Workwear | The Essential Blazer

With a variety available, you would think that it would be easy to find, but in reality, it’s so not! It can’t be just any black blazer… it needs to be a fabulous cut that is comfortable and makes us feel powerful! 

What do we look for? Construction, Tailoring, Fabric, and Touch. We also look for those little details too that make it both timeless, yet current. 

A blazer, is a blazer, is a blazer - but it’s not. A single blazer won’t be a “one size fits all” for all your dressing needs, but we have a few suggestions to make your life a little easier, regardless of your work style. 



With the addition of the gold zipper on the ankle, you get that sophisticated metal detailing that elevates your black jeans. We know you're always trying to find new styles for the office and this one is #liberteapproved 


There are times you need to put your super ego in play, and you will need a power suit! Pair your blazer with matching fabric slacks for a look that commands respect. Add a simple top underneath to keep is classic, or a wrap top to add a feminine detail. 



We've learned that you can wear almost anything under a blazer from the predictable blouse or button down, to the slinky cami (as long as you plan on staying in the jacket all day at the office!) and other tanks and tops. You can sport a print or go solid, but take a look at how we used a mix of fabrics like this asymmetrical sheer long sleeve. Sheer grabbed a hold of us a while ago and is making its way into our styles from weekend to weekday!


Refined and stylish, we’re in love with this versatile trouser that works with everything. Flattering and forgiving, the tapered leg is perfectly slim. Dress up, dress down, wear all over town.



Work meeting? Pair with our vivid, red slacks for a look that shows our are there to get it done.

Date night? Play up that edgy trim down the arms, and complete your look with a casual half-tuck and killer hills.

Saturday errands? This blouse has just the right amount of drape to wear untucked and still look polished.

As a matter of fact, there’s literally not a single occasion this blouse isn’t perfect for. 


There is no such thing as a stay-at-home mom anymore, those ladies are so busy they rarely even see the home during the day! For these women who are on the move 24/7, they value pieces that give them maximum flexibility. Pair your blazer with leggings, denim, or even a dressy pair of shorts to create outfits that reflect your juggling multiple hats!



There’s never been a better moment to do your own thing, and if you are going to be launching your own business, consider using the blazer as your ideal armor as you blaze a new trail! Owning your own business requires a bit of creativity, so let your blazer be a clean slate of which to build upon - add a cash of color here and there from time to time to add a bit of personality - pair with ripped jeans for date night - or throw over a dress for a bit of refined style. 


Whenever you go, go boldly. If you're going out - go even bolder. It's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, that's our motto. Well, one of them. We seem to have more than a few *wink* Designer pieces are special because they've been researching and studying women's bodies with purpose. They've studied our shapes and curves and in recent years seem to really be incorporating our lifestyles into their designs too. Pieces that are convertible, reversible, or in some way adjustable are more appealing because we can make them fit more areas of our life. Case in point, this dress features functional snaps that create a cutout along the bust for added allure.



A rich hue of red is the ultimate fall staple which is effortlessly elegant on its own, and super powerful when worn as a layering piece. This unbelievably flattering silhouette hits at the perfect place just above the knee, making equally wearable for work or play. We adore it unbelted, but we also suggest adding a chic skinny belt for a more tailored look. This one dress may be all you need to add a bit of zest to your autumn wardrobe!


Refined and stylish, we’re in love with this versatile trouser that works with everything. Flattering and forgiving, the tapered leg is perfectly slim. Dress up, dress down, wear all over town.

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