wan·der·lust /wändərˌləst/ (n) a strong desire to travel. "she was consumed by wanderlust"



Everyone has probably has it - the impulse to venture into the unknown. To leave the daily grind and see something different and new. Find a way to escape - those consumed by wanderlust are the ones who drive change in the world. And, you can look fabulous doing it! If your adventure is calling, pack your travel friendly pieces - a button down shirt is perfect because it layers for chilly flights or breezy nights out on the town. It's causal and fun with it's contrast lining, viewable when the sleeves are rolled, the perfect shirt for exploring a new city - or, rediscovering and old favorite! 


Be spontaneous with your accessories! When your shirt says "boyfriend" your jewelry should compensate for the masculine touch with plenty of girly glamour. The long dangle earring, clusters of shimmer and chains is cool enough to wear with plaid, but still beautiful enough to pair with a LBD. This is why we love the flexibility of gunmetal jewelry. It goes everywhere with you!



What do you want to gain when traveling? Traveling is more than just leaving your home, it means becoming more open minded towards different cultures, it means gaining patience and even refining problem solving skills - because we all know things don't always go perfectly as planned! This look was to be photographed at in interior location, but the unforeseen circumstance landed us on the city street, which was a beautiful and even more perfect backdrop for these colors. A sleeveless button up shirt, tucked or tied with a mini skirt is an update to office chic when boring workwear just isn't doing it for you! Strut around in something unexpected - a power look you didn't even know you had!


Travel plans will help your trip go more smoothly, from booking your flight to your accommodations, you'll want to do some planning ahead of time so you don't cause yourself extra stress. Yes, spontaneity is exciting, but you don't need the complications of sold out hotels or over booked flights. Anyone who travels frequently knows there are enough complications that seem to come out of nowhere all on their own! We coordinated and planned the accessories to match the blues stripes in this top just to give the outfit a nice "intentional" look. The thought really does count, so when you put effort into looking good you will never regret it! 



People change when traveling, you learn to get out of your comfort zone, you experience wonderful moments and meet new people along the way. The feeling is hard to describe, but hitting the road is a great way to grow internally. You may find yourself more open to different kinds of fashion as you absorb your new surroundings. Finding new ways to style your current outfit with inspiration around you. As we walked down the city streets, we felt compelled to tie the two ends of this shirt for something more interesting. A little knot at the hip is feminine and cute- the perfect addition to this sleek long sleeve from Majestic. 


When it comes to blues, navy is a given as a spring and summer color but here's the twist, navy is widely being accepted as an alternate to black. It flatters more skin tones because it's less harsh, yet is just as sophisticated. We are thrilled to see more navy becoming prominent throughout the rest of the year.  While in the summer months, we are rocking it with crop denim and open toed shoes!



Wanderers travel for no reason but to follow the urges in their hearts and to pacify the restlessness in their souls. Discover the unique and the new in our latest shipment from Majestic! This dark crimson color, which they're calling "bordeaux" comes in a variety of styles including this long sleeve v neck an essential that will take you all the way into fall and beyond! Beautiful on so many skin tones, the warmth of the wine colored top looks deep and rich paired with distressed denim. There's nothing easier than Majestic and denim, a theory many of our clients absolutely swear by! (as proven by the mad rush of shoppers each time we receive new inventory!)


Everytime I travel I recognize how fortunate I am to have the perfect travel uniform. The combination of Majestic tees and DL1961 denim satisfies every requirement from feeling comfortable to looking fabulous. There's nothing easier than pairing these two together - the color blocking being the simplist of styles and both designers having a range of colors and styles available to choose from. You can build up your collection until you have a hue for every day of the week, month... year?! Okay, 365 majestic tops may be too many... I'm only saying "may" I'm not in a position to tell anyone they have to many Majestic tops!  #liberteloves DL1961 - the top reason being the comfort of the fit. It feels like you're in yoga pants, while looking like you're fully dressed! It just doesn't get any better than that. 



Indulge ... enjoy fine things. You deserve it. Fly first class, upgrade to a suite, add a nice glass of wine to dinner, wear silk.  It doesn't have to be loud and obnoxious because you're not doing it for the show of it - you're spoiling yourself, it's not about others. What we love about this v-neck tee is that it's a fine top, made from 94% french silk so you get that luxury but in a casual looking striped shirt that most people wouldn't stop to stare at. They will however recognize the quality and craftsmanship because it has an unmistakable look of something really nice. 


Traveling will make a person evolve. Each new experience adds to our personality, our character grows and we become rounder and more versatile. If there's something we love, it's versatility! With accessories like these, so versatile, you can travel with less and use them more. The classic stud and complementary necklace in silver shines bright but simple so it's perfect for daily wear. They keep the attention drawn to your face and your eyes rather than causing distraction. Just what you're looking for if your goal is to be the real show, rather than statement jewelry. 



