Moment of Radiance

What makes you feel beautiful? Exquisite radiant skin sets the tone for our day ahead, and no one knows beauty like Clé de Peau. Give your complexion everything it needs for beautiful clarity and exceptional beauty, with their five-minute morning regimen!



|  STEP ONE  |

Purify with cleansing foam for your skin type.

Healthy radiant skin starts with the perfect cleanse.Use the softening cleansing foam or the clarifying cleansing foam as the first step in your daily routine, and after removing makeup in your night routine. 

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|  STEP TWO  |

Soften and balance to promote clarity.

Balance isn't just for yoga class, your skin needs balancing too! Add a balancing lotion (Hydro-Softening Lotion or Hydro-Clarifying Lotion) to your skincare regimen to balance & brighten your skin. Apply with cotton as a part of your morning and nighttime regimen, after cleansing.




Add light hydration or opt for rich, intensive moisture.

Use protective fortifying emulsion (light weight) or protective fortifying cream (intensive) each morning, and help the daytime defense of your skin. Moisturizers absorb more easily and quickly after cleansing, and balancing your skin. Hydrate your skin with moisturizers, your skin will love you for it. Note: even oily skin needs to be hydrated!




Protect skin from UV and environmental pollutants with our multi-benefit suncare. 

Sun protection for the face should be in your daily skincare regimen, use as the final step of morning skincare when applying to face and neck. Apply before base makeup.

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We all lead stressful lives and need to restore some life to our stressed out skin... this sheet mask is just the thing we reach for: