The Vision of a Parisian Brand

For the past 25 years, Majestic Filatures has developed deluxe T-shirts exclusively handcrafted in Paris. Their approach is to treat this basic item of clothing with luxury, simplicity & timelessness.

Majestic Filatures makes upscale, high-quality wardrobe essentials with exquisite attention to detail, from fabric to fit, farm to final production.

Majestic Filatures is the best-kept secret to effortless French style.


Interesting tidbit of information: Majestic Filatures produces fabric for 170 of the world’s premium brands, including the finest European designers. Patternmakers and seamstresses develop handmade designs of all collections in Majestic Filature’s exclusive Parisian atelier.

Majestic Filatures prewash all their yarns and undergo several quality tests. From artisanal hand dyeing, stone washing, vintage stripes and distressed antique washes, Majestic Filatures strives to provide customers with the highest level of quality at a reasonable price.

Majestic Filatures is known primarily for its incredibly luxurious fabric blends.

Oh, so soft you won't want to wear anything else!

Majestic Filatures is an industrial fabric mill and we spin yarn into fabrics that are luxurious, lush and comfortable to wear. Their latest fabric collection is a Cupro and Elasthane blend which can be best described as a silk like feel. It has a hint of texture that we can't stop touching. 

In addition, Majestic Filatures is the only brand on the market to offer a Linen/Lycra blend; the Elasthane in the fabric bulks it up and makes it a lot less sheer while still offering the coveted natural handfeel of Linen. These adorable shorts are a perfect example of the look and feel of their Linen/Lycra blend - they look like 100% linen but don't wrinkle nearly as bad!


As we mentioned above, Majestic Filatures is known primarily for its incredibly luxurious fabric blends. Their classic Viscose/Elasthane basic fabric is always a staple in all our Majestic Filatures customer's closets. But we are completely in love with their French Touch collection which can only be described as a “yummy” feel. They are a perfect layering piece and will surely win you over at the first touch!

This ultra soft, timeless hoodie can be worn every season. Made from the 'yummy' French Touch fabric, it offers a minimalistic design and is perfectly mix-and-matches with everything.

Their Soft Touch blend is available year round and comes in a variety of colors, whether it be basic or fashion hues which are always right on trend. This is the ultimate in effortless elegance. 

Majestic Filatures treats this basic item of clothing with luxury, simplicity and timelessness.

As the perfect layering piece, all their Soft Touch styles will make you a Majestic addict the first time you throw them on! We have an obsession that we clearly share with our clients and make no apologies about it ;)

Majestic Filatures is the best-kept secret to effortless French style.





Most of the Majestic Filatures product are using their SoftTouch material which is 94% Viscose 6% Elasthane. All their fabrics offer 4Way Stretch, are Anti-Pill, and are Antimicrobial for Comfort and Breathability. They suggest machine washing on the delicates cycle, and with cold water with like colors. You can hang to dry or lay flat to dry depending on the weight of the garment when wet.

As mentioned earlier in the blog, all of Majestic's products have been prewashed. We always recommend laundering in cold water to avoid shrinking, removing promptly from the machine to help reduce creasing. Please do not place any of your Majestic Filatures pieces in the dryer as it will shorten their lifespan. 



The proper care of garments depends upon the fabric content, so washing instructions will different according to each pieces’ composition. Generally speaking, when washing garments labeled “Dry Clean” you should hand wash in a basin of cool/cold water using Delicate Wash (while they recommend Delicate Wash when treating garments labeled “Dry Clean,” each of their products are formulated for both hand and machine washing). Several of the new washing machines have an actual Hand Wash cycle. If you choose to use this then we suggest you put them inside a delicates bag and wash them on the hand wash cycle on your washing machine. Please make sure that you choose cold water and do not have a strong rinse/spin cycle.

Please Note: Before washing garments labeled “Dry Clean,” please keep in mind that viscose, rayon, polyamide, leather labeled not washable, fur with skin, items with padding and interfacing and items with manufactured pleating should not be washed. For items that are questionable, it is always best to perform a test for water reactions. Simply dip an obscure area of the garment, such as a hem or seam, and submerge it in warm water. If you don’t notice any tightening, shrinking, stretching, warping or ripples, your item should be safe to wash!

Below we’ve listed some general steps on how to care for delicate/dry clean pieces:

PRETREAT (aka examine for stains)

Pretreat with Stain Solution or Wash & Stain Bar.

Always treat stains first and presoak for most effective removal.


You only need to use a small amount of our The Laundress products and mix into the cool water before placing your hand wash items in the basin. Submerge and use your hands to agitate the water and detergent (you agitate by just moving the items around in the water a couple times). You can soak for about 30 minutes. 


Using running room temperature water, rinse your garment until soapy water is gone. If you do not get all the soap out, the garment can become stiff and not quite as soft. Never wring your garments, simply press the water out instead. 

DO NOT PANIC if you see color in the water. This is normal.

All Laundress detergents, washes, and shampoos are appropriate for both hand washing and machine washing.




How do you know if you really need to "Dry Clean Only"? If it is lined then we recommend dry cleaning. But for example, if we had a linen jacket or shorts that are not lined then they should be perfectly fine to wash them at home. Linen is very washable and durable, like cotton.

Most manufacturers will use "Dry Clean Only" tags because it is easier for them but so many of them are actually washable. We wash linens, fine knits, woolens, and cashmere all the time, that being said, we always recommend reading thru their washing instructions in order to preserve the quality of the garment.

If you are using your washing machine, make sure you put it on the delicate or woolen cycle—or hand wash cycle, if you don’t have woolen or delicate. The water must be cold, or risk shrinkage. 


You can pieces together only if they are the same color. Blacks with blacks; reds with reds; pinks with pinks, etc. We never suggest washing different colors together, as they will bleed onto one another. If you do wish to wash a few together, separate them in different Mesh Bags. This helps to prevent any pulling or stretching. 

For best results, we suggest steaming while damp. This works best to remove wrinkles.