Just a Touch of Heaven


What place does cashmere have in your wardrobe? Do you reserve it for cool days when you want to be all wrapped up in something warm? Well that is just plain criminal! And I know none of *you* are doing this.... Because we know our clients are fashion savvy enough to realize that cashmere is a luxury top that takes a casual outfit to the next level of quality and a dressy outfit to the next level of comfort. In a range of weights from medium to feather - you can kick your tee shirts to the curb and wear these long sleeve beauties. Spring cashmere is all about a sense of modernity, design and style all illustrated perfectly with this ombré blue v-neck. From baby to midnight, the updated dip dye style has effectively harnessed the attention of all our clients without prejudice. This sweater is, without hesitation, to dye for!



You've already upgraded your top from a long sleeve tee to a luxurious cashmere sweater, now lets upgrade your ear bling from the day to day studs! These clustered beauties dangle front and back, which is so fun to have both sides of the earring decorated. Think about the ways you can wear them! Together as shown with lots of sparkle, or swap out the back to cut down on the dangling chains for a little different look. We always recommend versatile accessories when our clients travel because you can rewear without the over-wear. 


Gunmetal jewelry itself already has an edgy feel to it. We like to accessorize especially girly outfits with gunmetal jewelry because it brings it back into the realm of "cool". Even a butterfly ring seems to have a bit more edge in black than it does in any other color of metal, right? We also like to stack cool rings. Where one is good, two is better! Stacking and layering jewelry has been very #ontrend the past few years and we haven't seen it easing up. The benefit to this is that you're not really risking anything by trying out this trend, because when it's out you can just start wearing them as single pieces again. No need to purge the accessories!  Stack and un-stack as the trends change! 



The classics are classics for a reason. Timeless pieces never go out of style because they hold the attention of fashion lovers not year after year but decade after decade.  The stripe sweater is among them, iconic and all American. The asymmetrical flare gives it a modernized feminine touch and the blue jeans nail it down. The navy stripe is so deep, it almost comes off as black but, it is certainly navy - putting it a bit on the nautical side. Play on the theme and warm up the ivory with gold accessories. We love a pair of top-sider Sperry shoes with a gold finish to complete the theme. Who's ready to set sail now? We will be with you in heart!


This hem though! Just when you think you're buying basics, you notice the little unique twist that Christopher Fischer has to add to every single one of his pieces. This man is in love with his designs and takes so much pride in his work. He will make sure that you don't look like every one else- your clothes are just as individual and unique as you are :) 



Spring is in the air and this sweater is like taking a stroll on a beautiful sun-shiny day. Its clear blue skies all the way, baby!  Lighter than air, this is the 16 gauge from Christopher Fischer that we know and love for tee shirt weather. This is no snuggly winter sweater! Reach for this one as an up grade to a t shirt for a higher lux look. And baby blue with white denim?? This look is so dreamy! Worthy of love because of it's slim fit, it's sexy deep (but not too deep) v-neck, and solid color so it's easy to style. It's the perfect top for ladies who prefer fitted tops over relaxed and drapey fits.  We like to encourage women to showcase curves and dress to their best assets. And if you invest in the best basics and you can't go wrong! 


We really pride ourselves on being able to style such a wide variety of different women. Our clients range in all ages, sizes and body types, but also personal style. We sell leather, linen and lace. We sell pieces that drape and flow, while others hug and plunge. The main priority is to make a woman feel confident and happy, and when we accomplish that (day after day) it's so fulfilling! This sweater is so soft and dreamy, it really speaks to certain women. But, just because it's a basic, doesn't mean it doesn't deserve some sparkly love. Our jewelry cabinet offers just as wide a variety as our clothing. Even women who claim to never wear jewelry, buy from us. You don't always need huge gems and complicated designs. These earrings are nice and light with an airy feel for a dressy, but every day style.



As a fan of all things blue, we appreciate the nuances between what's baby, sky, aqua, navy, cobalt, azure, midnight etc. The degrees of difference are endless but we don't discriminate, we love them all! At LIBERTÉ, we have both ends of the scale covered with our solid colored v-necks in light blue and deeper navy blue. And of course anytime we are combining a solid  top with distressed denim it feels quintessential to LIBERTÉ style! Speaking of denim,  do you ever find yourself unsure what jeans to wear with a blue top? What if the blues clash? Is the wash too light, too dark, or too similar? The easiest answer? Go with colored denim and skip the whole debacle. You'll not only have a more updated look, but your now enviable ensemble was a whole lot less fuss! 


