Show Stopping Swimwear with Breathtaking Views


The beach holiday is the idealistic epitome of vacations: what nearly every traveler, or at least the ones we want to be associated with, dreams of. Soft sand, shady palms, a cold fruity drink, a warm surf of brilliant waters—what more could you want? Oh just flawless beach style probably... that's all. While you may think this is the hardest part- we are here to demonstrate so many options you'll have a hard time narrowing it down! In order to truly give the very best ocean side fashion advice, we decided we needed to go test out our styles with the real thing. What resulted was a beautiful trip to St Barth's and St Martin, shooting photos with some of the most incredible backdrops in the world!



Let's start with a rocking cover up style! Palm print shorts from Commando, our newest line in-store, feature our favorite tropical trees shooting up into the sky.  Besides the obvious relevant theme, they're buttery soft and quick drying so that's a no brainer. The wide smooth waistband ensures your belly will go wrinkle-impression free when you want to take them off for a dip! While some people cringe at see-through tops, a sheer tank get's it's time to shine when layered over a bikini, so grab yours and get your beach on!



This is the gratuitous jewelry shot. No, we don't suggest piling on the diamonds and then frolicking in the waves or sunning yourself on the sand. We all know the metal would get super hot while laying out, and we don't want anyone getting their skin burned!  However, the way our jewelry sparkles in the sun is so mesmerizing, it had to be photographed in this most genuine natural light.  Decorating this black bikini and creating a rock-star look was gaining us a lot of spectators on the beach. "Who's that girl?" They wondered. The flattery, while distracting, didn't keep us from getting the shot! These gold decorations pick up the warmth of the surroundings and give the skin a healthy summer glow. We love yellow gold in the summer time because it reminds us of the sun and takes us back to this beautiful day on the beach. 



 How many rows are too many? Probably 21, which is why this 20 row bangle is perfect! It makes that bold statement without going over the top. The simple design is free of complicated patterns or clusters of other stones, making it an easy breezy match for nearly anything else in your collection. The cuff bracelet’s popularity dates back as far as 7,000 years ago. The timeless jewelry piece originally served as a status symbol for members of royalty among the Incans, Mayans, Romans and Egyptians. Fast forward to Coco Channel, the icon of classic fashion in the 1930s, and her wearing of the cuff continues to be a symbol of timeless beauty and style. The cuff bracelet remains an undeniable fashion favorite, making the it an all-season, including beach season, jewelry staple.



The end of May and the three-day Memorial Day weekend is generally accepted as the official kickoff of the summer season. Commemorate this time with a new bikini, or three! If you don't have a gold triangle string bikini, this may be the time to add one into your collection. Gold bikinis have been raising heart rates for decades on iconic celebrities and have gone down in pop culture history! You can join in by going tone on tone with your golden skin! If you need help getting there try our go-to spray tan salon in Oklahoma City - Soleil! Tell them Liberté sent you! 



It almost felt like we needed to make it a requirement to have the beautiful blue Caribbean waters as a backdrop for every photo. After all, wasn't that the point of the long passport-required journey? But, I believe we did end up having a few sneak in.  With an ocean view this blue, we just kept shooting and couldn't take a bad photo. This doesn't sound like a problem, but when you're trying to choose what to share and post, it quickly becomes one. If you're planning your next vacation, I highly recommend a place that takes your breath away. It's worth the journey.

Gold, Evy String Bikini Bottom- OndadeMar, Sliding Roundmd Disc Y Necklace w/ Tassel, Gold - Theia 

Gold, Evy String Bikini Bottom- OndadeMar, Sliding Roundmd Disc Y Necklace w/ Tassel, Gold - Theia 


Take the stress lines out of your face in the most enjoyable way! Frowning is the leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles, and we suggest eliminating that as much as possible. We could listen to the ocean waves all day and not move a single muscle! Look for ways to bring yourself more inner peace, with plenty of sunscreen on of course, and eliminate things that bring negativity.  Shimmer in gold from top to bottom in a sparkling bikini and strappy sandals. When we style an outfit that coordinates this well, we feel so much satisfaction!   So get your wrinkle prevention while you let summer settle in and you'll find yourself saying, Excuse my resting beach face! 

