Denim: a Love Affair that Never Ends

Denim is a love affair that never ends. But it really isn't about it being a wardrobe staple, or how easy it is to wear, or how it makes us look (but I will say, my booty has never looked better as it does in denim). Our love of denim extends so much further: in some ways, denim is a part of our pysché or self-identity, and it touches us on an emotional level, giving us the feeling that we can conquer the world!

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We asked our clients what words they would use to describe how denim made them feel:

Bold // Chic // Confident // Fierce // Feminine // Empowered

In reality, it isn't about a certain article of clothing that a woman wears that makes her feel capable of conquering the world, but denim is universally adored by woman as providing a sudo transformative power within us - thus giving us a that little boost of confidence, which is why so many of us like to keep our favorite pairs close to our heart (and hands).

Our closet would be in a sad state of affairs without denim that properly hugs our curves in just the right places. But even a "perfect" pair of jeans can fall prey to sagging, bagging, and fading if they aren’t cared for properly. We know that not all people have yet converted over to our obsession with DL1961, so we wanted to address how to combat some common Denim Dilemmas we hear most frequently (albeit, usually about other denim brands).


If a jean stretches out then it is made out of fabric that doesn't have good recovery (e.g. think circa 1990s and prior). These jeans are typically made from 100% cotton, and won't bounce back. But it is important to note that even if the tag says it has Lycra or Spandex, it might not be enough or a high enough quality. That’s why we love DL1961's smart denim! It is engineered for all-day comfort; it boasts state-of-the-art fit and shape retention, regardless of what you do in them. If you are looking at other denim brands, then I would look for verbiage on the tags that says something about "stretch recovery”. 


Okay, we all want a little fading in our denim to reap the benefits of “denim contouring” but no one wants their jeans to look faded out all over! Let’s talk about what gives your denim that lovely color, Indigo: it is a natural dye and technically it’s built to fade, but to reduce the amount of fading you can do the following when washing: (1) Turn your jeans inside out; (2)Wash your denim in cold water; (3) Hang to dry. Some say that they "set the indigo" by putting a quarter cup of vinegar in the wash to try and hold the indigo dye in the jeans longer. You can do that, or you can just wash them with The Laundress Denim Wash - and I feel like that does an even better job without the smell :/ In between washes, you can steam your denim to kill any bacteria or odor and protects the indigo shade. The combination of cold water and turning your denim inside out will help preserve dark indigo rinses.


I'm going to be be really honest here, STOP putting your denim in the dryer. Denim, as with most clothing, disintegrates the more you wash it because the rinse cycles can be very abrasive, and the heated dryer is even worse for them. If you feel that your denim is too tight after drying them is completely dependent on the fabric of your jeans (e.g. “stretchy” jeans should feeling tight, since the fabric isn’t as rigid or stiff to begin with). However, if your jeans don't offer much in the way of stretch, then simply wear them around the house for 3o minutes or to warm them up and mold them into your perfect shape. All this being said, will you please just air-dry your denim?!


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