For Easter For...Ever.

Need Easter dress inspiration? I’m not sure if you have caught onto the vibe of spring, but there is a serious nod to the Ladylike fashions, which we love! It’s feminine without crossing into too-girly territory, be it a floral lace or a streak of pink. It's how a woman takes control of her style, growing up without giving up. Designers are showcasing their lovely ladylike silhouettes this spring in hopes we will be embracing their flirtatious feminine looks that will have an enduring fashion relevance.

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

Nha Khanh shows off her impeccable skills by balancing retro design inspirations with sultry shapes, creating refreshing new takes on the classics. Her pieces are sweet, yes, but with a modern and polished spin—a balancing act that requires some fashion know-how. This dainty dress combines satin and lace overlay with a sporty racer front neckline to illustrate that balance. Playing on the boy side of the color wheel, the single hue in multi tones creates dimension and depth without an overpowering print so it's still minimal but the structure and on-point tailoring makes it a dress for a woman, not just a flimsy summer shift. 

Butterfly Effect

Intricate lace calls for intricate accessories. Catch attention with the delicate details like three fluttering butterflies on the finger and three tiers of crystals on tiny moving hinges for ultimate shimmer!

Something Blue

To temper too-much femininity, Nha Khanh plays with subtle texture and prints to add dimension. Or, harden delicate pastels with touches of black or white for a strong contrast. Cap sleeves are the least restrictive kind of sleeve, they allow for movement while still providing coverage some women require to feel comfortable. Knowing what to wear and when is critical, and some occasions are not sleeveless-friendly. This dress is a beautiful option for those events! With features like a structured bodice that nips in at the waist, it creates a feminine hourglass figure in marbled blues. 

Be a Classic in a World of Crop Tops

Invest in the sexy '50s and ‘60s classics we all love (think Grace Kelly) because in all seriousness, ladylike fashion trumps girly trends. Wondering if this is just a trend? It’s not. Fashion is fickle, except when it’s not. For every “crop top” moment, there is a timeless polar opposite that will stand the test of time. The ladylike fashions are not going anywhere, because they have been around since 1947 when Christian Dior showcased his “new look” with a nipped-in waist and lavishly feminine, full skirt. Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy further put the ladylike fashions into mass appeal. Unlike other dare-I-say-trends, the ladylike fashion actually compliments almost all women without being completely over the top or dating the look. You can make these ladylike fashions your own by embracing the details of your finishing touches. The accessories and shoes can make all the difference in the world on how this look plays out on you.

Pearl it Up

Rose Gold looks warm and lovely on every skin tone. I don't see how you could accessorize a dress like this without the classic touch of pearls. A dainty layering of pearls and crystals on the wrist completes this very feminine ensemble. 

Divided Assets

Nha Khanh continued her signature, minimalistic style with this hi-lo dress while still representing her ladylike inspiration. This streamlined silhouette is a palate cleanser after all the texture and feminine details of some of her other pieces.  The clean lines and ease of style is sure to be an instant favorite of many. The bold detail of the black asymmetrical seam down the white front is striking and makes a major impact that you can go easy on the accessories. The hem hangs at a dramatic asymmetrical angle, showing a sexy amount of leg in the process. #liberteloves the hi-lo hem, making this dress appropriate for both short and long occasions. You're welcome.

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Look good leaving when you have these stunning streaks of pink cascading down the back. The back really makes this dress, grabbing all the attention and the show-stopping design looks as good as it feels with it's silky lining. This is a spring dress you can really elevate with accessories and heels or bring it down, just a bit, with strappy sandals. Still not a dress for a picnic in the park, but I'd give it a ranking in the mid to upper range on the dressy scale. 

What You Long For

A long earring to compliment the length of the dress was a no brainer, but I love how the clusters of crystals drop down, mimicking the marbled streaks down the back of the dress. The tiny hinge on the earring allow it to move as you do, so it's not just one single solid piece. 

Time is of the Essence

Remember, every time you get dressed, you're making a statement, so make sure it's a stylish one! Artfully decorate the solid white panel on the front of this dress with a long pendant necklace worth showcasing! Streamlined and modern, the clock pendant shines with graphic sophistication and bold simplicity. bold enough to stand on its own, graceful and uncomplicated enough to stack and layer. 

Save the Drama

For a playful look, we have the Alicia dress which is a mix of her retro ladylike and clean lines of minimalism.  It is a more subtle approach compared to her other styles this spring. Floral inspired paintbrush strokes are in a word “pretty”. The soft pastels shift into a rich bright pink with streaks of black to tie in the dramatic black top.  The brighter hues mixed with the black make this dress appropriate for women of many ages, even the one’s who state they don’t like prints or aren’t girly. 

Stunner Alert

The stunning tie back offers slip-on effortlessness with amazing figure flattery. The high contrast fit and flare and above-the-knee hemline are sure to put some va-va voom in your walk.  Ribbons are girly, but the open back is very femme fatale, the shy need not apply. 

Little Less Complicated

Bold yet simple, the pave set crystals on this bar bracelet are uncomplicated. And we can all use a little more of that! The substantial weight and look if the bold gunmetal chain are bit edgy and you all know #liberteloves a little edge in every outfit! 

Hey Studs

How fantastic are these earrings? Double studded so they fit to both sides of your earlobe, they're totally #ontrend and the three tones of swarovski crystals create an ombre effect with gunmetals and magenta.  As with the dresses, these earrings illustrate a balance of girly pink ladylike studs, with a modern update so it's feminine but still very cool.