Can You Keep Up with the Bakers?


Welcome, neighbor – come on in and meet the Baker's! They are a vision of perfection which could only come to life within a studio of blockbuster proportions. Ted expects you’re wondering where he found such a seemingly perfect family and a neighborhood so spotless? Let us dish the juicy details... So make yourself comfortable as we fill you in on Ted's sensational Spring 17 campaign: Keeping Up with the Bakers. 

Perfection doesn’t come easy. Try as they might, nobody can keep up with those darned Bakers.


This is The Baker's house in Tailor's Lane - a covetable home in a dreamy, pastel-hued world where the sky is bluer and the grass is greener than anywhere in real life. While it may appear to be the picture of suburban utopia, yet beneath the airs and graces of polite society lies a strange undercurrent... a community fixated on appearances.

As you will see, the interior is just as immaculate as the exterior. And little do their nosey neighbors know, but when it comes to affairs of style The Bakers always have the upper hand. 


Always immaculately turned-out, the unflappable Mrs. Baker seems to invite drama, yet remains utterly untouched by it. She floats through Tailor’s Lane, the very picture of poise, charming all she meets with her effortlessly put-together appearance. Her fellow residents can only wonder ‘How does she do it?’


The Bakers are new in town but they’ve already set tongues wagging. Pulled into a game of neighborly rivals, they are attracting jealous stares with enviable depictions of meticulously trimmed and whimsical gardens. Cause a stir at your next soiree, with this magical party piece decorated with exquisite gemstones and florals. But be prepared to be unimpressed by the competition, for you know you are the best dressed in all the land! Pair with sparkly heels and let your style grow.

Ted Baker // YVETTA Gem Gardens Pleated Dress // $335

Ted Baker // YVETTA Gem Gardens Pleated Dress // $335


Perfect for all ages, this pleated skirt is fun and fearless. Spring is nearly upon us and we are all looking for lighter hues to pair with these sunshine filled days! White is the ultimate fair weather color making us feel hopeful and ready for all things new! It's time to step out and pique your interest with new colors! Yes, we all love wearing black - without the darkness there can be no light, after all! Let's winterize your closet and pack away those dark sweaters and carefully pack up those beloved boots, for the seasons, they are a changin! 


Maybe it's not after all! We care less about the thoughts! We want less talk and more action! We care more about the DOING!

  • DO throw out those old ill fitting clothes that are all wrong for your body type!
  • DO get rid of the damaged clothing that's just plain bad.
  • DO look for mix and match items that are good quality and make you feel confident! 
  • DO invest in timeless pieces that you can count on as your "go to" wear!


Ted’s opened up his sartorial trinket box to reveal a future heirloom in the form of the LAYLI dress. Printed with an exquisite floral and jewel print, this precious piece is sure to be treasured in your wardrobe season after season. With such a lady like cut, you'll be perfectly polished for the PTA meetings, regardless of jealous sneers from around the room. But, do not stoop to the level of gossip - it's not an option for a lady of Ted's. Being proper and polite will pave the way to the high road - no one has ever regretted being kind. Also, no one has ever regretted being the best dressed. "Ah man. I hate that I'm the best dressed in this whole room" - said no woman, ever.

Ted Baker // LAYLI Gem Gardens Bodycon Dress // $315

Ted Baker // LAYLI Gem Gardens Bodycon Dress // $315


Belted for an effortlessly polished look, this dress is all about the details. Raise a few eyebrows with this pastel color scheme that is fresh and highlights this spring's new print: jewels and flowers (just a few of a lady's favorite things). The brazen femininity and unabashed romanticism of this dress will have you looking perfectly poised while internally your greedy side is hoarding the gems and crying, "they're mine all mine!"


Spring is a time in which all the women on Tailor's Lane will be donning pieces in which to see and be seen. But little do those nosy neighbors know, The Baker's always have the upper hand when it comes to affairs of style.

