A fresh new year calls for a fresh new YOU! But how? We have all spent so much time reading books, articles and being lectured about the habits of successful people. They are all driven by passion and dedicated to their routines. Routines. Habits. Consistency. That's the key, right? So lets break it down and see if we can figure out the best strategy to establish good habits and give ourselves manageable goals. It may inspire you, it may motivate you, but at the very least, it will entertain you. 😜 


What is your goal? Healthier body? Peaceful mind? Responsible spending? Lets start with a positive self image. Focus on the positive and push back all the negatives. Accept the things about yourself that are true and learn to think about them in a positive way. Tell yourself you are, you can, and you're worth it! And, while you're at it, pick up this electric purple top - it is such a positive and happy color! Bright colors are energizing, how could you not feel the excitement?!

Alala Seamless Long Sleeve Tee in Electric Purple and Seamless Tight in Black 

Alala Seamless Long Sleeve Tee in Electric Purple and Seamless Tight in Black 


See yourself accomplishing big things and getting everything you want. Get a mental picture of what you want to achieve. Visualize yourself completing every task, achieving every goal, and just succeeding at everything you put your mind to! The more vivid you can get, the better it works.

And for you A type personalities, you don’t need to spend endless hours... Just get in the habit of having a positive vision for your everyday life. See what it does for you and how it makes you feel. 

Because the truth is, if you can't  picture yourself in your own mind being extremely successful, then chances are you never will. The mind is such a powerful thing, so use it to your advantage!


We have all been inspired by a friend or a movie, that makes you want to live a life you have secretly dreamed - they have sparked something deep in you and it is all you can think of! I mean, if they can do it, why can't you? It could be an app, a website, a book, or even an Instagram feed that might be helpful to you. Initially, everything is great... you are fired up to get up early, hit the gym, plan out your meals and snacks - we call this the "honeymoon period." We LOVE this period because we are in a little euphoric bubble where we see big changes and there is only clear, sunny days ahead. Then, the 5am alarm wakes us up and that passion fades as you are confronted with actually having to decouple yourself from your nice, warm bed. Yep, that stupid "honeymoon period" sure goes away fairly quickly... But, there's hope - just keep going!



Let me tell you, it takes self-awareness...and guts to hold yourself accountable and make efforts to improve yourself. But trying to implement too many changes in your life at one time is setting yourself up to fail in one way or another. It's great to want to make multiple changes, just take one at a time to make sure you're giving yourself a chance at success! That way, when that inevitable honeymoon period wears off, you'll be able to sustain the lows. We also suggest looking adorable when going to the gym, we find that new clothes will get most women out of bed faster than anything we have ever seen - LOL. So get your butt out of bed and put on this little hoodie that defies gravity with sexy slivers of metallic mesh in the front and back. Like a second skin, this super lightweight fabric has a 360 stretch for a snug fit.  So you are covered up but without having to hide any of the hard work you built up in your honeymoon phase ;) 


Best way to make your honeymoon period last? Make it a ritual.

Pick that one manageable thing that you are committed to changing - and then do it the same time every day. Lock it in. It needs to be like autopilot, like you can't even remember what life was like before you started doing it. This takes the thinking out of the doing.

If your goal is going to the gym in the morning, then commit to it! Pack your gym bag the night before, plan your outfits, and make sure you have everything you need ready to go to make it as easy as possible. Think through all the toiletries and accessories that you need to pack in the gym bag so they're not misplaced, like that wasted 20 minutes you spent searching for your headphones only to realize that you forgot them... We always love reaching for our ALALA because they have easy, mix-and-match pieces that make looking good at the gym a no brainer! The slices of mesh on the back gives you that much needed ventilation and just elevates it to an edgier, not-so-basic tank. Plus, in the wee hours of the mornings, we often use the mantra K-I-S-S - Keep It Simple Stupid, and just use colors as an accent on our sea of ninja gear!! 



It is scientifically proven that we are happier when we, as women, have a project - so make a healthier lifestyle your ongoing project! That means you will always be happy, because there is no end to it!! It's an ONGOING PROJECT! If you are establishing new habits and constantly trying to improve yourself, that means you are working at it every day. Habits aren't really formed, but rather they are in a constant state of formation. Some days will be harder, and some days it will feel like a breeze. Celebrate yourself on the days when you win that struggle! 