When you're looking for the perfect gift you want it to be something that's really going to make her light up. That's the whole point in gift giving, right?? So you're searching for something she'll love, that's also going to fit, and also be practical and meaningful. Sounds like a tall order especially when you're short on time. We love to get to know our clients and who they're shopping for. They might be looking for a gift for their mother, sister or best friend. Husbands come in, give us some general guidelines and sit back while we point out idea after idea. We sold this two row bangle just recently to a soon-to-be new father as an add-on gift for his expecting wife. They're having a boy next month and how thoughtful and sweet is a delicate blue sparkling bracelet? He's certainly a keeper! ;) 



Navy, white and gold, so tempting and so very very satisfying! We are about as ready for the season's to change as a 21 year old for their first legal drink. Bring on the wedges and sunshine, I'm a boot loving girl, but I'm tired of fall/winter fashion and ready for happy hour on the patio again! A long duster cardigan makes a great transitional piece this time of year when we are still loving layered looks. This lengthy topper takes a basic tank and jeans outfit from unfinished to on point! And, this wide open stitch is very peekaboo - giving an open and approachable attitude rather than a closed off "keep out" look of solid sweaters. Our favorite feature? The side slit! It grants more movement and - you have to admit - adds some sex appeal to the otherwise lacking cover up. Now whether you're a cardi collector, or looking for your first to try the style out, this one is a must! Nervous about how to style it? Don't be! We are here for all your style inspiration needs! #libertestylesecret layer it over monocrhome basics, like we did, so it doesn't create a cluttered style. 


Ever wonder how some women do it? They just always look ultra fashionable? They make it look so easy, and its damn near infuriating, right? Well, trust me when I tell you, they go through the same internal debates that we all do. The secret is knowing a few good tricks and rules to follow. Reading our blogs is a great start, so pat yourself on the back because you're well on your way! Lets talk accessories. Some women think they have to have the perfect clutch to coordinate with a specific jacket, dress, sweater, shoe ... etc. They're always looking for that perfect shade so they know they can coordinate. But the style pros know, if you know the right color combos, you can coordinate WITHOUT being "matchy matchy". Here's a classic, with a nod to patriotism: the never tired, red white and blue! Choose a theme, and color block your way to fabulousness. This bold Ted Baker cross body has everything going for it, which makes it so simple to add to your outfit for interest. Ted knows a lady's desires - pearls, diamonds and gold. Why... Thank you, Ted. You shouldn't have! 



This dusty ombre keeps you in the neutral family if you're wanting to avoid color. There are days that feels the the right thing to do. I just can't get myself to wear a bright pop of color when it's cloudy or drizzly outside. Paired with grey denim, the sweater sort of just disappears into the jeans, which we thought was a pretty cool effect. Because of the blush persuasion of the sweater, we felt obligated to accessorize in rose gold. This has a warming effect which is an intriguing contrast to the cool grays. 


You should have seen how giddy we were running to the jewelry cabinet to accessorize this outfit! ROSE GOLD! ROSE GOLD! Yes, yes! We can't help it, sometimes we are, unapologetically, GIRLY GIRLS. When you have a great neutral base, the accents become play time. Look at how the cool grey contrasts with the warm BLUSHING gold of the jewelry, its unexpected and modern while still being understated and simple. And we love how the pale pink Ted Baker bag, with it's ROSE GOLD hardware pulls it all together!



Let's get one thing straight.  We don't just swing into spring. In Oklahoma, we swing in and we swing back out so the swing metaphor actually works really well. Every season we get a taste of the next one and then we are slammed right back where we started. Why is this a good thing? If you're as bad at goodbyes as I am, it's much less painful! The back and forth helps our transition in the closet. If our seasons abruptly changed from cold to warm we wouldn't get this gentle farewell! Speaking of swinging, are these earrings not totally adorable? Two tones, so they can go with a variety of neutral outfits, simple in shape but long and swingy. They're front-back so there is enough separation in the two strands that they hand independently. We love them with our new spring colors in pastels and neutrals. You know, when the weather is actually ready to be spring. 


Why is it that when we see a piece that laces, we immediately swoon? There's a sexy undertone there that we can only assume comes from centuries of women's fashion demonstrating the fact that it sometimes exposes more skin between the laces, and the idea that it can be unlaced. Anything that laces immediately becomes sexier. Tops, sweaters, blouses, but also shoes, underwear... no need to go on- you know it's true! This one is subtle yet still sexy. It's the way to do laces in a mysterious way. A sly asymmetrical lace that slips from the side in an almost crop length... but has all the coverage a lady needs. The knit is heavy, but open so instead of being a winter sweater, it's still a fun spring piece that breathes. Let me warn you about the cut, while many of our style are universally flattering to most body types, this one is more difficult to wear and is definitely biased! Size down to avoid looking boxy and it becomes a crop sweater- size up for length and you're wearing a poncho with sleeves. Come in and we'll help you find the perfect spring cashmere for you and your body!



Christopher Fischer took three of the generally most loved features- the stripe, the ombre, the off the shoulder, and fused them into one fabulous sweater! Going light to dark on the ombre is slimming for the lower half and brightening to the face. It's genius. And it's all very very intentional. I hope you don't favor one shoulder over the other, because this sweater was specifically cut to be worn one way. Try anything else and your sleeves won't be the same length! One thing that keeps us amused during the day is not only watching our clients try on our clothes but also trying them on ourselves, so we know how the new arrivals will fit and feel. A confused face always accompanies this sweater if not properly warned ahead of time! Because the pattern of this sweater is so graphic and eye-catching, we paired it with a solid, dark denim-shoe combo for a unifying effect that pulls it all together.


This sweater has plenty going on, so we wanted a simple earring - enough that we had the finishing touch without going over board! As you can see, studs definitely have their place in a woman's arsenal. The whole point of an earring is to bring light to the face and these studs do their job so well! They really brighten up the eyes without over complicating the whole look and this sweater is way too pretty to skip an earring, so don't even consider that as an option!