Statement Earrings: Stop Wondering & Start Wearing


Build your outfit around something you love. Sometimes that's going to be your jewelry! If they're super special, your accessory should be showcased! Start with the theme of the earring and build on that. This pair is made using clusters of keshi pearls set in antique gold, which makes me think of water of course, so I love it with the light wash chambray top from The Blue Shirt Shop. It's casual enough to be work on any day but nice enough to coordinate with the glamour of the earrings. The crystal drop adds that something special that really makes these a "statement" earring. Don't be afraid to wear your statement earrings with a casual outfit, it draws more interest and creates more opportunities for you to wear them! 


Gleaming with jewel toned beads, quality Swarovski crystals, and chain fringe: these statement earrings are bold and edgy! They’re one of those wonderful items that have so much going on that they go with both everything and nothing, all at once.  

Pair these earrings with a dark denim top to pull the blues and purples and get the max color effect. Of course these would also be beautiful with an elegant black dress, or flash them all over town in a fitted tee and jeans! However you decide to wear them, they will be the optical center of the ensemble.


The statement earring has had a LONG lifespan, and it shows no signs of slowing down (thank goodness). We felt completely inspired with this particular pair: the antique gold is warm on the skin, while the blues and greens of the beading offer up a cool contrast. Our jewelry designer puts so much thought and detail into each artfully designed piece, that we urge you to replace the large, colorful, bubbly plastic looking statement earrings with exquisite craftsmanship that will draw admiration. You're worth it! 


The right pair of earrings can transform virtually any outfit from a LBD to jeans into a polished and sophisticated look. But something we love even more, is when we have a fabulous pair of earrings that literally go with everything! If you wear a lot of color, try going neutral with your statement earrings by choosing one of these in antique gold. Here are this summer's best sellers:


We love a little bit of bling, especially with a super simple outfit. These sparkly, teardrop studs are dramatic and noticeable. Most people think that statement earrings need to be dangly or over the top, but they really don't! Pull back your hair, throw on an easy dress, and let these babies stand out! 


With the current minimalist summer dressing, makes a together-or-seperate earring like this all the more interesting. Wear them with a long fringe back earring or with a diamond stud on the front - throw out the rule book and let no lobe go unadorned ;)

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