Maxi, Mini and In-Betweeni

What do we love about dresses? Well, the main benefit is that they're a whole outfit in one piece! It takes the mental work out of styling an entire ensemble.  With all the different dress lengths, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let's talk about a few that we currently have in store.

The Maxi: Maximum Leg Coverage

If you’re prepared to go the whole length, then the maxi is for you. Maxi dresses and skirts can be ankle-grazing but most actually do touch the ground. That’s why the first rule of maxi is to wear heels with it – because you don’t want to ruin that beautiful garment by letting it be trampled underfoot. 

With all that dress, we encourage a little more skin on top for balance. This Troubadour piece is halter style opting for more shoulder rather than a low neckline giving it an almost sporty vibe. The it comes in at the natural waist- taking the divide and conquer route. Whether it's empire or natural, make sure your maxi has a waist. This is super important in order to create a flattering silhouette, otherwise you'll get swallowed up by too much fabric! I love the bleeding watercolor-esque print of this dress. Because it's not a real design or pattern, you aren't tied down to a specific theme and the colors give you a range to work with shoe-wise. Choose strappy sandals, heels or even flip flops, either way you’ll definitely make a sweeping statement!

The plethora of colors in this dress made it fun to pick out accessories, but our favorite by far was GOLD! To accent the gold, we chose black to bring out the dark grey in the watercolored lines of the pattern. 

In-Betweeni: Asymmetrical Dresses

I love what asymmetric clothing can do for a woman's style: it's sexy, fun and just different. Asymmetric dresses are the grown up version of the ever popular hi-lo hemline, but in my opinion the interesting lines they create on a woman's body had a slimming and elongating effect, especially when they have a pattern. Patterns flatter every figure, as long as they are proportional to your body type. Troubadour has fun, vibrant prints each season and this dress might just be our favorite! She really played up the stripe pattern with the lines of the dress. The result is a this fantastic dress not only has a fun hemline, but a sexy criss-cross neckline and peek-a-boo effect. 

Because this dress has a mainly horizontal design, we played that up by stacking contrasting colored bangles. Wow, right? Rows of CZ glitter on these bendy bracelets making a glamorous impression. 

The Mini: Minimum Coverage

With all that leg on display, the mini is certainly the length that easily catches the eye. Just to refresh your memory, minis are always above the knee so you have to be willing to showcase those stems! This magenta Hervé is short and snug - your best bet for flaunting all those curves! The neckline is low cut but with strips of bandage crisscrossing into an X for a shrinking effect. We love how the Hervé dresses always help us out, using optical illusion tricks to accomplish a perfect figure! This irresistible dress perfectly complements your curves in every stylish way, all the way down to it's wrapped hemline for leg lengthening effect. 

Top it Off

Effortlessly set the trend for luxe style with this must-have knit jacket. A statement jacket is the secret weapon for elevating your casual style (try pairing it back to white denim!), but it's also the perfect topper for your Hervé cocktail dress, matching and complimenting the quality of construction. 

In-Betweeni: Fluted Hem/Peplum Hem

One of the best-looking trends of the season is the sophisticated halter dress with a fitted waist and fluted skirt.  It’s a fabulous retro look, but this dress is the perfect blend of sweetness and strength. Crafted from a sophisticated raised jacquard in a two-toned color of ivory and blush, it will look right at home on your next vacation, or paired with your perfect tan come summer!  

We can't help but think "bride" when we see this dress: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even as an alternate dress for your wedding (since it is perfect to dance in). The color palette makes that a no-brainer and every bride deserves to feel her most confident and special. Bridal season isn't just about one dress, as you well know. Add this one to your arsenal and be prepared to dance the night away where ever you end up wearing it ;)

The swoonworthy statement back is created with a low scoop and fastened in the middle with a buckle. The resulting peekaboo effect is by far my favorite feature of this dress! #liberteloves

Double Threat

Sometimes you just need to be a little bit more covered, and although this dress works with a variety of toppers, we kinda love it with the coordinating jacquard jacket for an ultra sophisticated look. Feel free to go embrace the All-American look with a denim shirt tied at the waist to downplay the halter and accentuate the the amazing skirt design.

Each piece is fabulous enough on its own, but having both is great for mixing and matching. Imagine this jacket with little white tailored shorts or a navy dress. Don't ever feel like you're trapped when you buy an Hervé, we are experts at styling them for maximum wearability! The jacquard knit in this jacket is cozy with lots of stretch and uber comfortable while the crop length and asymmetrical zip are modern and cool. Glam up the gold zipper with complimentary toned jewelry for accessorizing made easy! 

Knee Length: Right in Between

Some styles will be just above the knee and some just below. This typically depends on your own individual height and personal style preference! The choices here become sleek, figure-hugging pencil-style, full, and A-line silhouette. We prefer this pleated dress to hit at the knee or just above the knee. With the fullness of the skirt, you want be careful that it don't weigh you down visually to make you appear shorter. 

Let's talk pattern again: Ted Baker's offsets the soft feminine cut of this dress with a bold mix match of patterns and floral designs bringing a pop of personality to your spring wardrobe! Infused with exotic influences and bursting with tribal vivacity you're best bet is simple accessories that don't compete. We cinched in the waist with this purple belt to play up the waistline and retro-vibe. Wondering what shoes to wear? We like the idea of nude pumps to elongate the leg and make the dress the focal point.

Allyson in Wonderland, a local blogger and fellow fashionista, recently wore this dress on her latest mini vacations. As you can see, this dress is sure to bring energy and life into your day! We love how this dress just makes you smile :) 

Another In-Betweeni: Shirttail Hems

We love a fabulous shirt dress in the spring and summer, but this dress is a little bit better because you don't have to deal with all those little buttons and you get to benefit of the fun symmetry of the shirttail hem. Fun fact: the shirtdress was created to take the place of complicated French couture during the ’40s and ’50s and was symbolic of a new era of equality, utilitarianism and freedom (um, can it be any more perfect for LIBERTÉ where we are all about empowering women and embracing your "freedom of style").

The easy style and simple color scheme in bright happy green on white is a breath of fresh air and just what we needed after the winter months (although we are aware it is still winter - lol). For most of our clients, this dress is hitting at or just above the knee. Regardless of where this dress hits on your leg, it’s best to wear shoes with a little bit of heel to balance it all out. Taller girls can probably rock it with flats but petites and those of average height will need a little more boost in the height department. Strappy heels or wedges look gorgeous for spring and summer while for fall, temper it with classic high-heeled pumps.

To brighten up the face, we went with white pearl double-sided front-back earrings for a trendy twist on the classic pearl stud earring. This style has been extremely popular, especially since Dior released their double pearl earrings a few years ago. What's great is you can wear either side if you ever get tired of the double-sided front-back earring.

Layer in on baby! We added this linen blazer to show how you can make this dress look more professional yet still work for the hot and humid months we endure living in the south. We also recently styled it with a black belt and black blazer: the result was powerful yet still feminine. 

To further play up the exotic print, we chose this cute little butterfly and flower ring to accent the look.