Remarkable {adj.} Worth Remarking Upon

Rhoswen Dress, White- Staci Snider, Floating Ball Front-Back Earrings, Peach/Gold, Geometric Y Drop Short Necklace, Gold - Theia

Rhoswen Dress, White- Staci Snider, Floating Ball Front-Back Earrings, Peach/Gold, Geometric Y Drop Short Necklace, Gold - Theia

Remarkable style starts with remarkable designers and their talents for bringing vision to life. But, it cannot end there. Remarkable style needs you, the secret ingredient, to pull it off! We want to talk about some of the things that make our style "remarkable" from dresses to tops, accessories and even beauty products. Do you want to be noticed or remembered? Do you want style that's worth remarking about? Do you want to be remarkable? If the answer is yes, then read on! 


How lovely are the grommets on this dress? A far cry from the typical grommet sporting style which usually adorns something more, you know- black, maybe even leather, but definitely dark and edgy. This dress takes the grommets to another destination of tropical waters and leafy palms.  The peek of skin is sensual and the all white palette is white hot. The coastal vibe is intentional, as the designer - Staci Snider- loved the sea as well. She putting her city life to the side, she opened a beachy boutique in Cabo to indulge in a more oceanside way of life and it shows in her designs. 

Rhoswen Dress, White- Staci Snider

Rhoswen Dress, White- Staci Snider



What?! Two innovative formulas in one lip product? Tell me this is real! Yes, we found this amazing product and whisked it away to the beach with us. In the center, a liquid core infused with passion fruit oil provides luxurious moisture in a pink pop of color. We loved this product for it's luminous lip color encasing the core, infused with an exotic blend of melon fruit extract, murumuru butter and plant-derived esters that helps condition the kisser. Lastly, our personal favorite touch- it's sprinkled with subtle golden pearl to complement bronzed, summer skin. 


We are so happy to reveal this dress in full length. Not only does it have attention grabbing lattice cut shoulder details and peekaboo grommets, but the flattering v-neck and sexy hi-lo hem are the ultimate in feminine secret weapons. They reveal just enough while still coming off very appropriate. I think this is the way every woman longs to dress. Our strategy is to capture attention but hold respect and admiration. Overall, this dress has appeal for both sides- a strategy you won't ever regret. 

Rhoswen Dress, White- Staci Snider

Rhoswen Dress, White- Staci Snider

Floating Ball Front-Back Earrings, Peach/Gold, Geometric Y Drop Short Necklace, Gold - Theia

Floating Ball Front-Back Earrings, Peach/Gold, Geometric Y Drop Short Necklace, Gold - Theia


Tell a story, have something to say that's new and intriguing. Make notes and write down your thoughts and dreams to keep record of it all. Inspiration can hit you at any moments and sometimes at the most unexpected moments. If you take the time to write it down, you give yourself a better chance to remember later and then really explore the idea and flesh it out. Then you'll have an opportunity to share it with and possibly enlighten, others. remember that we all have a legacy to leave behind, what will yours be? 


The Caribbean islands are dotted with gorgeous tropical flowers in colors from vibrant and bold to soft pastels. This blush metallic bloom was brought to St Maarten by yours truly- a delicate touch studded in sparkle amidst the natural palms and petals. 

Anemone Adjustable Ring, Rose Gold- Theia

Anemone Adjustable Ring, Rose Gold- Theia

Alabaster, Above Knee Dress- Herve Leger, Sliding Roundmd Disc Y Necklace w/ Tassel, Gold, 20 Row CZ Bangle, Champagne/ Antique Gold, 1 Row CZ Bangle, Gold - Theia 

Alabaster, Above Knee Dress- Herve Leger, Sliding Roundmd Disc Y Necklace w/ Tassel, Gold, 20 Row CZ Bangle, Champagne/ Antique Gold, 1 Row CZ Bangle, Gold - Theia 


Herve took a summer essential, the simple white halter dress and put it on steroids. For the bandage loving, this dress is more than just your basic little white dress. This plunging criss cross helps in all the right ways, making the girls look damn good while skimming the rest of the curves without a single flare. This dress was perfect for the resort, looking white hot against the bronze summer tan of our model which paired perfect with gold accessories. The tropical heat was no match, this dress dress can increase body temperature with just a sway of the hips! 


