Sleepwear, Happiness, and Love

To us, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the one we love, but also a reminder to surround ourselves with only the people and things which make us happy! That means this a great time to discard those things that do not give you joy or happiness. Most likely, your body is resisting this mindset. Do not be ruled by your fear of scarcity or the possibility that you may still wear something. You can only have the life, lover, wardrobe, etc. of your dreams if you make room for it!


Sometimes, happiness is derived from the little things in sleepwear, or really anything that makes us feel beautiful! We, as women, always think that being healthier and happier entails complicated rituals and life-changing habits, but it also means just FEELING good. And not just inside, but also on the outside - which really can be as simple as wearing cute pjs! Going to sleep with a great mood reflects on the next morning. If you wake up feeling great, well, then tell me that isn’t a great way to start your day.




As we mentioned before, we firmly believe that there is a direct and distinct relationship between your clothes (including your off-duty wear!) and their effect on your mood. Self-confidence comes from wearing clothing for you, and not anyone else. Think about it: why do women wear luxury skin care and makeup? Because you want to put things next to your skin that LOOK and FEEL good! The importance of quality when choosing clothing is just as important and should not be overlooked. Quality clothing does not only look better and last longer, but having respect for one's clothes translates to respect for ourselves. Thankfully it does not take any additional time or effort to wear something that makes you feel beautiful, it just takes a willful desire to be better than you were yesterday. And a little bonus, it sends a little reminder to your subconscious that you are beautiful and that you love yourself - and who doesn't need that from time to time?! 


The indulgent feeling of wearing beautiful sleepwear makes us feel like we’ve been cast as the perky, bright-eyed leading woman in a romantic comedy (think The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet)! A question we often get is, "It's beautiful, but is it comfortable?" We pride ourselves on choosing clothing that is beautiful and comfy! Comfort is not just practical; it is universally understood that women are the most confident when we are comfortable. And by far confidence is the most powerful fashion accessory we can ever wear! You really are the leading role of your life! You are strong, confident, and beautiful! And trust us, that energy isn’t lost on others, as like personalities tend to gravitate towards each other. 

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Think of it this way: once you have committed to investing in proper pajamas, you’ll likely soon realize that most of the clothes you’ve been calling pajamas have been taking up precious real estate in your dresser instead of making their way to their true home (aka Goodwill - take the tax deduction ladies!!). This space could and should be filled with clothing you absolutely love! But how do you do that and not spend all your money on new clothes?! You work with people like us to help you devise a plan to slowly build your collection. Curating a wardrobe of clothing that represents who you are now, where you are going, and what you love is in a sense, a form of art. Like art, you are able to show people who you are without a word leaving your lips. As you mature and expose yourself to new experiences and culture, your art evolves. As you are building your wardrobe, you will see little trends and bursts of self expression, not for an invitation to be noticed, but rather as another layer in the artwork of your personal style. 


This year, we are trying to broaden our perspectives and view ourselves and others in a new light. Pull yourself out of that rut and mix it up! Try a new workout or activity.  Take a painting class. Learn photography. Buy yourself some sexy underwear.

Seeing yourself in a variety of settings, activities, colors, styles, or whatever, will all help in shifting your point of view so when you look in the mirror, you might actually see yourself as the beautiful, whole person that the rest of us see you as. 




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