Be Prepared

As women, we have a special fondness for special occasions. Since I was a young girl, I loved putting on dresses that twirled and shoes that sparkled. Now that I'm a grown woman, I'm required to attend certain parties and need the wardrobe to facilitate that! From work to family to friend festivities, there are a million excuses to get dressed up. If I’ve learned anything in the past about dressing for the events it’s that you need to start shopping early. I've seen it a hundred times, women coming in the day before a big event and still have nothing to wear. This causes too much unnecessary stress and negativity to your shopping experience! Not only that, but many times women end up compromising and wearing something they don't absolutely love, because they just couldn't find THE dress. Take it from me, start thinking about your wardrobe early to make certain you feel smashing!


Red is hands down the best color if you need a show stopping dress. This one is undeniably red-hot and defines sultry with it's statement cutout at the bust. Constructed from Hervé's updated bandage, which is softer and more flexible, it has the ability to create vavoom with your hourglass! Sexy silhouettes and daring cut-outs, Hervé is the party girl's go-to brand for the perfect dress. Off the shoulder neckline and a stunning cutout gives a modern makeover to cocktail dresses.


On a hanger this dress showcases some negative space, but you'll have to try it on to get the full effect. One of the things I love most about Hervé dresses, is how the same dress can look entirely different on each woman. It makes sense, after all we all have different bodies! For example, the cutout on this dress is customized by your bust size. Because this dress is already so sexy, we chose an earring that was a little softer with some lady like elements like pearls and crystals. I may be a bit biased but are these not the greatest earrings? They also feature a negative space element with the small cutout for the drop to dangle from. 


This dress is double take worthy from the back as well! The cutout from the front is mimicked in the back for extra exposure. There's something delicate and feminine about a dress that reveals a woman's back and we don't mind exploiting that! Stepping out in this dress will earn you a few whistles, so don't say I didn't warn you. (it actually happened while taking this photo!) 


Here it is, the "I love that dress!" dress! It's incredibly flirty and feisty in this bold pink. Artfully designed, this dress has details that will keep your eyes, and affection traveling over it! Sure it's plunging but the crisscross gives you a bit of coverage back and even with the "cold shoulder" design, it still counts as sleeved! This dress would be amazing for events from breast cancer galas to bachelorette parties due to it's unmistakeable hue. Shopping for events with a theme can make you feel confined, because you want to participate and blend with the overall aesthetic but think of the positives - you  have guidance and that narrows your search for the perfect dress!


Let this dress find your best features and put them on display! As Al Pacino once said, a woman’s shoulders are the front lines of her mystique! And I happen to agree! Don't be shy, bare them for romantic charm. The open back is held securely in place with the hooks across the top- this smart design keeps the shoulders from slipping down so you know this dress won't expose anything that it wasn't meant to! 


Some Hervés are more versatile than others and this dress isn't just for parties! Where it lacks in embellishments, it makes up for in wearing potential.  This is an incredibly sophisticated dress and can be work with blazers for work, sweaters for family gatherings, or blingy accessories for galas.


Are you looking for the perfect dress to be photographed in? Consider this bold single hue - it doesn't distract from the face, unlike busy patterns or small details. Also, its better to go with a color, rather than black or white because it doesn't mess with the exposure of the photo or freak out the camera's white balance settings. This is a great choice for headshots or portraits because for those reasons. Also, imagine wearing this in a group photo- the focus will immediately be drawn to you! You'll stand out, but for all the right reasons! 


Color matching isn't just for makeup! Just like finding the right shade for your foundation, color matching metallic tones is super important. This dress has a two tone effect with it's metallic foil that gives tan skin a stunning glow. While the foil is metallic, the dress is created from a bandage that is actually a warm cream color so the effect is a heavenly combo that is both warm and cool. Calling it a warm silver sounds funny but it's just difficult to explain the magic of this dress! You'll enjoy wearing metallics in the evenings because they pick up reflections from the lights in the environment, virtually customizing the dress to the event. 


Of course this dress is easily accessorized with either silver or gunmetal, but I also like it with antique gold, which is subtly just a bit warmer. The main focus is on the sparkles anyway, and I would highly recommend a sweet combination of diamonds and pearls to compliment this dress.


Live Luxuriously by improving the quality of what you wear. This isn't some flimsy summer dress, this is an authentic Hervé! Once you own one, you'll be spotting them on red carpets and movie screens. I personally am the proud owner of a couple myself, and I love feeling like I belong to some "Hervé Secret Society" when I see some starlet all wrapped up in their signature bandage.  Softer and sweeter, this rose gold dress makes a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. They don't call this a sweetheart neckline for nothing! The crisscross is lovely and lady-like and in this particular style, it's actually a bit higher cut than some of our other pieces currently in stock. Plus, the way the sleeves wrap around to the back, it has a generous amount of coverage while still maintaining an ample amount of sex appeal with it's body hugging silhouette! 


Love is a many splendored thing and so is this look! There are so many wonderful things about it from the stunning dress with a perfect fit to the perfectly-paired yet understated accessories. When you find the perfect dress, you fall in love and you want to honor it by showering it with with attention (and jewelry!) We stacked a couple rose gold bracelets featuring crystals and pearls and then finished it with a double sided pearl earring with pink tones.  As women, shopping can be a very emotional thing, especially if the event we are shopping for is of high importance. Let us help you nail your perfect look- tailored to your personality, your body type, and your party. Our stylists are dedicated to making you look and feel beautiful and have a keen eye that you will appreciate!