The Corporate Catwalk

When work and fashion intersect you can be the CEO of Style! Get out of your black slacks and a button-up rut and get some workday inspiration with this collection of our favorite office-appropriate separates! Whether you're personal style is traditional business or a little more on trend, the trick is investing in mix and match pieces that bring your wardrobe together to provide a plethora of options that leave you feeling confident and powerful!

Dress for Success

The LBD on our Yes list for the office is this suit dress from Ted Baker! On busy, meeting-filled days, I reach for an outfit that looks polished and won’t distract from what I have to say. This tailored black dress is a go-to ensemble for such days because it’s interesting without being too loud. With sleek neoprene and ribbed panel sections to add a mix of textures, this versatile dress goes from desk to dinner with elegant ease. The panther pendant and tassel bracelet combo adds just the right touch of edge to what are otherwise usually very classic work ensembles.

Cut From the Same Cloth

Ted Baker's coordinating suiting separates are a game changer for workwear. Because they're created from the same fabrics, and designed in the same theme- they pair together beautifully allowing you to be decisive for your first task of the day! This blazer and dress combo is so on point you are done and done! 

Our latest 9 to 5 look includes this Ted Baker blazer. I can't help but catch myself thinking that I can make just about anything work appropriate when layered with this sophisticated staple! The new hero of your workwear collection, Ted's neoprene jacket is a true work of art. Ideal for bringing a tasteful touch to your 9-to-5, its a picture of everyday elegance.

When Opportunity Knocks

Be prepared to open the door to opportunity with these fabulous gold door knocker earrings! Encrusted in green and white crystals, they're uniquely elegant and still powerfully bold! Who knows what kind of opportunities will come your way today? 

Casual Friday

As the work week comes to a close, many business support the "casual Friday" dress code. If your office is one that participates, you've probably seen a very wide range of wardrobe choices on display.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the boundary pushing when it comes to this topic. Don't let jeans day compromise your professional image! Keep it classy and pair nice denim with a fine tailored blazer for a dressed down, yet still very chic style!

Roll up Your Sleeves

We love the little surprises Ted Baker is always coming up with, and this blazer is no exception! Flip the cuff on this jacket for a nice burst of spring greenery! Also, rolling your sleeves up gives the impression you're working- even when you're not ;) #tipoftheday

Quality is the difference here- thoughtful details like a satin lining and contrast stitching make you feel confident and poised every time you slip into this blazer!

Spring Fever

Right now I’m all about anything floral.  It’s probably because I'm so over winter and ready for the arrival of spring and spring means flowers.  While it's too early for true spring dresses, this floral Ted Baker midi is the perfect compromise. It has an overall modest theme, with the high neckline and sleeves, but the slit up the skirt changes the whole feel! It went from Betty White to Victoria Beckham! 

Does it get any more gorgeous than rose gold and mother of pearl!? Not for me. I never knew how beautiful this combination could be, until these earrings came in. Long earrings can feel inappropriate at work sometimes, but studs are often too subtle or casual.  We found the answer with these sparkling clovers! With enough glitz to stand out, but still settled perfectly on just the lobe, these sweet studs are the answer to your accessory dilemma. 

Business Basics

Let's talk about why pantsuits are so great for business women. First of all it’s perfect for all seasons and so very versatile, and in winter it offers the great balance of keeping you warm and looking polished. You can layer up to 100 pieces underneath that blazer if you want to, and add a couple more over it as well. Higher waisted pants are mandatory, to avoid that kistch 2000s low rinse pant cut and assists with a perfect tuck every time! These not only look and feel amazing, with the neoprene finish and slim leg- but they feature a side zipper to eliminate extra bulk in the belly area. We don't need to add the illusion of extra pounds, not there- not anywhere! On top-the Ted Baker floral tee reminds us that spring is on it's way with it's bold blooms and lightweight drape. I use the word "tee" loosely. This top is almost a blouse- but has an amazing range of wearability!

I like to play up on the dark tones when I accessorize outfits that have a lot of black- and that means gunmetal! It's the modern metal. 

Taking this tee down a notch from "blouse" it's beautiful as a dressy casual option with white denim! The colors seem to pop a little brighter with this fresh foundation to create a crisp and happy ensemble. 

She's Got the Power!

Many women find suits to be too constricting and stuffy. But let this tip be your negotiating tool when comfort and sophistication are competing! Layer a well fitting blazer over a solid knit dress to get yourself out of the bind! No one needs to know how great you feel in your version of a "power suit"

Play within the rules and keep your office essentials looking fresh. Take our dress code challenge and battle those daily office tasks without sacrificing your personal style.  Do not be fooled by it's snug fit- this chic sheath bends to your every will with it's stretch infused knit.  While single in hue, to make it easy to layer, this popping fuchsia has subtle shadow stripes that form an architectural cage to give the dress dimension and interest, making it beautiful when worn on it's own. Trust us, Monday never looked so good!

A versatile one piece outfit is a travel essential! Avoid over packing by only bringing what you need and if you plan out what to wear you can skip a lot of unnecessary baggage! This dress is great to travel in, because not only are you comfortable moving, sitting, walking- but you look fabulous when you arrive so you'e ready to hit the ground running! Wrap yourself in a silky Ted Baker cape, to not only block the chill- but also add interest to the ensemble. 

Ted Knows Travel 

Travel to the stars and back with the dazzling cosmic bloom travel bag. A spacious solution for all your jet-setting essentials, it boasts an extendable handle and matching luggage tag, complete with Ted’s exquisite cosmic print and patent panels. This bag is so striking, it's been catching the eye of everyone who passes by it. I love how structured it is because I feel like my belongings are safe- so while it looks dainty, it's still very sturdy. 

Stylishly win the airport/airplane temperature battle with a layered ensemble when you travel! I love this casual 3 piece outfit that you can mix and match with business attire to make packing for your trip worry free!

Your professional image doesn't stop with just wardrobe, of course your look is not complete without the perfect beauty essentials! ...and something to carry them in ;) like these adorable Ted Baker makeup bags! Black and white with tiny rose gold accents, you can delegate this job to Ted!  We love the fabulous quality of YSL and Armani cosmetics and have deepened our obsession with each in-store makeup event we've hosted! As we've continued to learn more from the brand's experts themselves, we know what products you just shouldn't live without, as well as those products that are just fun little add ons. Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to our next event, we hope you can join us!