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Thank you for coming to our blog! We strive to illustrate style, educate on fit, and inspire fashion. In our photos, clothes become an outer reflection of the private inner world, the words practical meditations on style are really metaphors for how to live authentically and well. At face value- we want you to look great- but,  more importantly, we want you to feel great! This dress, like each on in this blog, is hand selected because of it's unique features and how it benefits the feminine form and encourages prosperity in the mind. The metallic copper bands create an illusion that intrigues the eye and amuses the senses.  Choose this dress if you want to be nothing less than striking.  


You could very well wear the same little black dress to every party this year, but what's the fun in that? If your calendar is speckled with occasions to make an impression, choose a few that are worth upping the ante, and use it as a reason to get yourself a new party dress and some kick ass accessories, too! The opportunity to pair gunmetal and rose gold to match this dress was much too enticing, so boy did we indulge! Stacks and stacks of bangles in rose gold and gunmetal paired with a statement ring are in perfect harmony with this dress. You may catch yourself wondering about the amount of bangles, "how many is too many?" well, that depends.... how long are your arms? 



As tempting as it may be to curl up in some lounge pants and binge watch the Netflix this weekend, sometimes you have to surprise your introvert side and get out! Events, fundraisers, company parties, the list is stacking up and you will need (or rather, *want*) something new. This Herve dress is among our favorites- thoroughly non-cliche, sequin-free iterations; and, of course, the requisite metallic detail.The plunging neckline is daring, the hardware accents alluring, yet all wrapped up in a fun and flirty silhouette that's perfect for a night of dancing.  All that's left to do is turn heads with your pretty new number!


There's so much beauty to behold- on a special night out, you don your favorite party dress and pay extra special attention to makeup application - maybe even get professional help when it comes to hair. With a dress like this, and the extra effort that goes into looking your best- we really want your accessories to help you really shine, NOT to steal the show entirely. To avoid being a distraction, we chose simple but unique earrings that add to the look and help finish it off. These gold earrings feature a front/back style that's very #ontrend right now. With half polished, half encrusted in diamonds, it's no wonder we felt these earrings were perfect for balancing out the look!



A single hue in deep blue is anything but boring! Just because Herve went with one color doesn't mean this dress is going to draw a collection of yawns. The interest is in the detail of the design- the sweeping v-neck and sheer panels adding the much appreciated peekaboo of skin. When selecting Herve pieces to feature in-store, we think about our customers and their needs. Yes, there are some who rely on their Herve to be show-stopping and skimpy, but more coveted are the styles that satisfy our desire to look beautiful and feel secure. We wade through pools of designs as we select the very best ones that we know our clients will appreciate. The goal being to provide a range of options any woman can enjoy on her night out!


Here's a #stylesecret for today - if you're going on camera, whether professionally, headshots, or just an event where you know you'll be photographed- you'll want something in a single color. Multiple colors and patters are distracting, that's just photography 101. Secondly, nice details near the face add interest, which is why we love the sweet scalloped edging and tiny sheer stripes lining the neckline of this dress. This is the kind of dress that draws attention and earns appreciation. We liked the soft dangle earring in antique gold because it looks so nice with navy and matches the dress well.



One of the things that Karolina Zmarlak can really nail is jackets. She knows how to design some really bad ass outerwear, and we aren't getting bored of styling them either! The navy and black stretch knit jacket is ultra sophisticated with it's completely reversible and open front design. Because it can be worn as a jacket or sweater, it's the ultimate layering piece. Stack it over a tank and under a leather jacket - just keep adding pieces for a supreme "KZ Approved Style" and you'll be having onlookers wondering, where did she get that??


Give yourself the credit you deserve for having amazing style! Why reach for boring old blouses when what you really want to do is add a little shimmer to your day? Only Hearts shimmer tops not only look dazzling, but they (thankfully) feel great too! How many times have you brought home something knit with sparkle only to find it much too abrasive to get through a whole day - scratching the hell out of your skin? Don't do that to yourself, I cringe just typing that out. These tops are still soft and full of shimmer. You've seen our tanks and our long sleeve tees, but this new style - a plunging knot front is fresh and new! We can't wait to see how you wear it!




Soft blues have their place in our style diaries where white is just, you know, too much. I love white as much as the next girl, but it's not always appropriate (like when you're not the bride) So, when you're feeling like a light color- maybe it goes with the theme of the event, or maybe you want to show off your tan, perhaps you have some beautiful blue eyes that would complement.  Whatever the reason, reach for something in this soft pastel shade and watch your style really pop!


Glow with joy and confidence! We know that mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health and it shows. When a woman is taking care of herself, inside and out,  she shines brighter with a beauty you can't buy. A positive outlook is prettier than anything in our jewelry case, but we might as well accessorize it well and make that smile shine extra bright! Earrings have a way of lighting up your face, on top of the natural glow of course, so we always encourage our followers to don the earrings, never skip this step! #libertetipoftheday



Some ponchos lack creativity and design, but the craftsmanship of this poncho can only be executed by the talented eye of Karolina Zmarlak. Generous folds at the neck look both effortless and cool, plus it won't set off your mild Pnigerophobia. Which is great, because no one likes freaking out thinking they're being choked. #liberteloves the pockets! Our favorite feature on this wearable blanket top. In order to wear this at the level intended we needed to accessorize with some statement jewelry. A long necklace to breakup the boxy-ness and some heavy earrings for balance. Voila! 


Some of the best outfits are the ones you can really play in. Just to feel like you can seize the opportunity to really let go. The freedom of style means expressing yourself, and sometimes that means clothing that doesn't restrict you! Cropped denim so you can kick off your shoes and splash around, but a nice warm poncho to ward off the chill. This isn't just any poncho, this is Karolina Zmarlak, designs from the streets of NYC to keep us looking ultra fabulous ... and with pockets!! Isn't everything better with pockets? 



This one shoulder dress is a sophisticated and dramatic look that can stand out no matter what the occasion is. The asymmetry of the neckline, sheer and solid variations through the bandage and the solid hue add a touch of uniqueness and class. So, if you're looking to be noticed without having to shout, this one will save your vocal chords. One shoulder dress are an athlete favorite since they bring highlight to toned shoulders.  And Herve always does it with a twist- just enough of an update to keep us wanting more, it's the perfect evening wear that can surely make you look more than just sensual. 


Accessorizing this dress is fun because you get to skip the necklace and pretty much wear any earring you want. Seriously, try it. It's tough to go wrong on this one. How fun to be able to wear those earrings you think are so difficult to pair with an outfit?? Put a little wind under your sails and choose something dangly and clustered with sparkle. We also recommend a few bangles to make up for the lack of a necklace. It will balance the lower half to the top half. Sparkle on!



Lucky you! Some times taking a wrong turn helps you find hidden gems! You ended up bumping into this sneak peek of fall KZ... One of the sweaters our clients started going crazy over months ago when Karolina was here with her samples. The ultra long sleeves make it snuggle worthy and the mock neck is city chic. Fall fashion perfection comes in the form of cashmere sweaters - stay tuned for more amazing designs from KZ and Christopher Fischer!

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