme as a black and white, but with all the same timeless qualities! 

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