Happy New Year

The countdown to 2017 is on, and you know what that means... What are you going to wear?!? Shop these party-approved dresses and start the new year off in style (champagne and confetti sold separately 😜).


A power dress is your armor. If you want to feel more powerful in the new year, suit up! The strong lines in the textured bandage sculpt the body to enhance an image of power. This dress is for the woman who knows where she's been, where she's going and what she wants. 



We all have our own comfort level when it comes to displays of femininity with individualized scales that range from "too-tomboy" to "too-girly-girl". While we love girly things, we admire and respect elegance and to us pearls are the epitome of elegance. They're so Audrey, they're so Jackie, they're so Coco. Are they you? If a classic pearl seems too... uptight or proper... try this cluster of keshi pearls set in antique gold and decorated in Swarovski crystals. It's an updated twist on a classic.



While we have all seen darkness, lets not dwell in that place. There is so much light to be seen in the world! In this new year lets all find our inner light because the only way to banish a shadow is to shine light on it. What better way to encourage inner light than with outer light?? This brilliant halter style in rose gold just makes every woman glow by taking the surrounding light and reflecting the bust's triple fold making shadows impossible to form around it - wowza! Experiencing this new and invigorated inner and outer light, you will simply radiate happiness and beauty.  We all have that friend whose positive and bubbly personality is so contagious we just feel happy being around them. What an admirable trait... I bet it feels amazing to be so impactful to others. I couldn't imagine a better way to be described.



Simply put, happiness is a choice. Surround yourself with things and people that make you happy! You become the sum of the things and people you surround yourself with... So, fill your days with smiles and laughter and the feeling of happiness will grow inside of you. 




Many people set their expectations high for New Year’s Eve and end up disappointed, or worse, blushing! Take back that control, by ringing in the new year in a show-stopping blush pink Herve with just a hint of shimmer. And while, your NYE plans may have fallen through or your never received that kiss at midnight, you still have this dress to make you feel powerful and in control! And at the end of the day, that feels way better than someone you don't even care about kissing you. So go ahead, and blush just a little ;)



Your inner and outer light can shine just as brightly at night as it does during the day.  The excitement of an evening out on the town with that special someone or a group of your best girlfriends can bring new levels of thrills and a well deserved break from the stresses of our day-to-day responsibilities, making you feel light and happy.  Clothing has the same effect on us sometimes, and this dress gave us a super happy demeanor. While it showcases the feminine physique with perfectly placed bandage and metallic piping, it just has a super positive and bubbly vibe to it too.

We styled it with white gold accessories to own the night as a blush toned goddess and get that total "wow factor".



There are times in the winter when we feel like we just can't get enough white. It's insatiable. I'm not sure if it is the desire to stand out among the sea of black that surrounds us this time of year, or if it is the craving for something bright, yet simple, or maybe it is just the sheer curiosity to see if I can make my skin appear less white when compared to true white (LOL), or maybe it's just all of the above!! While winter white is totally a thing, for some reason it still comes across as unexpected because our peers tend to gravitate towards dark colors. While that little black dress is super tempting, it can't hold a candle to a woman in white. Some say talk is cheap, which is why we provide photos. One look at this dress and we know you'll be convinced!! 



Accessorizing can get tricky when wearing something complicated you would prefer something simple for jewelry so it doesn't compete. But when you're wearing something that's relatively simple do you complement that and go simple, OR go the opposite way and contrast it and go complicated? Decision, decisions, decisions... It ultimately depends on the occasion but we are going to recommend you go with CONTRAST with statement jewelry that has intricate details when your ensemble is visually simple. This creates balance and allows your accessories to display their best selves. These encrusted beauties shimmer glamorously in their brilliant white and silver scheme to make the white dress pop even more. This set is so special, we have only one! Don't let it slip away!!



The best way to empower yourself is to accept your past and let it be your armor. This year challenge yourself to embrace forgiveness, acceptance, and focus on something about which you're passionate. LIBERTÉ is passionate about all things that empower women, including power dressing! This dress is the ultimate power dress with a refreshing take on a classic piece in which you can be strong, confident, and overall just kick ass. Despite being ultra sophisticated, this dress can stand alone with so many visually interesting and unique features: cage detailing, sheer panels, blocking at waist, strong bustier illusion, piping along the sides, and then finished off with a short sleeve.



Embrace the absence of color and keep your jewelry in the gunmetal and white gold families. There is nothing wrong with allowing the dress to do all the talking...  



So many people think of Herve as just "sexy", but this Herve is equally as romantic as it is sexy. A new fit for Herve, it has a modern feel with sleek cutouts for texture and just that right amount of flare adds a bit of flirtation. This dress is the ultimate in feminine sophistication, perfect to embrace your romantic self!  



The new year isn't just a number, it is a state of mind. Every year people everywhere make vows to change, set goals to improve, make promises to purge and declare that this year will be better than the last. We are so ready to say goodbye to the year we just had and banish all the disappointment and struggles from following us into the new year. Look at your life from a different perspective... struggling helps you learn who you really are--and who you really want to be.  When you struggle and endure, you not only stretch the limits of what you believe you are capable of, but you also sometimes enter a state of grace that you find only when you strip away what is truly nonessential.



It is time to purge your Little Black Dress section of your closet and make room for pieces that make you feel amazing. You have no room in your life (or closet) for dresses that you don't love. 

This dress is your new go-to Little Black Dress for 2017. The added textural element is an opportunity to also show a peekaboo of skin without bearing too much. The cap sleeve creates perfect proportions by balancing the shoulders to hips for a flattering, feminine shape. You'll be confident you chose the right Little Black Dress when you realize how utterly amazing it makes you feel!



The little black dress is iconic, it is simplicity, elegance and universal.  The true beauty of the LBD is it's the woman wearing the dress that gives it special, noticeable and rememberable meaning.  Two women wearing the exact same dress will rarely leave with the same impression.  The LBD lets you be the canvas with the dress being the perfect frame to accentuate the assets you desire.  

Let your emotional narrative shine through and you will inspire others to follow your lead into the new year with a positive attitude and a goal to improve your life and the lives of others around you. Did we mention to KICK ASS this year? No!? Hmm, that's surprising... Well, get your shit together and KICK SOME ASS!!



Turn heads and start the New Year off boldly by wearing red. Red is said to bring you good luck in love, and we can't think of a better New Year's Resolution than to love yourself a little more! That means no more negative thoughts. Too often we don't actually stop and listen to the things we say to ourselves, and how often we criticize ourselves in our own heads. STOP IT! All that does is bring down our confidence, and that is definitely not a worthy New Year's resolution!! When you love yourself, you know you're good enough, but it is hard to love yourself if you won't stop talking to yourself in negative terms. Make sure the things you tell yourself reflect how you want to feel, not how you feel in the moment. This year, make it a goal to wear more red and love yourself a little more!



Did you know that positive thinking can improve your health? Tell yourself a positive mantra when you get ready to go out, like "this is going to be the best party ever". Starting the evening on a positive thought can make the difference between having a fabulous evening with friends to an evening when you just can't wait to get home. Think about it, what really makes an event good or bad? It's the people who attend, and what makes the event good or bad isn't the actual event, but rather your response to them. So, pick a phrase or question that resonates with you - it can even be as simple as smiling and saying "thank you" out loud, acknowledging that you have been gifted with another day in a new year.