Denim on Denim seems harder to pull off than it really is. We've all seen cringe worthy looks, but there are a few key elements to follow if you want to achieve the "Do This" nod rather than the "Not This" shake.  As a general rule, lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect. For many women this means that dark denim jeans, and a lighter denim top. Avoid the fateful denim overload moment by balancing your look with exposed skin, like we did with this sleeveless number and importantly don't go too matchy-matchy- you want to avoid wearing the same wash or weight on top and bottom. 


Something about distressed denim (ripped jeans, or shirts with a raw hem) just lends itself well to the denim on denim look. So don’t be afraid to rock this look. Also, dress up your double denim! We encourage you to elevate your outfit with luxe-looking items including statement heels, a long gold necklace, or a fabulous red lip.



Daydreaming is a short term detachment from one's immediate surroundings. What happens is, a person's contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by fantasy.  Happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, fill your mind and are imagined as experienced while awake. An imagination is a powerful tool and harnessing it is an important skill. People who daydream have a higher chance of making their dreams become a reality. They see it, they create opportunities and recognize the possibility of fulfillment when it materializes! Sucess, Love, Happiness - dream on! 

Where to next? #wanderlust #freedomofstyle #givemeliberte #travel #instatravel  #instatrip   #instago  #instapassport   #traveldiary   #travelagain

Where to next?
#wanderlust #freedomofstyle #givemeliberte #travel #instatravel #instatrip #instago#instapassport #traveldiary #travelagain


Life is a journey, so enjoy each twist and turn it takes you on. Focus on the experience, the memorable details and special moments. This striking ensemble is meant for those moments that you want to confidently move forward. Black and white can be powerful, especially in a structured top by Karolina Zmarlak. We love styling her pieces. There's so much you can showcase about them - from casual to dressy. This style demonstrates how chic it can be belted and worn over a pencil skirt with some kick ass Prada heels. 



Look more powerful in this white Oculus top from Karolina Zmarlak. We accessorized with gunmetal and pearls not only because we love monochromatic looks, but to really emphasize the theme. Pearls, of course, are formed when a particle or irritant works its way into an oyster. As a defense mechanism, a fluid is used to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating is cast until a lustrous pearl is formed. We love how this story relates to life. Be the one who creates something beautiful out of something irritating. 


Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting challenges overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes. Make your comeback in a miniskirt and denim top for a big statement. This look calls for confidence and certainty, the kind that comes from experience. Denim tops aren't just for dressing down anymore - this amazing piece is so striking, we had to see it with a mini skirt and pairing denim with burgundy felt like the best possible combination. Two deep colors, fully saturated and looking riche - create a look worth rising in.



When we see multi-chain necklaces instantly feel cooler. They're edgy and have attitude, the chains say "I cannot be bound" and we support that message. Break free and go if you need to, everyone needs to just take off sometimes. While you're out, stay #ontrend with accessories from LIBERTÉ!  


There's a sense of freedom and independence that will overcome you as you flit about the country. Don't be restricted by your choice of wardrobe! The relaxed fit raglan top from Majestic has the perfect amount of drape to keep you free from restriction and unbound! And there's almost no color we love more than this rich bordeaux. It's beautiful and refreshing this time of year after a summer of bright colors. We are ready to tone it down with deeper hues for fall. Join us? 



Curiosity - maybe not so good if you're a cat - but it certainly enhances and prolongs the life of humans. Staying curious about the world around you excersizes your brain and keeps you youthful no matter your age. So continue to dream and imagine a better life to flex your most amazing muscle! If you're curious about what to wear- check our blogs and our instagram for more style inspiration. We love creating outfits and photographing them for something to refer back to later. It helps us give a visual guide that not only do we love to use ourselves but provide to clients as well!


People aren't born with good taste, it's something that the lucky ones develop over time.  While some people are fortunate enough to have direct influence, perhaps a stylish mother or a prominent group of friends to help refine their taste, others absorb the rules and guidelines through magazines, articles and ads that speak the language of style. What we are born with (or not) is the ability to translate and apply that language.  If you're not fluent, thankfully that's where we come in! With gorgeous, high quality and unique pieces to choose from, we'll help you build daily looks that can fool anyone *wink*



Accessories are the finishing touches to your outfit. Like icing on a cake! And sticking with that metaphor, when we are younger we are only interested in the icing, but as we grow we learn to appreciate more of the substance and the treat in it's entirety as it was intended. Each layer complementing the next. Choose jewelry that you appreciate alone, yes, but more when it's enjoyed together with the rest of the ensemble. 


Maybe she was born with it... maybe she's got Majestic. Either way, she's got something special!  What's so special about this dark denim top is that it's made from 94% silk which makes it so much better than just a tee shirt. We like the 94, because it's less stress than running around town in 100% silk, worrying about the precious fabric every other moment "what if I sweat in it? What if I spill something? What if my front tuck puts too much stress on the fabric and pulls it out of form??" Worry less, and wear more! Be carefree and have fun, don't let your clothes hold you back!