More color and more floral is the perfect transition into the pretty spring weather. We feel that we should warn you: be prepared to obsess over the print! And you will be oh so grateful for the sleeves on our still chilly days. Plus the midi length hem of the dress gives it a retro vibe - so hold the door open, gentlemen, a real lady has arrived!


Cocktail parties are never too early in the week. Be the hostess with the mostest- of style, that is! Mrs. Baker never misses out on the opportunity of hosting a soiree with some bubbly and gossip worthy dishes! While her sense of style and cooking skills are nothing short of sensational, her neighbors really go to get all the juicy details of her look! Paired with a little top and strappy heels she has the all the neighbors talking!

Ted Baker // ADEBA Color Block Pencil Dress // $295

Ted Baker // ADEBA Color Block Pencil Dress // $295


Make light work of office dressing with a classic silhouette boasting pristine lines in a timeless monochrome design. Mrs. Baker knows that being at the height of sophisticated style is effortless when you pack your closet full of all the goodness you need for a balanced wardrobe. This dress was crafted for your nine-to-five, and beyond, but we think it’s sure to win you an instant style promotion!


Stake your claim to the good life in this polished cardigan that quietly masks one's competitive streak. While Tailor's Lane, with its perpetual barbecues, may appear the picture of suburban utopia, it is a community fixated on appearances.

You'll need a warming companion to stay toasty when the sun goes down. Blanketing in the Gem Garden's print, you will keep your would-be rivals on their toes, with this sumptuous and snug knit. Before you know it, your nosy neighbors will be peering over the picket fence for a glimpse of your immaculate style. 

Ted Baker // TIALEE Gem Gardens Woven Back Wrap // $195

Ted Baker // TIALEE Gem Gardens Woven Back Wrap // $195


Texture is highly sought-after this season, especially in knitwear that has us bordering on obsession. The soft shades of silver grey, cream and pretty pink form a delicate, romantic palette, that disarm the women in the neighborhood to dish out all the juicy details about your rivals. If someones going to challenge the status quo, it should definitely be you! 


Being the subject of fierce fascination is no easy feat. While you may think you have your LBD bases covered, Mrs. Baker will certainly assure you that you are quite mistaken. You must impress your guests with your charm, grace and above all else, your style. Exquisitely designed with asymmetrical hemlines and a stunning scalloped neckline, this dress is even lightweight enough for you to be in the spotlight the entire evening, thus making it a beautiful accompaniment to any soiree. Style with a barely-there heels and become the belle of the ball.

Getting a chill with all the attention you are attracting? Just layer it with the Gem Garden cardigan, because only a Ted's lady can look even more stunning while covered up! 


When in comes to achieving maximum impact with minimal effort, a woman should reach for a piece that exudes an air of glamour without looking overdone. Rumor has it, this is the dress. Congratulations for finding it. 


They're playing our song! The bright orange of this dress begs for the dance floor! Take a spin and watch the scallop edges fly!


Who are we shopping for today? Me, the lady says. Perfect, I always love helping a lady shop for herself. It doesn't get much easier than a knitted dress with just enough detail that it's not plain and boring. This dress is neither casual nor formal and it has all the right potential to be what you need it to be:

  • It has stretch so it's comfortable.
  • It has sleeves and a high neckline, so it can be worn for business/kids' functions.
  • It's also appropriate for grieving (let's not dwell on it... it happens, this is life)

Try some heeled oxford shoes, or for something more unexpected with an iconic spin, do a statement shoe in a bright white. 

Ted Baker // JAMNIE Peplum Knitted Dress // $279

Ted Baker // JAMNIE Peplum Knitted Dress // $279


The peplum is a girls best friend! It mysteriously turns your physique into a perfect hourglass, all with a simple flare at the waist! BOOM - you now have curves! Jazz up the dress with a gold belt and jewelry and be prepared to be seen! Mrs. Baker will tell you that being complimented in a social setting for one's style is highly desirable, and thus responding to a compliment gracefully goes a long way towards ensuring it will happen again! However, when wearing a dress as fabulous as this, you may not be able to respond to everyone's compliments - but we recommend always send a thank you card the next day. 


