Peekaboo... Let's Intrigue You

Showing skin takes some forethought and you should always be strategic when choosing a dress with revealing features. First is it appropriate for the event? Second, does is compliment your best assets? Third, are you comfortable and confident? This week's collection of dresses illustrates perfect ways to intentionally reveal a little here and a little there, with cutouts, sheer layers and zippers in intriguing ways.

Transparent Love Affair 

A black dress is never really just a black dress, is it? They all have something more to offer and this Herve is not lacking in details.  A stark contrast to the more revealing styles with plunging necklines and mini hemlines, this dress is for the woman who is looking for more coverage without sacrificing sex appeal. The cutouts at the neckline are just a start but the pointelle-stitched overlay gives the whole look a light, swaying finish.

Endless Possibilities

The sheer pointelle stitch overlay falls delicately over the dress in lightweight stacked geometric design. It adds personality and opens up the possibilities of wearing Herve to events and parties that you maybe previously wouldn't have. While still dressy, this dress has just a little bit of a casual flair that makes it versatile. 


In a shock of blue and to-the-floor length, this alternate version of the previous dress makes it impossible to choose a favorite! The brighter shade really draws attention to the bandage placement, which is one of the things we all love about Herve's figure flattery. The vertical lines work their slimming magic visually, while the horizontal bandage sculpts physically. 


Bring out the blues in your gunmetal by pairing these two together. I love how gunmetal has a dark, edgy vibe and can really effect the mood of an outfit. The long statement necklace adds glam and dresses up this whole look while still keeping it cool.

Show Some Leg

Love to show some leg? This dress keeps the mystery alive by offering just a peek of skin through the sheer layers. Sometimes it's about what you can't see and this long Herve dress keeps them wanting more! It's lightweight for maximum movement as well as comfort. The geometric design adds a fun twist on an otherwise serious ensemble.

Hardware for the Hottie

A little detail goes a long way here. Without being over-the-top, this bold LBD laces up with metal rivets over the shoulders. If keeping the upper arm covered is your game, then this dress is your perfect score. Black is already slimming, and Hervé bandage just solidifies that with panels of thick sculpting stretch. A beautiful option for the girl who loves a little extra detail.

Laces Out

The key to a little black dress is finding one that has something that brings out your personality. It doesn't have to be big and loud, and what I love about this little number is the featured detail is focused into one area. Show your full vixen by wearing it just like this, but tame it down with a black blazer, and you can wear it to the office for a daytime look. 

Tri Metals

The three different metals of the dress give you an opportunity to play with accessories. Choose from gold, antique gold, or silver to glamorize the look. I love how the cobra bracelet and ring playfully mimick the winding laces of the shoulders. 

Shining Armor 

Arm yourself in gorgeousness. This stunning cobalt piece is yes after yes. Let's start with what you can't see- on point tailoring in a smooth and comfortable fabric makes it a dream to wear all day long. Each seam is perfectly placed to enhance the beauty of it's silhouette. I love the overall sophisticated shape and slight bell to the three quarter sleeve. In a stunning cobalt with a satin front panel and zippered neckline allows for maximum comfort.

V for Victory

If you want to win you have to be brave, be unstoppable and be the best. This V neck top from Karolina Zmarlak gets a perfect score with it's lux fabric in an ultra flattering cut. Combining a v neck with darted tailoring and a slight peplum flare, this top subtly shapes you into a gorgeous hourglass. 

Turn Around of Applause 

Every time we receive a shipment from Karolina Zmarlak I carefully unpack each piece and hold it up to appreciate her beautiful designs and then... I turn it around to take in the architecture of the back. Simplistic yet powerful, this piece did not disappoint with it's intriguing cutouts at the shoulder blades, showing just a little more skin than you may have first expected. 

Hello Gorgeous 

Something wonderful happens when a woman puts on an Herve and steps out of the dressing room. I get to see her light up. She immediately feels special because she's wearing a garment that she can really appreciate and that appreciates her body right back. They blush a little, their hands run down their curves and they can't take their eyes off their reflection. If they react this way, how do you think it will effect everyone else at the party or event when she wears it? It doesn't have to be ultra sexy off the shoulder and beaded in three different metals, but if it is, then hell yeah!  

Equal Sides 

Never one to skip an opportunity to shine, the back of this Hervé is just as strikingly perfect as the front. Diamond shaped clusters cascade down your curves with jaw dropping presence. You also get a nice view of the crisscrossing bandage without getting busted for staring!

Finishing Touches

While you might think this dress comes with it's own accessories - you still want to choose something complimentary to decorate your lobes. I like this earring because it has a cluster of metals which are edgy and cool. 

Zoom In

While the 20 row cuff sparkles and the nail head ring compliments the metals, this shot also gives us a closer look at the beads on the dress. You're welcome!