We love Herve for the re-wearability each piece offers. We have yet to come across an Herve we can't create at least 5 different styling options for and this little white dress was no exception! The denim top is a classic choice and puts an almost "girl next door" spin on the whole style. Unfortunately for most, we're living in the wrong neighborhoods *wink* but I wouldn't mind seeing this one walk down to the mailbox a few times a week! Don't limit yourself with your investment pieces. When you spend money on something, wear it, use it , love it! Find ways to style your most loved so you can get out of the house in them more often. The confidence boost and Herve can give a woman is invaluable - so we say, give yourself the gift of options, and if you need help- we are only a phone call, or a visit away!  

Mercer & Spring, Dark Indigo- The Blue Shirt Shop, Alabaster, Above Knee Dress- Herve Leger

Mercer & Spring, Dark Indigo- The Blue Shirt Shop, Alabaster, Above Knee Dress- Herve Leger



If you're one of those talented types who can paint their own nails, we salute you! If you're hopeless, and must rely on regular trips to a professional for your mani and pedis, we can sympathize. No matter the method of application, self applied or no- we are loving cle de peau's linen of nail lacquer. This shade is that perfect metallic neutral that shimmers and goes with everything. We have yet to find a product from Cle De Peau that falls short of our expectations, their pretty polish is no exception! 


You can't help remarking on the back of this lovely dress. When a maxi goes all the way to the floor, it's a hell of a lot of fabric. So, we love when there is an interesting break in the design and shows a little skin. The composition of this resort must-have from Ondedemar is daring and beautiful with the lace-up back. Enjoy summer fashion this year in a way you never allowed yourself before. Be daring. Be great. We love that in a woman!  



What is more breathtaking, the scenery or the dress? Why choose when you can have both? That's what we thought when we took this shot of the dress's hem kissing the ocean waters. The perfect combination of vibrant colors and pure white, an energy that cannot be replicated or imitated! St Barth's is reputably star studded, a known hot spot for the rich and famous, but there's so much more to the island than celebrities and paparazzi. The beaches are inviting and unspoiled, scattered with palm trees against a backdrop of green hills. Our visit to this island created more photo opportunities than we could have ever imagined! 


Choose pieces that are photo worthy. Yes, when women comes to us for clothing we love to give them that extra bit of advice about which pieces photograph well. Why? Because when we feel really beautiful we want someone to pull out a camera and mark the occasion. Proof of all the effort we put into looking this damn good. We aren't going to guide you wrong here, when you know the selfies and group photos are coming, we want you in something that's going to photograph well. Engagement photos? Family photos? These are so important and this is why we are so dedicated to knowing our inventory so well. So dedicated that we'll even travel across oceans and photograph them amongst beach resorts to be able to give you the very best and most authentic advice *wink* 



Gone are the days of pushing the saying, "Live in the Moment" we can't afford to live in the moment anymore. We are adults, we have to worry about the future, we have to think about tomorrow and how today effects each day afterwards. We can't eat, drink, or smoke things without thinking about what the consequences are to our bodies. We don't get the luxury of using products that harm our earth because we are now thinking about our grandchildren and their children. We invest in quality clothing because we want to create a wardrobe that works together and works FOR us. Timeless pieces that we can mix and match and pair over and over thousands of times without effort or fuss. Knowing with confidence that we have planned well for our fashion's future! If you don't own a denim shirt- get your ass in here, we have just the one! White bikini? Check. Let's make sure you have your staples so your future self can thank you! 


I promise you, you'll have a hard time finding a more perfect white bikini. A total classic, this swimsuit will not let you down. Layer and pair to your heart's content and you'll never look less than perfect. A pair of raw hem denim shorts has us thinking of a country song and wanting to slip them off to go jumping into the waters... never underestimate the power of a great white bikini!  