Gold, EVY String Triangle Bikini Top- OndadeMar, Sliding Roundmd Disc Y Necklace w/ Tassel, Gold, Kiss Ring w/ CZ, Gold, 20 Row CZ Bangle, Clear/Gold - Theia 

Gold, EVY String Triangle Bikini Top- OndadeMar, Sliding Roundmd Disc Y Necklace w/ Tassel, Gold, Kiss Ring w/ CZ, Gold, 20 Row CZ Bangle, Clear/Gold - Theia 


Island life isn't all bikinis and flip flops, there are times when showing cheek or side boob just isn't appropriate. When we found ourselves in need of a nice meal, meaning a calorie deficit because we were working so hard (wink wink), we had to abide by the dress code of the restaurant and honestly its kind of nice to see a little more clothing on people at this point. Still fully immersed in our vacation theme, we turned to Majestic for a selection of sea-colored tees.  Basics are the go-to for our clients, because who doesn't love the dependable "tee shirt and jeans" look? White denim shorts paired with the soft touch teal top creates a fresh coastal style anyone can wear to look and feel amazing. 



A long necklace does a lot for an outfit, especially when you're wearing solids. It breaks up the space and provides that finishing touch so you're not left with the feeling that something's missing. This gold bar is set with tiny gems all lined up in a row. Designed so it can turn or spin with movement and never be backward - something we are just so thankful for- this necklace will never cause you extra work while you're on vacation! We specifically only want to show you things that make your holiday easier, not cause a fuss. 

The Pillar Long Pendant Necklace w/ CZ, Gold- Theia 

The Pillar Long Pendant Necklace w/ CZ, Gold- Theia 


Delicate by appearance, but made for every day - these slim sparklies stack for maximum impact. I for one, can't really go anywhere without something on my wrist and it's probably not for the reason you expect. If you're an athlete who spends time outside you'll know what I mean. It's the curse of the fitness watch tan-line. It's really not a pretty sight to have that pasty white strip of skin circling the wrist - no worse than the clunky looking fitness watch that can throw off your dressy casual looks. The right equipment belongs in the right place, so when you can't mix and match your fitness tracker with your street style, swap it out for something that compliments.  

1 Row CZ Bangle, BlkDmd, 1 ROW CZ Bangle w/ Black Diamonds- Theia

1 Row CZ Bangle, BlkDmd, 1 ROW CZ Bangle w/ Black Diamonds- Theia


Yes, you can wear all neutral colors in a vacation outfit without looking plain or boring. In those times reach for grey, white or black basics to create a stylish neutral summer outfit. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear neutrals all the time, if you don’t like wearing bright colors.  In fact, neutrals have many positives because everything always matches and you are able to wear items over and over and people won’t notice!  Also, because they’re the foundation of your wardrobe you focus on fit and shape because the color is not the emphasis and you spend less time getting ready because you know the fit is perfect and the colors match. The trick to wearing an all neutral outfit is to add a fun dimension. For example: in this outfit, we paired white denim shorts with a subtle heathered grey tee. That heathered texture in the Majestic top adds interest to keep the neutral outfit from looking too plain. 

Soft Touch SS V-Neck, Gris Chine- Majestic

Soft Touch SS V-Neck, Gris Chine- Majestic


Print, color, and design all make their way into this Ondademar suit! Brighten up your summer wardrobe with one of the hottest trends of the season, bright colored prints! Fashion forward, the vibrancy of a colorful bikini will add a freshness to your resort wear and will catch eyes as you stroll in swimwear hotter than the sun. Weather you wear it alone, or cover your bottom in white denim, get suited in this effortlessly chic bright colored bikini available now at Liberté! 



