Deconstructing the Distressed Denim Myth

Ah, everyone's favorite article of clothing, denim, is having a full on distressed moment which is really just a fancy term for ripped jeans. Whether dark-washed or cut off, dressed up or worn casually, distressed denim is everywhere right now. From interesting finishes and unconventional cuts, the denim scene is an exciting place for designers to be right now because the industry has finally realized that they no longer have to stay inside a little box of expectations. What does that mean for you? Better fits, fabrics, and finishes for starters! Think artistically placed shading, perfect amounts of distressing, some with reinforcements so the distressing does not become wider (finally!), these livelier styles of distressed denim make them completely on-point for many of your off-duty activities. 

But before we get too deep into distressed denim options, we want to provide you a little framework of who we are and the women who shop with us. We are not fashion bloggers that just make things look pretty. We understand how to style women of all ages, from bright-eyed tweens to stay at home moms to high powered corporate women to our grandmothers! Somehow this "myth" for lack of a better term, got started that you should not wear denim, and certainly not distressed denim over a certain age. In fact, there are tons of blogs and Pinterest posts dedicated to what is acceptable to wear for the 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on. Don't read those silly and misguided attempts to justify their own issues of aging - you don't want to look like them any way, we already looked them up and trust us, you don't! 😉 

So let's talk about this distressed denim that everyone is wearing!! 


A simple slit at the knee can show just enough skin to make any skinny jean feel a little sexier. It is perfect for a laid back date night or running errands on the weekend.

The Florence in Harvest ups the ante on a classic, with a heavier weight denim, dark contouring, and subtle distressing.

And the straighter leg of the Florence is a LIBERTÉ favorite because it can be rolled up for an additional way to style. 

We pride ourselves on being total denim snobs, and trust me, this is completely to your advantage. So, as the self proclaimed denim experts that we are, let us put your mind at ease to this notion that you are "too old to wear distressed denim" - NO YOU AREN'T!





Florence Strive.jpg

The Florence in Strive is a super-soft, worn-in jean with a head start on the kind of unique, heavy distressing that usually takes years to develop. With that goes-with-everything ease, this denim it's truly is a customer favorite going into Spring! 

When worn the right way, distressed denim can look very chic, and even polished. The Florence is a designed with a slim fit, and the unraveled hem is perfect for showing off your shoes. So pair it with a cute little blazer and finish it off with strappy pumps for that effortless elegance look we all adore! 

Style is meant to be an expression of who you are without saying any words! Think on that just a minute. Let it really sink in...

Selecting clothing that is comfortable and stays true to your personality, which ultimately dictates your style, gives you confidence which further makes you feel more comfortable. See how it circles back to comfort?

Being uncomfortable in your clothing is an issue that no woman should ever have to deal with! But what does this have to do with, "am I too old to wear distressed denim"? Everything.



The ultimate in comfort and style, the Davis in Ravage is a deep and distinct indigo wash that has been slashed at the knee and distressed with artful fading, a removed back pocket and rip–and–repair detailing, reminiscent to vintage European denim, but much more elevated. This updated boyfriend jean is slimmed down for a more feminine fit. And, like a good book, this pair of denim is chock-full of little hidden gems that you might miss if you don't actually try them on. 😳

Comfort is not just the fit and fabric of the clothing, it also has so much to do with the style of the clothing. You can embrace any trend regardless of your age or body size, as long as you stay true to your style. We only want you to buy clothes that make you feel confident, attractive, and comfortable! 





"Rip–and–repair detailing, reminiscent to vintage European denim"






Emma Stark F.jpg

With a raw hem and very light distressing, these are great for those who want to flirt with the distressed denim look without full-on rips and tears.

Pair it with cute flat shoes and soft feminine colors to create an ensemble that is chic and polished. 


Another safe option for my own mother would also be black distressed denim (see below). Black denim is an always an easy way to make jeans feel more dressy, and even more so when you are embracing distressed denim. 





But, if you find yourself uncomfortable in ripped denim, then don't do it. This is for your mental health (we aren't joking!). It has been scientifically proven that people who don’t feel comfortable in the clothes they are wearing show more signs of depression and unhappiness. No one wants that!!

We understand that as every one is embracing the distressed denim that there is an equal and opposite reaction of "clean denim". We have a variety of fits and colors in clean denim for those times you need to look a little dressier. 

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