It's a woman's responsibility to know when to cover up. Too many wandering eyes can be a big hint that it's a little too late. This is why we love having a cover up handy, but a denim dress takes this strategy a step further. Not only are you suddenly covered, but you're also looking effortlessly chic as if there were nothing to hide in the first place. 


When paradise is your playground, there is one overwhelming feeling - gratitude. We found ourselves in a state of appreciation. Thankful for the opportunity to get away on this destination shoot. Thankful for our supportive families that helped make this possible. Thankful for our health and our friendship. Grateful for our talents and drive that allow us to create beautiful images. And grateful that all the pieces came together for these beautiful moments. 



Many women are in that place where they want to wear a one piece but they don't want to look like they're borrowing their grandmother's swimwear. Not to sound too cocky, but we've kind of solved that with Ondedemar's perfectly cutout black swimsuit. This one can cover and still look cute which is why we are down to one single suit in stock. We've tried to get more, but these were a big hit and the designer couldn't keep them in stock either. I guess we weren't the only one's looking for a solution to this problem! Stay tuned for the next collection- you won't be disappointed! 


Teeny bikini's are perfect for minimizing tan lines, so they're great for days in the sun and spending time on the beach, so we recommend every woman have one in her summer arsenal!  Solid black goes with everything so you can layer up or down and not have to worry about a mis-match. Herein lies the problem, with so many options, how do you choose? A wardrobe that is too mix and matchable is a good problem to have. You can't really go wrong, but we love the denim shirt combo. This one has a lux look but is durable and dries quickly - thank you Blue Shirt Shop! You'll always have a place in our hearts, and in our closets! 



Sure the photos from our destination summer ad campaign photo shoot are all incredibly beautiful and breathtaking but what does it take to get that shot? Sometimes it's a lot trickier than you may realize. Here's a peek inside what it took to get the previous shot. There was barefooted climbing involved as well as slipping and falling and being slammed around by sneaky violent waves with some major vendetta. What we did to those waves, we'll never know, but they sure weren't going to let us get away with it. 


Someday that will sink in. Always be camera ready is our advice ! You never know when a camera is going to snap you.  Remember to never leave the house without your mascara on, your hair brushed and your butt covered, oh wait...  

This model is lucky to have a photographer that loves her and enjoys displaying different sides of her personality. Our little duo loves to tease each other as well as brag on each other's talents.  As we continue to grow and learn together, both of us educating ourselves to make the prettiest, most interesting and highest quality images that stand for our brands, each shoot gets better than the last. Where will we go next? 

White, Miranda Patchwork Lace Tunic- Ondademar

White, Miranda Patchwork Lace Tunic- Ondademar


We women do love a good tunic cover up, don't we? Some sleeves to keep the sun's rays off our skin and some length so we can walk around without being super self consious of the jiggle. A tunic style cover up is a great answer, especially one that has such a great pattern stitched right in. 


We want our sunscreen to be high performance so we can relax. Make your beauty products do all the hard work while you're on vacation- because that's really the point, isn't it? Our friends at Cle de Peau Beaute say, kick back and take it easy! Not only doe this sunscreen have a weightless, non-greasy texture that dries to a matte finish BUT  it helps prevent signs of aging while boosting the natural beauty of skin! That's what I'm talking about. Anti aging sun protection! Scientifically speaking (for just a quick moment, not long enough to bore you) it contains Thyme & Turmeric extracts to prevent DNA damage to cells that induce wrinkle formation. And we all know how important it is to shield our skin against UVA & UVB rays with SPF 50. We applied it first, under our makeup to ensure our skin appears softer, smoother & younger looking!



An unfashionable person who wears fashionable clothing... is fashionable. You are what you do. Our strategy is to arm you with secret weapons that are easy to wear and look amazing on YOUR body so you can look on point daily, with minimal stress! The black dress for summer lives in the fabulous fashion zone keeping you covered for numerous occasions. You customize with accessories and shoes to make it your own, but don't doubt yourself! You look amazing when you feel amazing!