The bikini has been raising blood pressures and making people blush since its modern creation in 1946. It has gone through a few changes over the years in style; different patterns, plummeting waist lines, disappearing amounts of fabric and fluorescent fishing lure-like colors, but like most things in fashion, things tend to come full circle, and designers look for something new by looking at something old for inspiration. We have two favorite features here, one is the combination of black and white pattern border with bright colored print- it satisfies that that love of high contrast and somehow doesn't look too busy either. The next feature we love is the strappy cutouts at the hips. These bottoms have a fantastic fit that doesn't squeeze and looks damn good. In contrast to a side tying bikini these keep a sleek looking silhouette so you don't have to worry about strings dangling anywhere. 



Don't repress that inner prepster just because you're on the beach! If you're a girl who loves a collar, that's what makes you feel confident and amazing, then do this- a sheer shirtdress! You don't need to hide your personal style, there's always a way to still be YOU and be on vacation, too! Stroll the beach and then head into town for a bite to eat without feeling like you're not dressed appropriately. This one gives you that versatility so that all you need is a pair of shoes to feel put together. We also love how the star pattern on this cover-up has such great energy. Notice how Only Hearts didn't use floral- they chose a star pattern, because a star is what you are! 



It takes a lot more than one good thing to make a whole great outfit. Treat yourself to quality items and you'll feel confident that that you'll look great when putting them all together. Gold accessories give the skin added vibrance in the gorgeous summer sun. This is why we can't get enough of this warm golden tone. 



Do you really want to stand out with your swimwear? Wrap-top bikinis add an extra twist to the basic triangle top and our shoppers are dreaming about their summer swimsuits- looking for daring beach-ready styles that make a big statement. Well this one sets the tone! We're talking about skin-revealing cutouts and sexy metallic snakeprint. We've been seeing fun styles like this and cringing at the eminent tan lines it's going to cause, but, we've come to accept that some styles aren't made for laying out in the sun - we'll call this one a cabana bikini and love it regardless! 



You'll be seeing lines - we've already mentioned that this suit should probably be your cabana suit (we'll give you the tiny triangle one for laying out *wink*) but it's smokin hot and totally worth it. We are seeing lots of cutouts and straps in swimwear trends, but this one caught our attention as a truly superior style. The neutral palette is keeps the tone right where we want it- confident and tasteful while still being flirty and on trend. 



There are many things to love about the beach, and if you love taking walks in the sand you're sharing the same love affair as we do! Beach sand is made mostly from quartz and feldspar, but where does it get the sparkle? The answer is mica and although not as abundant as quartz and feldspar, mica flakes are very visible in beach sand, even when they form less than one percent of the grains. The flat flakes will lie on the surface of the beach, and on a sunny day when the grains catch the light angle off the beach, the sparkle we are drawn to and love is produced. Mica is the sparkle in the beach. Our cover up in this photo has a similar sparkle- Only Hearts does not use mica to get this open knit top to shimmer, but it was definitely the inspiration. As pretty as the sparkling beach sand, this nude long sleeve makes a great beach cover!



Are there words for this? You have two women, working together, fashion lovers, ... one owns a clothing boutique and one models for her - and they run off to the Caribbean together to take photos. Hours and hours of photos in places they both swear they could just gaze at for the rest of forever. Maybe they take so many photos they both go a little nuts. Things get silly when you've worked together this closely for so long. Also, there were cocktails around every corner - and who's going to say no to that?? This photo is about not being serious. Letting go of the rules and the perfect poses and the correct composition. This was an attempt a model made at getting her photo taken with a tiny frog the size of a nickel if you must know. That's all I really know to say about it. 



Vacations ofter can be more exhausting than you had imagined. Do you ever come back from a trip and think, I need a vacation after my vacation! Schedule yourself some downtime while you're away to avoid this all to common mistake. Yes, you want to take advantage of your travels and see the sights and it's often tempting to pack in way too much so you don't feel like you missed out on anything. The good news is, there will be another vacation, so make sure you give yourself that much needed time to decompress and just be. Lounge by the pool, close your eyes at the beach, savor every bite of your dinner, listen to the piano player in the lobby. Enjoy your vacation- no one ever regretted that!