Beauty Q & A with Danielle

What is your favorite thing about teaming up with Clé de Peau & Synactif Beaute? 

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While we love using their beauty products, probably the best part is seeing our clients' faces after they get an exclusive Synactif facial at LIBERTÉ. Personally, I think of all of our clients as friends, and we love sharing this exclusive pampering experience with them. That being said, we know how important it is to be honest and real with our friends, especially when it comes to our face, so we want you to know that we would never recommend a product to our friends that we haven’t tried for ourselves, and the same sentiment is carried by the ladies we work with at Clé de Peau & Synactif. 

What are a few of the tips you have learned from the Clé de Peau ladies? 

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Well, something I learned since working with them, is how important moisture is to the skin, because dry skin is irritated skin. But the other thing I have learned that has deeply transformed my skin was the importance of the double cleansing. At night, I remove my makeup with the Cleansing Oil Wash, and then I use my Synactif soap. I feel like this really allows my skin to get a deep clean without it being stripped of moisture, so that my nighttime skincare products can properly be absorbed into the skin. 

What’s your favorite makeup hack? 


The one product I have really loved seeing such a reaction from other people, is the Clé de Peau Brightening Makeup Primer. A little goes a long way, and it doesn’t irritate or make me feel like I have a layer of silicone on my face. But I cannot believe how many compliments I get on my makeup on the days I wear this primer! The reaction really surprised me and that made me feel pretty giddy 😉


What is the one skin care product you can’t live without?


Hands down, it has to be the Synactif Le Creme. I first became exposed to it during a cold winter a couple years ago, where I could not find anything that would satisfy my dry skin that wouldn’t cause me to breakout. This is the only product that I have had that I can use year-round that transforms my skin overnight. And while I understand that skin care is very personal, and most people have to do some trial and error before they find what works best for them, this is one of the few products that I have tried that has had such a great review from so many of my clients! 

How does your makeup factor into your styling?


For me, I always pick out my outfit first because it is the greatest determiner to how I feel throughout the day. The outfit inspires my makeup, and helps me to determine how I want to balance out the look - it really comes down to balance, like all things in life. For example, if I am wearing something that is a little more sexy than what I would normally wear, then I will tone that down with a more natural eye. If I am wearing a summer dress that feels more youthful, then I will add more eye makeup look. Once I pick out my outfit, it comes together pretty easily as long as I keep the idea of balance in mind. My biggest piece of advice to keeping your styling "on point" is to refrain from wearing your clothing and your makeup the same, every day.

But what about the trend of having an everyday look? Doesn’t that save time?


Yes, it does save time, but it also is uninspiring to your brain. Try to think of your style and makeup as your one creative outlet of the day! Isn’t that such an energizing way to think of how your present yourself to the world?! But if you insist of having an everyday look, then I would try to the no-makeup, makeup look, like, a soft pink or light bronze eyeshadow for definition, black or brown mascara  on the top eye lashes only, light foundation or tinted moisturizer, a touch of blush on the cheekbones, and a natural lip liner or lipstick. 


If you only have time and/or money to spend on skin care or makeup, which is more important?

This is so hard for me because I love both so much, but as I have been getting older I have realized how important and gratifying it is to have great skin. Makeup is so artistic and fun, but at the end of the day, your end product is only as good as the canvas you are working on! 


What about dermatologists that say you can just use the cheap drug store brands? 

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You absolutely can get by with cheap beauty products, but that isn’t feeding your skin with the nutrition it yearns for. What I really love about our relationship with the Clé de Peau ladies is that they are all incredibly personable and excellent at working with every skin type and skin tone imaginable, and they are very knowledgeable about the prescription products dermatologists use and know how their products complement them. 

What is the biggest game changer you’ve tried from Clé de Peau?


Synactif is a complete game changer. I have this annoying sensitive, combination skin that A LOT of women can relate too. There are so many products available to us that are simply too aggressive, or overly drying the skin (which then can cause acne). This has resulted in me researching and becoming more aware of what ingredients is going on my skin. In my youth, I was easily swayed into trying the trendy beauty lines versus using products that actually addressed my specific skin concerns. 

What is your main beauty concern? What steps do you take?


Well, as most people who stay in touch with us know, I am pregnant with my first little one!! It is a very exciting time for me but what I was not expecting was how unbelievably sensitive my skin would become… Besides not being able to fit into my clothes anymore, it literally felt like my skin was revolting, and become allergic to all my favorite skin care products! So, this forced me to really give my beauty routine a hard look and figure out what I was doing to was causing this revolution on my face. What I learned was that I was too aggressive, using too hot of water, and using too much of my skin care products. So I switched to a more gentle, and simpler routine which is definitely going to be useful when the baby arrives!

What is the best non-skincare beauty product you have ever tried? 


It truly shocks me how many people are spending a ton of money on skincare and cosmetic procedures for their face and still sleeping on cotton pillowcases. Think about how aggressive it is to your face to be rubbing a cloth back and forth against your face… not only that but it is absorbing all those skincare products you just put on your face, which is the opposite effect of even using them! My advice is to use a nice quality silk pillowcase.