FASHION Will Find You, But STYLE is More Elusive


Nothing good ever came from bad style. But good style? I mean, who can ever regret looking fabulous? Chic? Elegant? Tasteful? Start with a simple white v-neck and create a clean an elegant style that will have everyone wondering "how does she do it?" Simple doesn't translate as boring when you're owning a style that you feel confident in. So rock the timeless tee shirt and jeans look, but choose high quality pieces that fit well. Thats the key.



We continue our love affair with white throughout the summer and straight up until the very cusp of fall. Keeping it bright and using accessories as highlights to our glowing summer tans - the pearls just fall right in line with our overall vision. White on white not only represents a simple aesthetic but classic beauty.


Animal print is nothing new, so it's hard to put a modern twist on an old favorite. However, why reinvent the wheel? Animal prints work, they're timeless, interesting, and should be used to add a little spice in your outfit. Going black and white, Majestic does tiger stripe in their soft touch, satisfying all of our cravings! 



Patterns love to peek from beneath solids. It adds to the allure of an ensemble. If you feel the patter is just too busy, but you're looking for a way to step up your style and take a break from color blocking and wearing solids day after day- try layering.  A jacket, a cardigan or a blazer will set you up nicely to show a slice of your new pattern. While we tried to tone down the tiger with this leather jacket, what resulted - I think- is the jacket sort of stealing the show! Beautiful feminine lines are ultra flattering with the flare at the hips and wrists. Uncomplicated enough to wear as dressy or casual, this moto jacket has the modern edge of today's jacket but will remain timeless for decades! 


The lazy girl's uniform consists of the simple black tee shirt and jeans. You can rely on this look for a huge range of occasions - lunch dates, girls nights, errand running, shopping, travel days, you get the picture. It's chic and makes us feel comfortable and confident. We all look good in black, it's flattering and camouflaging and flexible. Just add accessories and super cute shoes and you're on your way out the door! 



This is the leather jacket that is less jacket and more... say cardigan. So lightweight, we can't even classify it as "outerwear" because we definitely enjoy wearing it inside. Wear it as a bad ass layering piece that enhances your look with the statement neutral color. I believe taupe is very underrated. With the perfect balance of warm and cool, it can be styled with so many different pieces in your current wardrobe. 

You have a black leather jacket. I get it. But, do you have a taupe leather jacket? The answer is... not yet. See you soon. *wink*


Squares have never looked so cool! Three little glamorous shapes hang softly from their post, making a big impact with minimal weight. They don't tug or pull, but they sparkle so bright- glimmering in the light. These earrings are for ladies who want something that's not so girly and we're always claiming that we have something for everyone... so these really satisfy a need in a lot of our clients proving exactly our point! 



The button down has never felt so good. Leave it to Majestic to give us an essential that appears understated at first - but is easy to obsess over! Like heaven on the skin, their soft touch fabrics keep us craving more and more until there's nothing left in our closets but their deluxe tees. This one just happens to have that special something that allows a range of style options from casual to business. We nailed it with a monochrome ensemble, using the element of grey denim, a grey belt and gunmetal accessories. 


Gunmetal accessories on black. YES PLEASE! This is one of those #styletips that will help you upgrade from fashionable to stylish. The dark metal is romantic and elusive creating an air of mystery around the woman who agrees and goes for it. Add gunmetal to your fashion formula and you'll get a stylish result! Finish it off with a red lip for a knockout look.



One thing we've learned when styling pieces for our clients, is never underestimate the power of layering. Don't be afraid to cross over pieces in your closet and pair them together like we did with this Majestic button down and white Herve dress! It takes a sultry cocktail dress and minimizes the plunging neckline to a less baring style when Majestic is introduced into the picture. Gain more coverage and more longevity from your investments this way. 


