Mix and Match this season with LIBERTÉ'S stylish separates! 

From sophisticated jackets, sharp layered tops to ultra comfy denim, these fancy duos were made for each other. 


Nothing against the trifecta of black, gray, and navy - but GREEN is every bit as versatile and a whole lot more surprising. Maybe that’s why Majestic brought us a gorgeous soft touch long sleeve in the perfect shade this season, it pairs with every with just about every color of denim and layers like a dream! So next time you find yourself reaching for a black tee or another brown cross body bag, remember this moment.



Dressy earrings with casual dress are one mix and match fashion idea that we love! Usually when we wear a casual look, our accessories tend to reflect the same tone, but to really set things apart- bling it up with evening wear style earrings.  This makes for a great look! These soft chandelier earrings have plenty of sparkle and a shimmering necklace that mimics the neckline looks glamorous. We chose antique gold to go with our olive green top for a nice earthy theme.


What is your process for building outfits in the morning? If the answer is, “I just pick things I want to wear and hope they look good together!"...then we totally feel you. But as with many things, after a while we get stuck in a rut, choosing the same combinations over and over with less thought.  Having specific go-to outfits are helpful, but having a set of rules to follow is the golden ticket! If you want to look casual, but still like you have made an effort, layer your tee with a fabulous leather jacket. Essentially, we used this Herve jacket as our bold item to serve as the focal point and paired it with a foundation of neutral casual pieces to create an outfit that hits the exact spot between dressed up and dressed down.



Taking time to create outfits is essential because it allows you to see what you may be missing in your wardrobe and it will also help you become more purposeful with your shopping.  In the store, we like to work with clients on wardrobe assessments, so that we can shop together with more intent.  They not only get the maximum use out of what they own but they also know where their exact needs are. Majestic long sleeve tees in neutral colors are a must! We love the warm grey color of this one because it's so flattering on all skin tones, making it a best seller and a versatile basic for anyone's closet. This one will definitely make many appearances in the wardrobe matrix!



Wide scoop neck tees reveal a lot of collar bone, which is one of any woman’s best features! That being said, we still like to break up all that skin with a long necklace to create a long lean line without covering up your beautiful asset.



Why do we love fashion so much? It continues to change so just when you think you’ve got it figured out - you’re learning something new all over again. I think that’s why it’s so fun. we typically like to stay in the safe zone, more traditional than trendy with just a couple of twists to update the look.  There’s so much that goes into an outfit - from tops to bottoms and then accessories and shoes too! Using the mix and match method of basics gives you a foundation that can be accessorized, like by adding a fun scarf in this case.



I have many black tops in my many. There’s just something simple and elegant about black tops and blue jeans. They pair together with ease, you don’t have to over think it, and it’s appropriate for nearly every occasion. The mesh long sleeve top provides a twist to the little black top, as well as some sex appeal adding to the pleasure of getting dressed for either running around town or a specials date night!


Some of our jewelry designs are very “rocker chic” depending on how they’re worn.  A mesh top and distressed denim brings out the badass babe in us, so we thought gun metal jewelry was necessity. A visually heavy earring, like these fantastic fringe drops, allows you to skip a necklace. And we don't know about you, but it's always a relief having one less thing to worry about!  


An outfit consists of so much more than just your main pieces. Each of us have our own level of comfort when it comes to accessorizing and trust us, accessories can easily take an outfit up or down a notch as needed.  If you feel like your outfit is too plain, add earrings, bracelets, or a ring and you’ll look polished and put together!


With so much talk of raising and lowering heels and hemlines, color-blocking, print on print and the latest bags for the season, it's easy to get lost in trends. We're going back to the basics and taking inspiration from some savvy style icons for the most necessary of wardrobe mainstays.  Fall colors like Majestic's "aubergine" effortlessly pair with jeans and this relaxed fit tee becomes your best friend when you don't want to think about what to wear. You'll look and feel amazing with minimal effort.



Multi chain necklaces are so versatile. Have a lot of volume, they break up the big space of wearing a solid color tee. They're almost theme-less because they don't have shapes or defining details that put them in a box - no these are for the girl who can't quite pin down what accessories she wants to commit to that day. They're understated and sort of basic, but definitely not boring! Rather than a simple single sparkly strand, go for MORE! Because really, more is more... 



