'Tis the Season to Sparkle

From show-stopping metallics to red lace, go bold this holiday season!

Shine on! When you feel that a plain little black dress just won't cut it, holiday it up with a shimmery cocktail dress! Get a red-carpet look that was made for cutting a rug in this body hugger made with plenty of stretch. You'll enjoy wearing this dress when you really need to move, and no woman should feel like she can't dance because of the dress she's in!  If you haven't yet, the holidays are the perfect time to add an off the shoulder piece to your closet. The bare shoulder look is big this season, not at all new, but better than ever, for certain. I mean cleavage is great, don’t get me wrong, but for those occasions where it's not appropriate- little subtlety and mystery go a long way.  Complete with it's own coordinating "Ted Baker" embossed belt, this dress has all the perfect holiday elements. 


Sequin Goddess! A starburst of sequins streaming down from the shoulders and cinching in the waist is a brilliant way to embellish the little black dress. It seems to have just enough of that something special without being over the top. Of course a sparkling Hervé cocktail dress highlights the feminine figure with bandage construction that holds and hugs your curves. The rounded scoop neckline reveals the collarbone without dipping into too much cleavage. This dress is fun and flirty while still being elegant and sophisticated. Plus, it easily pairs with our gunmetal jewelry that features blue details. It's like they were made for each other!


Lady in Red

Nothing stands out in a crowd like a beautiful woman wearing bold red, and the holiday season, with its twinkling lights and festive dress code, is the perfect time to rock this brilliant dress. Baring one shoulder is daring, it throws off the aesthetic balance, creating visual inequality which demands attention. Our brains register the asymmetry as a puzzle, wanting to complete it and this usually results in staring.  So, don't be surprised when it seems like no one in the room can keep their eyes off you!


Balance out the vividness of the dress with bronze accessories. The delicate crystals glisten as they catch the light yet allow your red dress to shine on its own. We would never want our jewelry to compete with this dress, but accenting in similar tones and shapes is the best way to compliment it's beauty.


Oh what fun! We love a little peekaboo when it comes to our little black dresses. This one is covered in lace, giving it a fun yet elegant texture and a fabulous view-through opportunity! A little help from our secret weapon- the peplem- and we've got an envy worthy hourglass. We love how the peplum and the hem are created from lace- a very interesting lace, too! The fun collection of patterns satisfies our need for holiday accents! 


Get a little closer to really appreciate the details as Ted Baker intended! Solid colors always allow more flexibility when it comes to adding textures as multiple colors and multiple textures just get to be too much.  Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but this dress is unlined so you're getting quite a view from where you are. It's subtle tho and I doubt anyone hardly noticed until I said something. Also, because of the way it's cut, the dress can easily be worn with a cami under to black out the majority of this peekaboo lace. It's a personal choice but we encourage you to boldly freeboob for a night out. Anyway, isn't taking your bra off at night your favorite part of the day? Embrace that free feeling, part with your underwire, move about without restriction and at your own will, say goodbye to the bind! You have permission from Ted Baker, who designed the dress, and LIBERTÉ who sold you the dress. You're welcome.  


Could this be the end of plunging cleavages? Um no (thank goodess too) but it is the dawn of yet another bare-it-all trend, this time though much more do-able. It's easy to pull off and appropriate for pretty much every age and body type. Here's a trend for those of us who don't have model bodies but still want to give the people some eye candy- drop the straps and flaunt the shoulders! Gold on black is so very holiday and the pleated skirt on this Ted Baker dress is boldly adorned in it! The little pops of red are just what we needed to tie in a red party lip- and if you think this dress is strictly holiday, we are here to tell you- it's not! Think spring evening wedding guest attire, yes? Yes! 


To have and to hold.

You have to love your purse. It can't leave your side, after all- you'll be carrying it all day/night so it better be something that you absolutely can't get enough of! If it's going to be furry, make sure it's the softest fur, like this little Ted Baker cross body (which also doubles as a clutch thanks to the removable chain!!) It has a lux look and a soft feel that you'll love to touch, I just can't guarantee that anyone else will be able to keep their hands off it either. 


Why is red and black such a daring color combination? To answer that we must first identify some of the characteristics of the colors.  Red is a color that commands attention, conveys confidence, and can make a powerful statement. Red is associated with meaning of love, passion, courage, romance, radiance and determination. Black on the other hand is a mysterious color that typically represents strength, seriousness, formal, power, and authority. By pairing the color red with black in your outfit, it gives you courage and confidence while being elegant and prestigious. The intricate touch of embroidered red makes a huge impact on a black party dress. Every woman could benefit from owning this color combo, it adds spice to your look in a fashionable way. Carrying on with the theme, the asymmetrical layered skirt with lace overlay and tulle skirt is sassy and modern so you'll feel confident wearing it. This take on the party dress brings out the boldest parts of your personality- be powerful and demand attention!