It's cold and rainy, and you still went out for a run? You're such a badass! 

You stayed up late, and just want to sleep in, but you get up anyway (getting one less hour of sleep never killed anyone... wait... I think. Fact checker, please!) You're hard core!

Nothing stands in your way - need a little accountability? Bust out those bragging rights and put it on social media: post a photo of your wet running shoes or a pic of yourself in a super cute workout tank like this dry wicking, seamless top with some badass mesh detail to match your badass self for getting out of bed and heading to the gym. LOL


Like in Jerry Maguire, you have to put your heart into it! Help me, help you! Because the best way to ensure your success is to put some emotion to it. How will you feel if you succeed? How will you feel if you fail? Allow yourself to feel the positive effects of winning each time you make it through a day you really felt like giving up. And get a taste of that negative feeling when you decide to sleep in... That way, when that 5am alarm goes off and you are forced to decide between the warm cocoon of your bed or going to the gym - you will get your ass out of that bed!

A little chilly out? Help me, help you - layer up with this neoprene Alala vest over our seamless long sleeved tee in a military green - a must for those doing a bootcamp! A vest will keep your core warm until your body temp rises to a comfortable level - and then shed the layer and keep going! Sweat it out!!


Now that your badass self has tackled your first new habit, and you've made it through a few of those inevitable struggles - you are ready to do it again with a new one! But guess what?! You are now on a high of feeling the success of that most recent new habit, because knowing that you can positively change your life is a fantastic fuel! You are in control of your destiny. And to top it all off, you are in your "honeymoon period" of the new one! BOOM. And nothing will support your range of activities better than ALALA's edgy outerwear - it will take you from no impact to high impact, and look good doing it! 


Remember the many, many benefits of not just exercising, but having goals, and visualizing your success? (aka helps battle the bulge, helps you sleep better, keeps your heart ticking, reduces risks of several diseases, improves your memory, gives you an energy boost, and all around makes you happy so you are a tolerable person - remember now?!)  Know the reasons "why" you need to have goals and stick to a routine, but don't forget to schedule some time to relax. We are totally serious - you have to schedule that chill time!! So when you are exhausted and ready to totally relax, throw on this oversized tee from ALALA, or what we like to call your new "laying around the house" uniform! It's cozy enough to relax in but stylish enough to look put together. Even the tights have a bit more of a lounge feel so you can wind down from your high performance activity!


Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you're going to succeed. In fact, it is far more common that crazy talented people allow failures to stop them from succeeding. It is those with the fire in their belly that are driven and passionate about never giving up that will be most likely to embrace and learn from failures in order to succeed. Why? Because, ultimately giving up is simply not an option. So, use your passion to fuel you and remain dedicated to achieving your goals (and throw on our super-soft jogger pants on your way out the door)! 



Surround yourself with others who have similar goals or the lifestyle/behaviors that you want. You become who you surround yourself with - yes, your parents were right (it sucks when you finally realize it... smh). Think of it like this: like-minded people make those habits and routines feel less difficult. That may sound a little weird, but seeing how someone else's "normal" life operates can help you to envision it for yourself. Plus, surrounding yourself with encouraging friends, makes you pretty much feel like you can do anything! Often, it is our friends that can see our potential so much more clearly than you can for yourself. It's easier for them because they're not focused on the hurdles (like you are) and while you may want to tell them, "Sure - Easier said than Done!" just let their words and positive energy build you up!  


Henry Ford said "Failure is the opportunity to try again, but this time more intelligently." Think about how powerful experience is. You know what hasn't worked, what your mistakes were, what you had to overcome, and you have learned all along the way. You have learned from your mistakes, and the ability to overcome those challenges is what makes all the difference - not luck, and certainly not talent. No successful person has never, not failed. So celebrate your failures and successes - and we'd recommend you do so in our ALALA Liquid Silver collection (the metallic sheen is like a celebration!). We love it! To us, silver is a neutral or "non color" because it basically goes with everything - much like our sparkling personalities ;)

Congratulations on all your hard work! Keep it up!