Picture This... Back to Basics!

Bring it back to basics for a casual chic style! Sometimes its best to strip it down to the essentials because, despite our busy schedules, we aren’t willing to give up looking gorgeous every single day! But, what does dressing casual chic mean? Put simply, this style enables you to put together your basic wardrobe pieces, have fun dressing them up with various accessories and go out looking and feeling great! Intrigued? We have put together a list of #styletips to give you plenty of options on how to nail it! 


Tanks are a summer staple and while they are basic, they don't have to be boring. Every woman needs the essential classic collection in her arsenal. But how do you add interest without going over the top? 


Take your classic tank in black, white or navy and add accessories. Hats, sunglasses, scarves, & belts make a huge difference and are something you should focus on in case you’re interested in adopting this fun, yet hassle-free style! Accessorize a relatively basic outfit and watch it transform from “standard” into something you’d expect to see your favorite fashion icon in. #stylesecret this scarf brings personality to a black and white outfit while keeping the iconic colorscheme on point! 


Ah, the power of jewelry! Now we don’t need to tell you that every outfit (except the one you’d wear for a gym, of course) looks best when accessorized with appropriate jewelry. This particular style is based on the relatively simple all-American white tank & blue jeans, so you should definitely experiment with different statement pieces all depending on how "blingy" you want your look to be! Take this opportunity to show off an amazing necklace, but add the bracelets, belt and earrings so it looks intentional and complete. 


Spring evenings can still be quite chilly, so we suggest wrapping your body in luscious 16 gauge featherweight cashmere sleeved poncho instead of a jacket. Keep the long statement necklace and waterfall earrings for that touch of glamour. 

Sleeved ponchos are becoming one of our favorite casual chic pieces. You will see the trend making more of an appearance for Fall 2016 but we brought it in for this Spring because we just couldn’t wait! We are the first to admit, traditional ponchos can be a little constricting, especially if you like move you arms. The worst part is, while we feel super cute in them, they can very easily overwhelm your frame or come off as way too casual. The sleeved poncho really helps eliminate these concerns: your are arms are free to move around, and because your arms have proper sleeves you automatically look slimmer!


Make it all about neutrals. Neutrals are the basis of any wardrobe – they mix and match with everything. One of the most elegant combinations is neutrals paired together – especially in spring tones (think white, tan, beige, grey, and/or blush). When you wear the palette head to toe, they blend and accent off other shades. We are obsessed with these three tanks: so soft, smooth, flattering(!) and match everything. Complete your all neutral look with neutral accessories (tan leather belts) and a soft nail color (like a pinky nude) for a timeless, understated, classic look.


We love layering to create outfits instead of just focusing on individual pieces #styletip. Yes, a tank top is just a tank top and jeans are just jeans but pair these two together with a long duster length cardigan and your look starts to come together. Add wedges, this neutral #crossbody #tedbakerbag, and a neutral lip, and you’ll get an outfit that’s laid back yet perfectly put together!


The trick to wearing an all neutral outfit is to add a fun dimension. For example: pattern or texture add interest to the entire outfit and keep the neutrals from looking too plain. This light-as-a-feather crop cardigan has a delicate lace knit that really elevates the outfit.


#liberteloves denim shirts styled over everything from tanks and jeans or shorts, to spring dresses. Just experiment with yours and discover all the ways it can work for you. The denim shirt can complete a very basic outfit or give a casual vibe to a dress but always always comes off as effortless.


Intentionally, we wanted to illustrate a handful of casual neutral looks. Use a basic nude tank topped with a button down, sandals in lieu of of wedges and jeans instead or a skirt illustrate that casual neutrals can also be stylish. Always pay close attention to the details when you dress, and when wearing neutrals it’s no different! Maybe you should pay even more attention to your details when wearing a neutral outfit because the little things are much more obvious; like ill fitting jeans or the wrong size top. Without statement patterns or prints, there's not much to distract- so be sure your clothing fits your body well. 


Speaking about dressing casual chic, how often do you wear tees? Well, get ready to fall in love with them completely! Majestic offers super soft, yet relatively inexpensive pieces of wardrobe that can be worn with jeans, leggings, cute cardigans or stylish blazers. Thus, allowing you to pull of many different looks yet feel comfy. How great is that?!


Incorporating popular trends such as color block, pastel, scarf prints into your style is easy and once you start layering and accessorizing your basics you’ll even notice that it’s budget-friendly! Your basics will transform as soon as you add a new trendy piece allowing you to have fun and express your inner fashionista by keeping up with every trend you like. A lengthy hooded cardigan from Christopher Fischer pulls this look together with luxurious cashmere, adding just the right amount of #ontrend


Speaking of #ontrend. Are you just loving the boyfriend look? Although we had our hesitation on this trend, we have to admit that it is pretty cute! The trick of making sure you are stylish, rather then just sloppy, seems to heavily rely on the quality and fit of the pieces. Just remember that the boyfriend look has its limits, and there's a time and a place...

Navy tee + a lightweight plaid button down + worn in relaxed jeans = Boyfriend Chic

Having a solid foundation of carefully chosen basics allows for easier mixing and matching to create new looks: boyfriend, glam, boho, rocker. It's the layers and details you add to the basics that personalize and add an individual flare to the look. 


As a alternate to the boyfriendy styles of today's fashionistas, we encourage adding some girly elements. The masculine plaid print is approachable and loveable but tying it up at the waist over a fitted top clinches that fun loving Girl Next Door look! After all, GIRLS RULE! 

We understand that we have probably flooded you with way to much information on styling your basics... Just remember, BASICS ARE FUN! So try to incorporate just one of these looks and take it from there :)