What is your personal style saying about you? Your wardrobe has it's own voice and it speaks a language that translates universally. Its important to be mindful of what you're telling the world by the way you dress. Because everyone is an individual, this varies from client to client, but lets bring awareness to the topic and point out a few guidelines. 


Based on my experience, when the majority of women see this dress they say "Wow. That's an incredible dress! I could never wear it, but it's very pretty" They might say something like "If I were 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter, 10 inches taller..." Basically, this is just not the dress for most women. I'm never going to be able to convince a woman to buy this dress, she's got to WANT it. This is a sexy dress for the confident, no-nonsense woman who loves her body. Not only that, this woman appreciates the quality of a designer dress, probably familiar with the name Hervé and won't stand for a knockoff. We know there aren't a ton of occasions where this dress is appropriate- but the woman who chooses this dress knows exactly where she's wearing it and she is okay with everyone looking at her, too. The copper shimmer foil on this bandage dress glows with warmth like candle light and the top stitch vertical bands lengthen aiding the sculpting mission of the dress. 


To compliment the dress, we chose two toned accessories. One in similar color and the other in contrast. This really highlights the lighter colors by setting them off.  The rings can be worn alone, one at a time, or styled the way our designer showed us- back to back- creating a really cool effect.


We often get requests for dresses with sleeves. Many clients want to keep their arms covered either because they're perpetually cold, they don't like the look of their arms, or the occasion just calls for more coverage.  This navy and blush Hervé has more than a few ticks up it' sleeve! It could be worn professionally, as it has a "skirt suit" feel to it with the peplum flare at the hips and the pencil skirt shape. Or with the crochet jacquard panels breaking up the bandage, it could be worn as a fun Mother of the Bride/Groom dress.  It will probably say something else entirely to you, if you'll listen ;) Either way the refined silhouette looks chic from day to night and is amazing down to every last detail.


Who said you can't wear pearls with an Herve? True when thought of separately, they do have very opposite vibes. But do it correctly and you'll get a beautiful result! The pearls compliment the overall lady-like silhouette of the dress and the rose gold compliments the blush detailing in the knit. So you can see how there's an opportunity to bring the two together. 


The glamorous cashmere poncho evokes the feel of a cape, but easier to wear both formally and casually. While we've been seeing ponchos in fashion for years now, the current incarnation has much more of a cape feel to it and has been a quick hit with the street style set. Christopher Fischer has lightened it up with the 7 gauge knit and modernized it with a versatile wide neckline and asymmetrical hem.  Clean sharp lines in this summer's shade of blue dedicates it to elevating your style- off the shoulder is sultry and the angled hem flashes the curve of your hip as you move. On-trend, yet timeless, combine this piece with icy grey denim to make it really pop.


There's a lot less guess work when you're accessorizing solid colors- the real decision you have to make is between glamorous baubles or understated elegance? This is where you make your individual statement. Show your love for shimmer like we did with these gorgeous drop earrings and stacked bangles. Or chose no-fuss studs for less distraction. It's your call, but I do suggest accessorizing- always. It shows effort, attention to detail, and gives the impression that see things through to completion. 


We are seeing a lot of this nudie pink color from our designers this season. Christopher Fischer clearly got the memo, producing a variety of blush hued cashmere pieces. The nearly non-color is an alternative to wearing monochrome and a good option for those who shy away from bold pops of color. One of the most elegant combinations is a pair of neutrals together – especially in spring tones (think white, beige, grey, or blush). When you wear the palette head to toe, they look fresh and crisp. This nearly nude pink cashmere sweater paired with grey denim (so light it's an alternate to white denim this summer) is a perfect balance. This outfit gets plenty of good attention, without having to beg for it.


The oval earrings are representative of many things. An oval has no beginning and no end- it is an elongated circle and circles protect, they endure, they restrict. They confine what’s within and keep things out. They offer safety and connection. Circles suggests community, integrity, and perfection.

Symbolism of shapes isn't something that someone just decided one day & forced us all to go along with. The subtle meanings are ingrained in our culture and you'll find that you tend to be drawn to certain patterns with shapes that connect with your personality- without even realizing it! I think that's why some of us prefer to dress in solids- patterns speak a little too loudly for us, but you can't hide from it forever- the shapes will still find their way into your ensemble through accessories. 


Sweaters aren't just for winter anymore. It feels silly that I have to say that, because we've been proving that with looks styled with Christopher Fischer Spring cashmere pieces for years.  Even still, I'm going make it crystal clear with this "Regatta" raglan sweater. The wide open knit is so breathable, you won't believe you're wearing a sweater. The mesh like design is feather light, so you won't get hot wearing it- but you'll enjoy layering it over a light colored tank, to get the full "sheer shirt" effect. To give this warm weather ensemble balance, we styled it with cut off denim shorts from DL1961. Soft and distressed, these have the look and feel of your most loved shorts but without all the baggage! DLs denim has smart technology, which includes shape retention combined with active-x stretch so they'll move with you without getting baggy and saggy. #liberteloves


I tend to be drawn to jewelry that has textural elements that make them versatile. When I love something, I want to be able to wear it regardless what kind of outfit or occasion it is. love them and wear them, I say. These earrings can be very dressy when worn with a gown, but they also look great with a casual sweater.  I love the imperfect pearls with their irregular shapes set in antique gold and adorned in tiny crystals.  The crystal drop is just that something extra to these funky -dare I use the word eclectic- earrings.