We love the contrast here- not just the color combination of red and black, but the delicate lace over the edgy sheer illusion top. Anytime you can represent your personality in your style, you should do it! The foundation is strong while the details on top are unique and interesting. This dress demands a red lip, and if you have them, red heels. I've never seen a better opportunity for it!


Look Sexy When it's Below 50

Turn the heat up when the temps start to drop in a dressy over coat. Picture this, you're all dressed up, paying attention to all the little details of your outfit and feeling super special when you look in the mirror because everything is exactly perfect and then... you turn to the coat closet with a pout because you have to put your coat on and cover up all these beautiful pieces you just assembled. But wait! No you don't because there's another way! Ted Baker came up with this beautiful coat for the holiday season that adds that something special to your outerwear! 


The icing on the cake, right? Sometimes all you need is the perfect topper. There's something so very very seductive about lace. Some women aren't into the lace look and I think it's because they may thing it's way too girly and too feminine, maybe a bit granny-ish, lacking in edge and all that. But, if this top proves nothing else, it definitely proves how very wrong all those descriptions are. This is sexy, seductive with a whole scoop of edgyness. The asymmetrical hem does it for me, it's balancing the plunging v-neckline for a look that's alluring, polished and perfect for the holidays.  Not to mention, something you'd never catch Granny in!


As with most clavicle baring tops, we like to break up all that skin with a necklace and we chose one with some weight to it and it kind of gives a wicked vibe, right? Like the necklace could perhaps be magical? Well it is to us! It brings mystery and intrigue to the look, enough that the earrings needed to be a little understated, but still present. Do not under any circumstance forget that red lip!


Girls just want to have fun, and we just want to be pretty, and happy and healthy and stinking rich! We can't help you with the last couple, but if this dress doesn't make you feel happy, pretty and fun- then I need to step down as a stylist! I don't even know what to address first because I love so many of the features this dress has to offer. Designed for the fearless fun loving fem fatale, this racer-front dress looks to be side-less but really has a panel of sheer nude tulle to hold it in place. The black and nude lace is always a winner but finished with layers if feather light fringe it becomes an absolute dream come true! Thank you Nha Khanh for knowing how to execute the perfect party dress. 


Who's that girl... I could get lost in the whimsical-ness of this dress, but lets move on to accessories. Black and nude calls for rose gold jewelry in our collective opinions. Its such a great opportunity to showcase those blush toned beauties. Being a girly girl isn't the insult it used to be. There are few things that never go out of style and being a feminine woman is one of them. So embrace being girly, embrace pink - 


Don't just turn heads... break necks. Okay, I agree that sounds a bit aggressive but you'd be a fool to think it wouldn't happen in this candy apple red Herve! Strappy cutouts are sultry and sexy but I love the cutouts down the sides, they are lined with special Hervé rose gold foil. You don't have to have the perfect body to wear this dress, Herve will help you out with that. What do you have to be? Confident, that's for certain. Walking with confidence helps you make a great first impression or simply demonstrate that you believe in yourself -without even saying a word. The trick is to not fall into bad habits like slouching when you feel nervous or even just tired. Keep your shoulders back, chin slightly up, and arms relaxed down at at your sides. If you cross your arms, you look vulnerable or standoffish. Also, smiling projects your confidence and makes you seem approachable and confident. A subtle smile will make you shine!


Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day... Anniversary dinners, be prepared for this jaw dropper! I've known men to come in and buy Hervé cocktail dresses for their wives or girlfriends and we shake our heads, thinking about how an Hervé is such a personal piece. We may even subtly (or not so subtly) hint that he should choose something more basic or general just to reduce the risk of the woman being shocked at the extravagant ... and very specific gift. But you gotta hand it to these men. When they know, they know. While we are waiting the next 14 days for that dress to come strolling back through the door and ready to go through that return process and help her choose something else - she's beaming brilliantly, grateful, impressed, in love and marching into parties and restaurants in her damn beautiful Hervé cocktail dress- enjoying the stares and compliments the entire night. See, we love when our spouse chooses something for us. We love it a little bit more, cherish it's true value and what it represents. We feel loved when we wear it and we feel confident because we already know he loves it. Don't worry about walking out of the closet asking, "does this look okay?" It looks fantastic, he chose it for YOU and he was sure about it. Guys are so certain like that. Distinctively decisive and it's so NICE, and it feels so safe and secure under their umbrella of absolute certainty. 

So lets all appreciate that man in our life for a moment and thank him for being our rock. 

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