Cruise Worthy

Who needs a tropical getaway in the dead of winter? I can't see them, but I know some hands went up! I know I'm not the only one that annually plans to break away in these frigid months, Majestic Paris knows it too! This blog post is all about what to wear during those sun filled days and tropical breeze evenings - introducing Majestic Paris, Cruise 2016!

We like to think that there are two basic paths to achieving that perfect beach side look: (1) embrace metallic finishes or (2) don the colors of the sea. Metallics of all colors, are always a favorite of ours because not only do give our skin a little glow, but they also give our beach-ready looks a touch of glam! But there might not be anything quite as fabulous as wearing saturated blues against a nice tan...  It’s too hard to pick one over the other so we think you should pack both! ;)  

Set the tone of your beach vacation with a vibrant blue raglan top.  Easy & effortless, this top is the perfect beach cover-up if you size up or simply wear it as an everyday top year round.  The metallic finish embraces our two favorite things about beach side glam: metallic & blue!

Add some gleaming sapphire earrings for a glowing look!

Show off your eternal summer spirit by donning a perfect white linen blazer. Essential for a carefree vacation day with it's uncomplicated tailoring, this lightweight jacket is made with comfortable cotton on the arms and back and raw edged linen on the front which basically makes this a vacationer’s dream! We think it looks best in its natural state, un-ironed and indulged with salty sea air.

Add these fun shoes to complete the look!

A classic in the making, this long sleeve shirt merges an effortlessly sexy semi-sheer look with amazingly easy care. In shimmery leopard print, it projects power at the office with a pencil skirt, and finds a playful, kittenish vibe off the shoulder and worn over denim. Spun from a luxe blend of modal, cashmere and silk, this soft tee makes your skin happy! But the classic colorless palette of this top gives you the bold monochrome look every fashionista loves!

Warm weather getaways need a fun print and accessories! Revive your accessory game with bold gunmetal pieces like this wide glittering bangle. The unique dark hue adds an instant punch to any outfit.

#Stylingtipalert ! Ever wonder how some girls always look effortlessly stylish? What's their secret? Well, here's one you can easily follow that's (nearly) foolproof. It's called The Rule of Three. Put together outfits comprised of three pieces, not including your shoes. Your pants and top are your first and second pieces, and your third piece is an extra outfit element such as a jacket, blazer, sweater, vest or statement accessory.  It adds nuance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit, making you look put together, polished, more interesting, and like you put a little effort into your look.

In this case, we elevated the classic "white tank and blue jeans" look. Timeless, but updated in a chic texture and metallic finish, this linen and silk drape jacket makes an effortless statement. Perfect for cooler beach evenings, this lightweight jacket is sure to be a favorite of yours for many summers and beach vacations to come. #liberteloves !

A long teardrop necklace with a secret of it's own! We love making our accessories work for us and this long necklace puts a vertical line down the center, which we well know by now is the magical ticket to creating length and giving a slimming effect. Combined with the open front of the jacket, it's a dual threat! This is the optical illusion you'll thank us for! Don't forget your finishing touches, that's where the magic happens! 

Summon the simplicity of warm weather in this chic, lightweight shirt. Constructed of breathable material with a metallic sheen.  Short sleeves and shorter length make this a fun white shirt to tie at the side over your little black beach dress (aka it is a versatile #travelessential ). Multi purpose pieces are a must when traveling - save valuable space in your suitcase for those treasures you'll want to bring home. 

While neoprene isn't an obvious choice for warmer climates, you should consider bringing one for the cold planes and cool beach evenings. This drape front jacket adds an unexpected edge left open and adds extra warmth when snapped closed. It pairs nicely over everything from jeans to dresses. Pair it with some dark sunglasses and viola, you are now polished and chic. The snug sleeves are ultra slimming- a little detail that goes a long way when you're being photographed. 

The anticipation of a winter escape is almost too much.  We can't wait to wear easy, light fabrics and fun accessories! Remember: think glam metallics or cool, sea blues.