Get Your Shine On

What I love about this season of special occasions is as the holidays approach we surround ourselves with more beauty, adding flourish everywhere we can. Twinkling lights in the windows, sparkling decor, festive tableware, and extra garnish tucked into corners to give our atmosphere that holiday touch. The streets will soon become aglow as lights go up around the city. This carries over into our personal style as well, as we look for pieces that seem a little more "holiday". Keep an eye our for our new arrivals over the next few weeks as we add beautifully embellished dresses, tops, and outerwear! 

This is a winning example and we totally applaud this jewelry-finished Herve Leger dress. An extraordinary color adds glow to your skin tone. The rose gold finish, is so striking it only adds to the perfectly formed bandage suiting from Hervé. The sleek metallic foil peplum jacket with long sleeves and full front zipper is broken up with texture rather than color. So you don't have to worry about it being too overwhelming. The design perfects your shape, and is carried forward with the skirt as well. Additional Jewelry isn't really needed, but we added long earrings in antique gold because they have a bit of a blush tone. These pieces look incredible together, but make a great investment because each can be worn mixed and matched throughout your wardrobe for a myriad of spectacular looks! 

Hervé Leger Rose Gold Peplum Jacket and Pencil Skirt Available In Store Only

Hervé Leger Rose Gold Peplum Jacket and Pencil Skirt Available In Store Only

Nothing less than gorgeous, this blush toned metallic foil is ultra feminine and perfect for the upcoming holiday events! Just look at this magical texture, who wouldn't want to be the girl glowing in this sultry suit?

What do you do with a metallic skirt, besides pair it with the coordinating top? Well, of course we would never leave you wondering for long- we had so much fun styling this skirt different ways! Black has a way of creating the perfect backdrop for  metallics, allowing the light to reflect off the skirt and illuminate your look. This Ammara top has surprised us with it's thoughtful design- taking a simple tunic and elevating it with a satin panel down the front and polishing it off with structured cuffs. We love it belted with rhinestones in a neutral tone that compliments the skirt perfectly. This is definitely a look worth taking home! 

Because of the blush tone of the skirt, we were able to look to one of this season's signature colors for a perfect pairing! Straight off the fall color palette this cozy ribbed top in "wine" has our mouths watering! Karolina recuts this top each year- just blowing us away every time. It's fully lined in a fabric straight from heaven, I'm not sure how Karolina gets it, she must have one of those direct lines ;) I almost feel guilty wearing this because it looks so elegant but feels like loungewear! I did say almost... it looks too phenomenal with the Hervé skirt to feel anything but fabulous! 

Trenched in Perfection

Why do we love the classic beige trench? Seriously? Because it’s probably the most versatile piece, and so iconically classic! The Trench Coat pulls together any style, mixes into any look and goes with any outfit. Take ballet pumps – a classic nude knee length trench coat will have you looking like Audrey Hepburn, or those French chic girls in post cards. Boots? Ankle styles for a more urban vibe, high boots for ultra sophistication, motorcycle for grunge approach. Heels? Now you’re talking girl! I mean, no look will ever top a classic beige trench coat, knee length, buttoned up (or not), somewhat fitted with classic pumps. I’ve always thought of this look as the ultimate sexy and polished style. 

Ted Baker wins when it comes to overall best trench coat. The wool has a hint of cashmere so it's plush but perfectly tailored with a slim fit for a flattering silhouette. I'm loving the vertical lines, and since it's a wrap coat, there's not a ton of annoying buttons to bother with, but instead one single standout button, and a belt to seal you inside. Wear it buttoned and flaunt a high funnel neck, or let the lapels lay open as shown here. Either way, your only regret regarding this coat, is if you don't buy it. ;)

Lined in romantic dark florals, Ted reminds us to still pamper ourselves with feminine touches. This bouquet is just for you, a little surprise from Ted :)

Now you're going to get me started on my favorite dress this season. Since it's the object of my affection right now  I'll do my absolute best to make my points concise and not rattle on and on and bore you to death! Holding the hanger up, your first impression is all over knit in this deep cabernet tone. And by all over- I mean, fitted full length sleeves, high modest neckline and a long-ish hem hitting above the knee.  Probably the best thing it has going for it at this point is the ultra soft feel of it's cozy ribbed knit and amazing color- it's definitely sophisticated-chic. But why the obsession? Well, snuggle in, because things are about to get hot! Don't be fooled, once you have it on, you'll see how body forming the shape is, the ribbing hugging your curves in the softest fabric imaginable (the same as the zippered top).  The result is stunning and surprisingly sexy. When a dress fits like this, the curve appeal comes naturally. While everything is covered, it's still utterly stunning, but in a mischievous way- as if to say "What? I'm not showing any skin. ;)" 

The solid color is a stylists dream, allowing for about one million layering opportunities including blazers, cardigans, vests - fur or otherwise, belts, long necklaces... etc. A knockout on it's own, or just a starting point for your personal touch. 

Styling tip alert! Add a layer! Create balance and break up the single piece outfit with a long open vest for a #kzapproved look! We love this color combo and the mix of textures adds interest, while the design adds flattering angles. Keep an eye out for more on this vest, we are in love with the two tone grey, tailored seaming, and hourglass cut!

A touch of shine here... a little leather there...

This top is a beautiful balance of textures and fabrics. The satin panel down the front is for those of us who like to shine! This top is a great way to affordably add something very "this season" into your wardrobe. In a jeweled wine color, it ties in the color palette we are all sampling from right now. Plus, as you can see, it easily pairs with your black pencil skirt (or mini!), or slacks, for a dressy look suitable for office. Date night? Why not? Dark denim actually compliments the leather panels really well and makes the look a little more sassy. Just don't forget those leather booties to finish it off.

Do you keep wondering if you can still wear a mini? Yes, you can. Especially this mini. It's easy, it's versatile, it's black. Wear it over tights, like our Item M6 compression tights for security and fuss free fashion.  My little secret? Pull it higher to smooth out the waist and get an even mini-er hemline, this also helps to keep your top tucked nicely. 

Styling tip alert! Ever wonder how some girls always look effortlessly stylish? What's their secret? Well, here's one you can easily follow that's (nearly) foolproof. It's called The Rule of Three. Put together outfits comprised of three pieces, not including your shoes. Your pants and top are your first and second pieces, and your third piece is an extra outfit element such as a jacket, blazer, sweater, vest or statement accessory.  It adds nuance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit, making you look put together, polished, more interesting, and like you put a little effort into your look.

In this case, we took this fabulous look and added a crop cardigan for a warm layer with complimentary coloring and a soft texture.  

Flowy Not Frumpy

Tunics are a well loved item by many of our clients looking for something "flowy" and fashionable. You know who you are, you want coverage, length and some room to move around.  You don't like everything so form fitting, but you still want a flattering cut and interesting details so your look isn't "frumpy". Amarra has filled that little void with a very beautiful satin top. It not only addresses all the previously listed concerns, it does so with leather and satin in a saturated burgundy color. Paired with a mini skirt and booties, it lengthens your silhouette by disguising the waistline - which could fall anywhere in there- and it gives a slight flare at the hem to add a feminine curve.