Capes and ponchos are a great layer for ladies who get cold easily or work in chilly office settings, and they are especially flattering to apple-shaped ladies. #stylesecret They draw attention to your face and collarbone without restricting your waist. Wear it off the shoulder to accentuate this magic trick. The color blocked layer provides a multi tonal beginning to work with, which I like because it takes a little guess work out of the layering and accessorizing. We matched the tank to the lighter shade of the poncho and the denim to the darker- creating an alternating pattern that really works! 


Accessories that feature mini versions of your own personal hobbies- you've seen them. Itty bitty scissors for beauticians, tiny bicycles for cyclists, musical instruments etc- these are the most obvious way to "speak with your style". This adorable tambourine with pave set crystals in rose gold is subtle and sweet. It takes a second glance to notice what the design is replicating but you'll soon be fighting the urge to give it a little shake! 


Allow me to say, the language of style is subject to interpretation. What you think you're saying, may not be coming across as you intended. We all know this, it's part of why the cell phone towers are so busy sending mirror selfies back and forth between girlfriends - especially on Friday and Saturday afternoons! Don't be afraid to ask for feedback, it's better to run it by someone who's style sense you trust. Also, it's much easier for someone else to assess and translate because they won't have the emotional attachment to your wardrobe pieces that you do. Choose someone honest and objective that you can trust, and if you don't have a lot of choices there (get some new friends) send your selfie to us at Liberté! We are here to help!

Alina Foil Bird Eye Crochet Jacquard Dress

Alina Foil Bird Eye Crochet Jacquard Dress

This metallic Hervé is a cozy foil jacquard knit with a sculpted panels and intricate crochet trimmings giving this sculpted silhouette a sweet, summery feel, enhanced by the light-catching sheen of its golden finish. Jacquard materials are recognized by their intricate woven patterns and their stretchy yet strong characteristics. The rich fabric is used to add a luxurious look to this unique, body hugger. With all of these bold qualities, the dress makes a clear statement with plenty of wow power!

From this angle we get a view of the keyhole opening and closure design. This is one of my favorite cuts because it ensures a secure fit- without a chance of straps slipping off the shoulders this dress isn't going anywhere! We also get a closer look at the jacquard knit and foil finish. A rich texture that is sectioned off by bandage for the optical hourglass look we love from Hervé.

I could get used to this kind of leather and bandage look! A leather jacket, made more comfortable with side panels of bandage in the body. More bandage down the inside of the sleeves adds flexibility, making it easier to move! 

Hervé Leger Mila Leather Jacket in Nubuck Available In Store Only

Hervé Leger Mila Leather Jacket in Nubuck Available In Store Only

#styletip Match your metals. Here, I'll say it again. Match your metals. When you don't it looks careless, and sloppy. When you do- it looks polished, intentional and shows attention to detail.  Lets talk about a couple of guidelines to make this easy.  The zipper on this jacket makes the choice obvious, gold hardware means gold accessories. Using anything else would look like chaos. That being said, there are ways to mix it up so you don't have to wear one consistent metal throughout the outfit (and we have demonstrated this technique many times before). Make sure you have a way to tie it together by using multi toned accessories which will help give you flexibility. Or if you don't have a multi toned single piece, create your own by stacking bracelets or layering necklaces. Just make sure you get the mutli-tone metal effect happing so it looks intentional. Happy accessorizing -and, oh hey- match your metals!

There's a reason you have so many black dresses in your wardrobe. They're easy, flattering, slimming and classic. I'm sure you have a variety of styles whether their flared or straight, long sleeved or spaghetti strap, high necklines or plunging. It seems that we just can't get enough black dresses- there's always room for one more, right? Or perhaps your husband, like mine, has you on a quantity-control swap out plan. One in one out sound familiar? I'm here to tell you this is the one dress you need. I'd trade it for 5 others, happily. This is the upgrade that has the maximum return on investment because you know, without question, this dress will always look amazing and make you feel amazing. 

Take this opportunity to wear your statement necklace. Something bold, intricate, and cool. I love the gunmetal fringe here and the Swarovski crystals that make it sparkle. It lays perfectly above the neckline of the dress as if they were meant for one another. The long earring compliments the weight of the necklace without being too matchy matchy and they're both showcased when worn with the simple LBD. The over-all effect is so striking!

Think it really matters how you dress? If you’re a good person overall, shouldn’t people realize it and not judge you based on your threads? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people judge you based on the clothes you wear. I don’t care if you’re walking down the street or sitting in a business meeting; people are constantly looking at what you’re wearing. Turn this to your advantage and dress to impress! The perfect black dress and a statement leather jacket what a gorgeous combination. Since how we dress affects how we are perceived by others, it is so important to project the right image through your fashion. This nude-pink leather jacket demands admiration and respect, while the perfect LBD is sophisticated and polished. This ensemble says you have high standards.

Simplicity doesn't say boring. Understated doesn't say underdressed. The proof is in this stunning black Hervé. Without print, beads or garnishes of any kind- we are not disappointed because we know Hervé never forgets to give us a little something extra to flaunt. The scoop back is that much more interesting when everything else is fully covered. And if you have a great back, you'll love showing it off!