All Weather Pieces to Make You Look Cool

While we have enjoyed a sprinkling of spring weather, winter is not yet over! I have to keep reminding myself that it's still February. Technically we are still in winter, and it's common to find ourselves stuck in a bit of a fashion rut. The dull cycle of black sweaters and jeans is obvious- in case you think you're getting away with it ;) - you're not. People are noticing- so lets have a look at some fresh style inspiration for this time of year.

The new year calls for a fresh take on winter white! Be remembered in this brilliant ensemble of linen and denim with a touch of gold shimmer to warm it up. What makes this outfit so cool? The linen blazer is modern with it's raw edges, timeless with it's easy tailoring and everyday in the lightweight fabric. This jacket is sharp yet relaxed at the same time, blurring the lines between professional and casual so you can give your cardi a day off and work your office look, too! 

Layers of sparkling chains in antique gold bring out the warm shimmer in this purple Only Hearts tank. I love how the vintage hue of antique gold is a nice change from the brighter and harsher yellow gold, making it an appropriate neutral for this ensemble.  Here's a closer look at that raw edged lapel of the blazer as well.

A statement coat launches your winter style into wow mode! Yes, the long black wool coat still has it's role to play throughout the season, it's a staple in the winter that you'll need to keep. But let's punch it up occasionally! Your outerwear is more important than you think- it's your first impression, you're greeting if you will. It's what you arrive in, and what you've been wearing on those bustling busy sidewalks from one door to the next. So, to make sure your personal style isn't sacrificed because of weather, we offer this spunky fur bomber! The color blocking is modern, the contrast is refreshing, and the deep plush fur is cozy while it seals out the freeze. It's glamorous, sporty and unforgettable! 

It's called the essential white button up for a reason, it's crisp, timeless in style, and fitted for a feminine silhouette. It's the one you need to finish a classic work look... or do something unexpected to polish up your weekend style by layering it with a sheer long sleeve! I am loving this new way to wear sheer. Slightly masculine, this is the super cool look that will have all your friends wishing they'd come up with it first, but will now have to copy you, the fashionista! Give it a neutral feel by picking a sheer top in a hue that compliments your skin tone, nothing too harsh, but with enough contrast to stand away as well. We chose this one from Only Hearts in "Stormy" which is an earthy purple, which is brought out even more with the slim purple belt. 

Snuggle in shearling to improve your fashion forecast! I love how this reversible long fur looks with the suede side out, the sleek lines are chic and the tight curls of fur are right near the neck and face, so there's no need for a scarf, this one is built in!   

Fully reversible, this fur has an opulent look with vertical ombre coloring, drawing flattering lines for a leaner appeal. The monochrome color scheme is so striking, yet still wearable with any color.

Let's take a closer look at this Illusion dress from Karolina Zmarlak. I want you to be able to see all the magic that's happening here. This dress sculpts and shapes an hourglass with precision seaming for a powerful silhouette. Simplicity is implied with this single hue, but the cut is anything but. Each panel is expertly crafted, visually wrapping and cinching to give the illusion of a perfect figure. I love the modern purple, it's great on a variety of skin tones and muted for people who gravitate towards non colors. 

Now this is a fur that's a good inVESTment ;) It's lightweight and slim fit make it unique amongst the bulkier fur vests and because it's rabbit, it's really very wallet friendly. Plus, the style can be worn way into spring as your essential third piece - adding spice so you'll never tire of your everyday tee shirt and jeans attire. Notice how refreshing it is to use an all white foundation for this outfit- it brightens and lightens!

So, challenge yourself and try some winter white ensembles to help tease the spring weather. Use neutral color palettes with statement pieces as a fashion hack, and if you ever have any doubts send us a message and we can help. We are here for you!