If you know Ted, you know he loves lace on a lady, so naturally when we saw this fabulous black lace miniskirt we cheered, "yes please!" Graced with a classic fit and unexpected unlined hem, this lace skirt is designed to leave you in a stylish spin. Twirl into you next soiree when you pair this skirt with floral heeled sandals, and receive a round of sartorial applause.

Ted Baker // BEAY Lace Mini Skirt // $259

Ted Baker // BEAY Lace Mini Skirt // $259


Being the style maven that you are and it being Spring with the flurry of acquaintances tying the knot, you are most certainly invited to an array of fun engagements, which include creative, yet confusing dress codes. In case you can't read between the lines, this is what they really mean: be nothing short of fabulous. 

Thus, you must be wondering how does one do that, to let's say a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner? We took our search to Pinterest for inspiration (yes, even we need inspiration from time to time), to only find out that the "black miniskirt" is among the top most frequently searched fashion pieces in Pinterest Style ideas. There are literally thousands of ideas on how to wear a black mini skirt, and we admit that we got sucked into a 30 minute Pinterest black-hole looking at mini skirt style ideas. Although tempting as that may sound, we have "taken one for the team" in an effort to save you from a time warp of your own we will give you our favorite ;) While this skirt is perfect for a casual date night, we really loved the unexpected combinations: try pairing with casual pieces, like a shimmer tank and a denim shirt over it with metallic sneakers. Add a chic little top knot, big sunglasses, and you will look like a fashion super star! So the next time you get an invite with a Nothing Short of Fabulous dress code, be assured that a sweet and minimal piece like an updated little black skirt, are always invited to make an appearance!



While this may or may not be a word, that is of little consequence to us because this dress has us walking on clouds! Give your wardrobe a new lease of life with a vibrant piece. Technically a sweater dress, this one is super cozy without all the structure of tailored stitching and stuffy linings. It is a breath of fresh air, and has a carefree vibe, this dress is definitely less stress!

Ted Baker // ZARALIE Jacquard Cut-Out Skater Dress // $279

Ted Baker // ZARALIE Jacquard Cut-Out Skater Dress // $279


If prints aren't your thing, and trust me there's nothing wrong with you if this is the case (you're in good company - wink, wink), you can get your "something special" with details like cutouts and texture. And for those in need of "something blue" there is no need to fret the upcoming wedding season, Ted Baker literally has you covered. However, if you are a guest rather than the bride, this little blue piece will ensure you’re the best dressed guest.

Be a cut above the rest, and make your sartorial point by pairing with skyscraper heels. And while those gossipy neighbors are gasping "does Mrs. Baker have holes in her clothes?!", they are secretly wanting to be you as you sashay thru the event perfectly poised as ever a Ted Baker girl would.  


Are you all sugar and spice? Or only when it suits you? Ted believes in causing a stir around the neighborhood. Flaunt around in this enviable navy romper - while it enhances your silhouette, this playsuit offers a striking style that's both polished and playful! With pleated detailing, smart cutouts, and "not too short" shorts, this understated all-in-one exudes nonchalance and give it a wide range in wearability! 



Although immaculate to the eye, the making of Ted’s Spring 17 setting Tailor’s Lane was certainly no picnic. As you saw, not a hair is ever out of place, but contrary to their effortlessly manicured personas, the Baker family and their jealous neighbors are actually pieced together from myriad influences - with characters drawn primarily from a bold American 1950s idealized ‘nuclear family’, but reinterpreted with a modern, tongue-in-cheek twist - and a little sprinkling of quintessential Britishness throughout. 

Welcome to Tailor's Lane!

With the right attire, you'll fit right in.