Who isn't in love with the ombre trend? We have a new appreciation for the fade-to-black look. This dusty ombre keeps you in the neutral family if you're wanting to avoid color. There are days that feels the the right thing to do. I just can't get myself to wear a bright pop of color when it's cloudy or drizzly outside. Paired with blue denim, the sweater stands away from the jeans, which we thought was a pretty cool effect. Because of the grey persuasion of the sweater, we felt obligated to accessorize in gunmetal. This has a cooling effect which is an intriguing complement to the two-tone top. 



The long earring was invented to fish for compliments. If you're going to wear accessories that make such a statement, then you know you're going to have people looking at them. Choose something you like that is attention grabbing, and soak up the compliments. Just be sure to mention where you got it so we can help your friends find their perfect accessories, too! 


Flowy and fitted compliment each other so well. KZ's silk tunic cami is has that easy carefree drape that we all wish we could live by. Simple and laid back, this top has only one rule it abides by- look gorgeous. It falls from the shoulders like a luxurious waterfall and with a hi-lo hem, you have got an easy style that will look great over jeans, pants or a skirt- but balance it with a fitted lower half. Skinny jeans, leggings or pencil skirt is what we would suggest. It provides a stylish balance that others will applaud! 



A very simple, lightweight silk top finds it's balance with a long pendant. While it's still simple, lacking in erroneous extras, the necklace is a roman clock, so it promotes the "timeless" look, while the balance is achieved.  It was a tough choice, but we liked silver accessories with this dove colored silk top because gunmetal looked too dark for daytime and other warmer golds clashed with the cool tone.  


This oatmeal colored tee would have Goldie locks' approval for certain! A neutral top that is just the right amount of everything: short sleeved to the perfect length, relaxed fit that gives you room in all the right places and accentuating the rest, and the Crew neck you have been dying to rock the "modest is hottest look" with. It's all around Perfect for days when you just want to be extra medium! 



Some trends make us shudder and we just can't get on board. For example... fringe. We see fringe on boots and jackets, tops and leggings and it really causes us to turn away. Women are rocking it tho, they're loving the trend and confident about it. We found a way to compromise.... Rather than fight the current, ride the wave. So we get our metal fix and give a nod to the fringe lovers. This long necklace has a rock and roll vibe - and that is something we can get behind! With it's simple and edgy style it fits the aesthetic we promote and bridges the gap to the fringe trend. But not too much... 


We all run around, trying to cram it all in while the days feel like they're getting shorter and shorter all the time. We want to remind you to push the pause button and take some time for yourself. Our store is set up as a welcoming getaway for women who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Join us in our happy place - we're happy to provide you a much needed break, and probably a cocktail too! 



Casual can be done with glam and sparkle- just take your basics and make them shine by elevating them to the next level. Comfortable sneakers with metallic accents tie into the shimmering accessories and make the tiger stripes look utterly fierce in this t-shirt and jeans look! Why choose boring when you can choose to bring it on? This outfit is perfect for days that you need to be on your feet a lot and flats are much appreciated ! 


Whether it's flare or flair - add it! Our accessories give off such intense sparkle, they catch the light and throw it right back, causing little light flares in photos, like this one. Believe it or not, your flair is what personalizes your style.  You may  have an outfit you love, but it looks generic and lost without the anchor of specific, personal style. This requires your special touch- so take a few accessories and update your look for a fashion statement that is sure to look so very genuinely YOU!



An oversized shirt, with fitted sleeves gives a cape look and feel that's roomy and flowy.  If you're curvy or big busted, you may find baggy and boxy clothes intimidating. Seeing this style on a model is one thing, but you wonder if it’ll look wonky on your own body.  While we promote dressing for your body, lately we have come across relaxed, oversized styles that look good on literally any body type–from the ultra skinny, to plus sized and proud–and we are so excited about it. It’s time to take the plunge and try this top that honestly can be styled awesomely no matter what kind of body type you have. This charcoal colored cape style shirt from Majestic is an example that you might want to add to your wish list. Over a shimmer tank and skinny jeans, there's a balanced that looks effortless and chic, achieving that elusive intended style!