POWER Dressing

Assembling an outfit is like selecting armor, and what we wear has power over our attitude and how we feel. For some people, the feeling of power dressing comes from the fit, and while for others it comes from the color. There are even some subconscious correlations between brands and confidence, like Herve Leger. We like to think of clothing and power dressing as channels to heightened performance, or a gateway to a the better version of yourself.

We all have our favorite colors, especially when it comes to clothing. And whether we want to admit it or not, there is a certain amount of psychology behind it. An architecturally interesting dress like this creates an aire of mystery. The mesh panels and cold shoulders create interesting angles and textures. This dress is by all accounts sexy, but the gray color subconsciously exudes a soft and sophisticated feeling. All in all, it is a stunning silhouette for a night on the town. Pairing with antique gold jewelry with a smokey stone brings out the nude underlay of the grey mesh bandage.


Have you heard of the Wonder Woman pose? It is a power-pose that is expansive and open, with your feet apart, hands on your hips, and chin lifted, all of which is to make you feel more confident. The idea is that our attitudes follow from our behaviors, so when you aren't feeling confident you can assume the body language of a powerful person to make you feel confident. Well, clothes can have the same effect on you! This dress is a total power dress. While the bands sculpt and contour your figure, the higher neckline and half sleeve make you feel safe and secure, like a coat of armor. You can amplify the effect with a pair of equally powerful heels.


Enclothed cognition is how your clothes reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence from two completely independent factors: (1) the symbolic meaning of the clothes and (2) the physical experience of wearing them. So quite literally, when we wear a piece of clothing we adopt some of the characteristics associated with it. Dressing up for a special occasion can actually alter the way you walk and present yourself to the world. This high neckline, and pencil silhouette provides a polished look, while the subtle shimmer creates contemporary appeal. A perfect combination for women who want to stand out without flaunting.


Dark blues, especially navy is much more pleasing to the eyes than black and a little more unexpected. On it's own, the color insinuates that the person wearing it is smart, has her life together, and is overall trustworthy. The shoulder-baring cutouts up the ante, making it daring, bold, and completely sensual. This sculpting dress makes a powerful statement for any evening event and is for a woman who owns her sexuality. 


Understanding the psychological dynamics of why we are drawn to certain clothing is a great asset in social settings and in the workplace. Think of using the clothing as a coat of armor to survive the realities of every day life. If you are feeling down but have an important day ahead, you can use your clothing to raise your self esteem and propel you forward. A dress like this reflects a decisive and bold woman. While the striking geometric pattern draws your eyes to the angular hemline, it evokes a powerful, yet captivating feeling. Think about how you could use that feeling to your benefit ;)


A great dress has the power to completely change your day around. And it doesn't have to be a bombshell dress, it could just as easily be your favorite leather jacket. So why does clothing boost your mood? We like to think of it as being effortlessly elegant, meaning it is instant style without any stress or bother. Chances are you get compliments when you have donned that piece of clothing before, so every time you wear it again, you remember the confidence and admiration thus making you feel that boost of confidence. 


We demand a lot from our clothing these days. As silly as it sounds, you can use clothes to change your mood. So next time you aren't feeling great, try reaching for something that brightens you up. You'll walk a little taller and be sure to have a smile on your face. And with that, who knows where the day will take you!


It’s hard to put into words that moment when you put on clothing and you feel nothing but satisfaction and happiness. It gives you a little pep in your step, and makes you feel a little more confident or fearless. It usually happens when you dance on the lines of your style comfort zone. And Herve Leger dresses can push you to leave your style comfort zone better than most other designer. They have a way of making you feel exquisite from head to toe.

A dress like this, is less about the actual silhouette, as it is about the modern details. While at first glance, it may look like an eyelet trim, it is actually mixed metal pieces. The hardware is contemporary and edgy without taking away from the feminine physique, but it might be just the perfect amount to push you to edges of your style comfort zone. 


You know that strength and excitement your voice gets when you talk about something you're passionate or excited about? Your eyes light up, your body language becomes expressive, and you become magnetic. We can't always be that energetic, but you can trick your body into it by reaching for accessories that make you feel fearless. You'll put more enthusiasm into your interactions with others.


Have you ever noticed that when you’re confident in what you’re wearing, you learn things about yourself that you never knew? And perhaps you reminded yourself that you possess so many more qualities than you realize. There’s nothing superficial about remembering that there’s more to you than meets the eye. This body-sculpting dress paired with an unforgettable metallic stitch will certainly command attention from entrance to exit. Harness that confidence and know how to bring it out when you need it, because you are completely unforgettable. 


Do you ever feel boring or like you don't have a purpose? It is never too late to change it. On days like that, reach for accessories and clothing that is a little edgy or a little displaced, like a handbag that you would normally use only for evenings. It forces you to subconsciously think of yourself as a different person. If you could imagine yourself as the person you want to be, you will see that you have what it takes to accomplish any of your goals. 


When you feel confident in your clothes, you get an automatic boost of confidence. Whether it's kicking ass in your career, or flirting with that cute guy, what you are wearing can be that little reminder you need that YOU'VE GOT THIS! The right outfit is powerful enough to make you feel intimidating, strong, and even fearless. A dress like this can make you feel like everything is possible. You can accomplish that thing you’ve been putting off. You can do all of it. Drape yourself in opportunity! OWN IT!


Glam up your daytime look with a sparkly bangle and mixed metal handbag. When you have something on that feels a little decadent and slightly too-much for the day, you feel happier and, as a result, more confident.


This is a dress that can change your life, literally. When you feel great in an outfit, you want to be seen. You will find someplace to wear a dress as special as this one. 

Feeling fancy and confident in an outfit has an unmistakable way of reminding you of what you want and what you deserve. While having a fabulous dress hardly feels important in the grand scheme, but if you neglect yourself too many of those small moments, it can amount to something big... Let your clothing can be the spark you needed to ignite a change in your life, so where will this one lead you?


The mixture of black and navy is regal and elegant. Pair with gunmetal and black accessories so you let the dress shine. The plunging neckline would be perfect with an up-do or sweeping side style. 



We have talked a lot about using clothing to boost your confidence, but we wanted to take the time to acknowledge that real confidence comes from believing in who you are, and having goals that are much deeper than simply looking good. Use the tools we talked about to give you a little nudge to do the things you're passionate about. 

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