Here we are, smack in the middle of the summer season and we are still slipping into our black dresses. Maybe it's a crutch, but why fight it? Black looks good on everyone, and you don't want to wear the same black dress over and over (big no no) so lets just make sure we have one for every day of the week.... at least. This one is tank style, but the feature that has us squealing "mine mine!" is the twisted knot at the hip- It accentuates curves with a summery flare. Dress it up or dress it down, but just know you have our full support to dress it! 


Black t-shirt and jeans. The lazy girl's go to uniform!  A nice relaxed v-neck from Only Hearts is a great basic, one of those essentials you'll keep handy for every day use. The jewelry is what makes this outfit standout tho- with such a blank canvas, it's easy to really rock a statement necklace. Take your style to the streets and really rock that cement runway! 



Unique jewelry makes us feel special. Wearing something that is different than what everyone else is wearing gives us an edge over the crowds of trendy fans. If you're one of those women who just can't sport the cookie cutter accessories that can be spotted a mile away, you're our kind of girl! You won’t have to worry about another woman pointing and saying, “hey I have that necklace too!”


Summer is the time to getaway with styles you can't rock any other time of year. Lightweight casual pieces that are just fun and flirty like this little black romper. It's playful and fun so if you're willing to rock some short shorts, we've got just the thing! The elastic waist give you a little drape for the top and the pockets give you something to do with your hands. Pair with some fashion sneakers for a look that's a bit on the sporty side but not too serious, or sparkly flats to enforce the playfulness. 



Look to nature for accessory inspiration and don’t hesitate to be more daring with a rock in place of a gemstone. I am not sure how many of you are a fan of the fearless looking dangle earrings, but if you have any doubts don’t worry because the modern minimalist designed jewelries are huge right now and they are a very mature and edgy way to make your outfits look chic and feminine. Furthermore, you can’t ever go over the top when you style them with simple black tanks or tees.


There's a reason why wrap styles are so in demand. The optical tickery of the fabric spiraling across the body has a slimming effect that's very flattering on every woman. Specifically, this top from Only Hearts really nails the style- with a perfect hourglass look that camouflages on our "non- skinny" days so we look on point when we're not feeling it. The flare doesn't stop at just the shirt's hem- the sleeves have some flow to them which carries the forward with cohesiveness. Paired with jeans, it's a nice dressy casual look that easily boosts confidence whether you're headed out with friends or business associates. If you're raising an eyebrow to the plunging neckline - we can solve that. Only Heart's So Fine collection can be layered, so add the tank under this top because they're made from the exact same material! Fashion faux-pas avoided! 



Get your Omega-3s with this salmon colored top. Okay, it might not actually work that way, but lets go with it regardless. Summer colors add that something special to your ensemble and give you a break from the sea of neutrals. Yes we have this top in black, but breakaway and you'll thank yourself for adding fun to your closet! It will only take a few compliments, which will come quickly and easily, for you to realize you made the right choice. 


Spiraling around the wrist, this pretty little rose gold bracelet pairs perfectly with your new summer colors. We love the bigger stones that act as end caps, it's that something extra we were looking for to complete the finishing touches of this somewhat basic look. Find something dazzling to add to your day!



The tank dress in red... when you have a choice between color or black we can sympathize when your heart is begging for both. The red is feisty tho, isn't it? And the design is more visible in color where the seams and details get lost in black. Our favorite feature? The sexy twist and slit at the hip - it has a sweet summer vibe with a nod to sultry sarong styles. So you'll be subconsciously sporting a beach look and have everyone else daydreaming of the song of the waves.


The white gold collection from our jewelry designer is brilliant against the boldly saturated red of this dress. We loved the energy it created, when there are so many metals to choose from, it became a game of what are we feeling today? The highlights were uplifting and it just felt right to pair these together on a hot summer day with the sun shining at full force.