Accessories with personality are a fun way to punch things up (see what we did there?). In this case, a little bit of sass with a pave set nailhead ring creates perfect balance of toughness and femininity! If rings are your thing, take a look in our jewelry nook - we have new shipments of jewelry arriving just in time for holiday shopping, so come in soon to view our gift section!



Wishing for the perfect look for fall? How about something your skin will love, your eyes will appreciate and your friends will envy? They don't call these "Majestic" for nothing! What we love about Majestic, besides the super soft feel, is how easy they are to style. Wear them on their own, or build an outfit on top of them with vests, jackets, scarves etc. But if your personal style is solids, take a fall color- like this aubergine, and pair it with dark washed DL1961 denim. Apply the finishing touches like antique gold jewelry from our jewelry cabinet to keep the look warm and rich. Simple yet elegant - like magic! 



What makes an outfit dressy enough for an evening out? What makes it casual enough to chill with friends on a Sunday afternoon? Typically, it’s just a couple of styling tricks that make a difference. This top with a mini skirt and bold earrings make it look much more elegant than studs and jeans. Let your wardrobe work for you!



Aubergine is making its way to the forefront of colors for this season’s fashion. That’s why we’ve incorporated this rich hue into many of our fall pieces, so our customers can look and feel confident while staying on-trend. Have you been browsing items featuring this stellar color? Flowy or fitted, top or bottom, small doses or all over... this hue's for you!



The only thing that makes saying goodbye to summer a bit more tolerable is updating our fall wardrobe, and these new beauties make parting easy! Incorporating colored denim into your wardrobe is a fun way to spice up your style. Many of us can feel overwhelmed styling colored denim, so we suggest doing something fun such as laying some non-colors like black and grey. This is a fun version of color blocking.



There's a certain allure to distressed clothing. Some of us are just magnetically drawn to it- perhaps excited by the opportunity to incite mystery by that peek of skin. These button downs from DL1961 are best paired with glam accessories just to elevate the style and contrast the gritty grunge look of the distressing. We may have gone a little over-board for this photo, just to make a point. But honestly, if you have a very glamorous statement earring you should try styling it with distressed basics. 



Speaking of #ontrend. Are you loving the boyfriend look? Although we had our hesitation on this trend, we have to admit that it is pretty cute! The trick of making sure you are stylish, rather then just sloppy, seems to heavily rely on the quality and fit of the pieces. Just remember that the boyfriend look has its limits, and there's a time and a place...As a alternate to the boyfriendy styles of today's fashionistas, we encourage adding some girly elements. The masculine plaid print is approachable and loveable but tying it up at the waist over a fitted top clinches that fun loving Girl Next Door look! After all, GIRLS RULE! 



We never tire of suggesting to our clients that they should always "finish" an outfit. You're not done until you're accessorized! Keep a few essential pieces handy so they're easy to add, but cycle through because we know you have some fabulous things that are dying to see daylight. And if you're just over them all, it may be time to check out the glamour and sparkle in our jewelry cabinet. Baubles for all - we have gold, white gold, rose gold, antique gold and gunmetal! 



What we keep telling people about this top is how beautiful the silk sheen is. In a heather grey it has a casual vibe, but the quality of the fabric is so luxurious that it is really fun to dress up (think black slacks, or pencil skirts) or down with jeans as shown. It's not 100% silk, only very nearly, and it has a little more resilience so you don't have to freak out about damaging it! What's not to love about this top. 



Maybe people don't notice them at first, but what makes your style more interesting is being able to see something new with each passing moment.  It's like admiring art. Good art has a way of capturing your attention and keeping it by moving your eye through the piece, the longer you look at it the more you see and the more you appreciate it.  These earrings are a "front/back" so they hang from both sides of the ear, which is much more interesting than a typical drop earring. The ring is two bands twisted and the if you look closely the bracelet is actually a nailhead.  It's like we always say, wear something worth looking at. 



Turtlenecks are a great way to to polish your winter style! While blocking out the cold, you frame the face, drawing attention to your eyes. And in 100% cashmere, you will feel completely spoiled! The extra long sleeves and thumbholes give it that little something extra, taking it beyond basic. Cold weather has never been so welcome!