Luxury Lake Living

This blog has been one of the toughest to choose which photos to show you because we captured so many beautiful images, but we knew it would just be overkill if we uploaded 100+ photos! We are going to be 100% honest with you right now, we are OBSESSED with our cashmere. Christopher Fischer is hands down our favorite, and we love style it so you can have that ultra soft fabric next to your skin year round. We are not even kidding, we wear it even when it is over a hundred degrees outside! So, we packed our bags and headed to Grand Lake to give you inspiration for this upcoming Labor Day weekend. 

There's nothing quite like watching the sunrise over water. Everything glows in the quiet serenity. The lake lifestyle simultaneously satisfies your relaxation needs as well as fulfilling your desires for adventure! We certainly felt adventurous, and mimicked that spirit in this look. The Net Collection from Only Hearts was the perfect bathing suit cover up for just a tad bit of coverage but didn't weigh us down. 

Grand Lake serpentines through northeast Oklahoma offering an outdoor paradise with views, recreation, accommodations, and charming communities located around the lake. Well known for its friendly lake culture, Grand Lake’s restaurants, lodges, resorts and shops definitely have a laid back flair that automatically puts you at ease.

Go ahead and relax into the lake culture - you deserve it!


So here’s the thing: we love clothing that has dual uses. It actually makes us very excited! This little tunic dress comes with a liner but we decided to go sans and show off this gold and navy striped bathing suit. It is classic and edgy without even trying. Wear it with the liner and you have yourself a little tunic dress to wear with sandals or leggings. I mean, doesn't that make you excited?! That is lake style, day to evening dressing at it's best!

Make memories this Labor Day weekend by situating yourself in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. We navigated around for a couple days and found the waters to be a gorgeous backdrop for photos. At times we even forgot we were in Oklahoma, the scenery was so beautiful. We urge you get out on the water (with your sunscreen!) and explore all the little coves that are tucked along the shorelines of the lake. It's those little finds that will make your long weekend even more special with the ones you love. 

Even the most passionate lake lovers need some time away from the water. The selection of activities at Grand Lake can keep your itinerary full, but while on vacation it's important to balance the schedule with downtime as well. Or you'll come back using the old "Now I need a vacation from my vacation!". 

We chose to schedule a little downtime with a few nice bottles of wine and invited a few friends over for a late dinner. You wont want to get ready multiple times in one day, so own your "lake hair" and pull it off to one side, throw on this cold shoulder cashmere sweater with white jeans or shorts, and viola - you are a chic hostess who truly looks effortless. 

We took a moment to reflect. Where we have come from these last few years, and where we are headed. But mostly, we tried to appreciate the present. Just a girl, a rock, a lake, and a view. That perfect mixture was just what we needed to take a beat and have some solo time. 

Having enjoyed a little too much sun that day, we put Connie in an oversized deep v-neck ultra lightweight sweater (not yet available in the store, but will be in September), and a pair of ripped denim. What isn't shown, are the feats it took to get Connie up and down off those stones. Sometimes we wish that someone could take photos of our shenanigans "behind the scenes" because they are some of the best and funnest memories that just make your heart smile! 

Most know the Grand Lake ares as the quintessential laid-back lake vibes, but it does have a best-kept-secret feel with it's luxurious lake front homes sprouting up everywhere. The communities that surround the lake are drawing more and more second-home owners from neighboring metropolises. The friend's we stayed with explain to us, that they started out as summer-only people, but they fell in love with the communities and realized that Grand Lake is a wonderful place to live year-round. As with most coastal communities, it gives a simpler way of life (but without sacrificing amenities). 

We woke up early and enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and listening to the water hit the stone cliff which was relaxing to say the least! If you aren't up for a little walk, most houses have excellent outdoor spaces which we found perfect to read a book without interruption that we have been meaning to read for like eight months - lol. 

Don't think of yourself as rustic and are completely over us gushing about Grand Lake? (Hint: if martinis are your drink of choice, have a European accessory on you, and spent more than three minutes on your hair this morning, you probably aren't cut from the rustic cloth) But that's okay, because that's us too!

What do you pack to get you in the laid back, lake mindset? Bathing suits and summer dresses of course, but we are also big fans of also packing a few long sleeves for two purposes: keep the sun off our arms, and the early morning and late evenings can be a tad chilly at times. This new vine green sweater will have you yearning for fall to get here early. We paired it with white jean shorts and Sperry sneakers which are great for the casual vibe - they are as comfortable as they are classic.  

General Information about Grand Lake

  • Grand Lake is also referred to as Grand Lake O' the Cherokees.
  • Located on the Grand (Neosho) River in northeastern Oklahoma, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains
  • Five state parks around the winding, scenic shoreline
  • Native fish species include large mouth bass, white bass, channel catfish, crappie and bluegill
  • Known for great fishing and family water sports


Recommended Stops

Whether you desire to speed over the water on skis or watch it shimmer from a parasail, Sail Grand Waterfront has you covered. They rent leisurely pontoons, opulent yachts or fast and furious Jet Skis. Harbors View Marina, located in the lake’s Duck Creek area, also have plenty of rentals available, as well as an old-fashioned soda and ice cream bar so you can load up on sweet treats before hitting the water.

Want your children to take a step back from those video games?  Teach to fish and the meaning behind the quote "teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime". A fishing dock, cleaning station and lighted boat ramp make the Honey Creek Area a dream for fishermen angling for bass, catfish, bluegill, spoonbill and crappie.

Even the most enthusiastic lake lovers need some time away from the water. Grand Lake is just as well known for recreation on land as it is for activities in its sparkling waters. Dry off and head to D-Day Adventure Park and try your hand at paintball, where seven playing fields offer action-packed entertainment. Hogan’s Off Road Park is Disney is the ideal setting for ATV and ORV adventure with five square miles of trails and rock structures. Or, load up the kids and head to Monkey Island Trail & Hayrides where you’ll find guided horseback rides and a petting zoo.

The view of northeast Oklahoma from a parasail 500 feet above the water’s surface is hard to beat, and parasailing is just one of many activities offered at Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees in Grove. Although only about half the size of Lake Eufaula, Grand Lake makes up in amenities for anything it lacks in size. With five park areas situated around the shoreline, there are plenty of lodging, dining and recreation options.

Known for its friendly lake culture, Grand Lake’s restaurants, lodges, resorts and shops are as laid back as they come. Stay at the Tera Miranda Harbor & Resort, where you’ll have your pick of lodges and cabins with amenities like equipped kitchens, outdoor decks and a community pool. Tera Miranda’s Quarterdeck Restaurant whips up mouthwatering breakfasts, lunches and dinners for your convenience.