Upstyle Inspiration to Reduce your Closet Footprint


Upstyling, also known as creative fashion reuse, is the process of transforming single wardrobe pieces, special occasion wear, casual wear, or uninspiring pieces into new styles or outfits of better quality and increasing wearablity. It's also a word we totally made up, but not only for the purposes of finding a fun and clever way to pitch our ideas to you - but to give this theory a witty name and a chance to explain what it is and how to apply it in your own life! 

Starting here at an amazing cocktail dress that has all the attention grabbing qualities you want for a special event. The deep color and metallic finish is unique enough to stand out in a crowd and draw compliments from your table and beyond, and the cut of the dress makes it a great starting point for layering and upstyling. Stick around for inspiration on how to rewear this beauty and really get the best ROI for this designer dress.


Play on the jewel tones with this rich colored denim shirt that becomes a brilliant layering piece adding the coverage of sleeves but also the playful, casual vibes of the girl next door. There are so many ways to bring a denim shirt into your daily style needs. Repurpose and reuse your denim shirt and enjoy your newfound stylish creations! When you wear it over a dress, you have the option to tie it at the waist, or wear it long. #libertestyletip Tie it at the waist if you're long waisted, or wear it long and belt it if you're short waisted. 



You can do this yourself. You can create a whole new look with interesting layers, textures, colors and finishes by using this technique. Don't box yourself into thinking your cocktail dress can only be worn one way. Or your sporty outerwear has to be worn another certain way. When you pull from a consistent color palette and choose a cohesive silhouette, your finished product will be the satisfying result of a creation all your own.


Skirts bring out the feminine beauty in every lady but we always have an uncertainty about which top would look fabulous with the different styles of skirts. As the skirts come in wide range, the idea of picking right top always becomes a challenging task. As always your worries end with us! We understand your needs and concerns, so we are prepared with ideas . Skirts are by nature youthful, so adding a high quality vest and turning your outfit into a 3 piece suit, matures the look to fit the woman. 



The long pendant necklace pulls this look together seamlessly with all the vertical lines we are creating. It's chic and polished and takes your denim shirt from oridnary to extraordinary ! 


The little black mini skirt. It makes your legs look great -the shorter, the better- trust us, you can get away with the micro by wearing tights) and tie it all together with a black fur vest for a perfect color scheme. Gorgeous. Layer and accessorize to your hearts desire because you've filled your closet with fabulous pieces and you should wear them! Don't get stuck in thinking that you can only wear your favorites a certain way. Mixing it up different ways helps you wear them more frequently



The shirtdress that's totally date night worthy! Don't be boxed into thinking this can only be worn casually - accessorized with a beautiful belt, elegant earrings, fun tights and really nice boots for a "wow" evening look!  


In a world still churning out trendy throw-away fashion pieces at breakneck speed, the idea of upstyled or refashioned outfits can be an anomaly. But it is a trend we are completely on board with and is one of the most sustainable things people can do with their wardrobe. As upstyling makes use of multiple pieces, it often keeps some of your less frequently worn items in the rotation! Pop the collar of your shirt dress over this magenta leather shell from deisgner Karlolina Zmarlak to turn this top from chic shirt to bad ass vest! 



Chic. Modern. And can make just about any outfit cute? Yes, we're talking about denim shirts here. We love this trend and we are super excited to style it so many ways in one blog! It can go with a spring, summer, or fall outfit but we're giving inspiration for our best winter season looks! Notice how this cool skirt would look fine with either of these top options, but using both elevates the entire look and comes off ultra fashionable. The combination of textures, layers and lines is applause worthy! 


Herve knit cocktail dresses are glamorous and festive for holiday events. But many pieces, if you choose right, can be worn year round and to a variety of occasions. There are few colors that look fantastic on nearly every skin tone- and burgundy is one of them. It's a deep jewel tone, but it's not too dark or too light to single out anyone's coloring. Highly regarded as a fall color, we've enjoyed styling this one year round- it can be brightened up by pastel pinks for spring or light wash denim for summer and black or gunmetal for winter. 



Firstly, you must know that the most important thing about denim shirts is that you have to wear the right size. Keep them fitted and I'd opt for a tight waist to keep your curves looking beautiful. We love to use a slim metallic belt and tie it to the side for that intentional accessorized look! Secondly, if you're wearing a dress, you have the option to tie it at the waist or leave it long and belt it. Be mindful of the silhouette you're creating and be kind to your feminine curves! 


As we move into the new year, layering will be going strong and Upstyling fits the look perfectly. Take your look next level by coordinating accessories with your outfit. Keep reaching for matching colors and build an outfit that has multiple pieces in each for an inspirational Upstyle created exclusively by you! 



When we see women wearing denim dresses or tops, we shake our heads sympathetically because we know that they just want to look cute, and they're making themselves suffer for it. Stiff, unforgiving denim that wears you- rather than you wearing it- is not necessary! This is why the fashion gods created DL1961 and gave them the freedom to move into denim tops and dresses. So we can have beautiful soft fabrics that drape across our bodies and show off our figures, too!


Upstyling is a way of styling an outfit to make it better than the individual pieces on their own. In this example, the gorgeous cashmere blazer and denim dress are paired together and refashioned to create an unexpected and modern twist on the classic combo. You'll look smart and stylish and leave your friends wondering, "why didn't I think of that?" We used the denim dress's own belt to wrap around the blazer rather than searching for something to coordinate. Tights and chocolate brown leather boots incorporate warm neutrals we all love.